Friday, April 3, 2009

It's "FACE TIME" on "Fun Friday"!! it is, "Fun Friday" once again! And on today's podcast I try to share some things that will not only encourage you to laugh and smile WHILE listening to the podcast or even just today - BUT to take these things I share (especially today) and use them to share the smiles and the laughter as often as possible.

I'm not going to go into great detail on this post as to WHAT I share on the podcast (I want you to listen to it, y'know?) but I will tell you that this is something you can do by yourself, with one other person, with your family, your kids, or any group at just about any time.

And I can promise you that you and everyone else will be laughing HARD before this is all over.

Have you laughed today? Have you smiled today? Have you shared that laugh and smile with anyone?

You know, laughing and smiling by yourself is GREAT! It's a great way to start your morning off and it helps get you in the right frame of mind as you head out for your day.
HOWEVER, I do believe that beyond that - they are meant to be shared and shared often.

You've experienced it, haven't you? Perhaps you are in a grumpy mood and someone comes along that helps lift your spirits and helps bring a smile to your face? (Oh, I know, sometimes it's the wrong person and the wrong time and you just want to slap them, right? - yes, it's o.k. to laugh at that feeling too!)

Now, take that as a challenge - realize that YOU have the power to brighten someone else's day. Not in a "fake" way. Be real. Smile a "real" smile brought on by the joy that you have inside. Share a kind word, an encouraging word. And see what happens.

My wife is a "pro" at this. She has demonstrated this to me for years. Like everyone else, she has worked with some pretty "crabby" people from time to time. But she will determine that SHE will be the one to help change that by smiling, being kind and considerate and not allowing THEM to bring HER down. Instead, she is determined to bring THEM up! And, you know what? it works!

I have seen this happen with her time and time again. And, even when she just goes down to the grocery store she does this with those that come into contact with her up and down the aisles. She tells me how amazing it is and how many people seem to be "drawn" to her, just because of this attitude. (Hey, if you haven't done so, go back and read and listen to Wednesday's post and podcast on "Seek and Ye Shall Find").


Take the things I share with you in today's podcast and use them to spread the laughter! What a great thing to do! always....

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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