Saturday, October 24, 2009

FREE Way to SAVE and MAKE Money!!

It's finally here!
I've told you about it before and now you can sign up and get your own BLASTOFF page!
This is 100% FREE!
Here's a quick run down on how this thing works:
- Not only is it just a cool page with lots of great, useful and just plain fun things on it, their on-line mall is remarkable with over 400 BIG NAME stores available.
YOU receive cash back on any and all purchases that you make - SAVE money!
Plus, anyone that signs up and gets their page from your page, you will get a % of anything that THEY buy from these on-line merchants - You MAKE money while they SAVE money!
And you get a % on people "10 deep" for each person that signs up from your page.
Bob signs up and gets a Blastoff page from your page. You get a % of anything that Bob buys from these on-line merchants.
Sally gets a Blastoff page from Bob - you get a % of Sally
Jeff gets a Blastoff page from Sally - you get a % of Jeff
-- This goes on for 10 people deep because of Bob getting his page from you! ---
So, there's Bob....then say Tim, Tom, Tammy, Sherman and Theodore all get their Blastoff page from you. Just like the example above, on EACH ONE OF THESE you get a % 10 people deep!
AWESOME! And remember - it's all FREE for all of you!
Would you like to get an EXTRA 10 levels? (20 total instead of 10?)
YES! There is a way that you can gain an extra 10 levels in Blastoff as well as create an additional opportunity for income - JUST GET WITH ME AND FIND OUT HOW!
But, main thing:
This thing is already exploding virally!
Right now, it is by invitation only - and then once you get YOUR page, you can invite others as well!
Go now - and sign up TODAY!

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