Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"What Up?" Wednesday (also, WONDERFUL Wednesday!)

When you listen to my podcast for today you will notice right away that my energy level is not where it normally is! When I recorded the podcast last night, I was quite sick but needed to get it done for you to have today.
I'm somewhat better today - but still not 100%.

The main focus of the podcast today is to share information about the possible upcoming Seminar in Dallas on June 20th. I'm letting you know "what's up" (hence, the "What Up?" tag ;) ) with some important information concerning that event.

HOWEVER, I do end the podcast sharing some positive thoughts. Simply put it's this -YOU HAVE A CHOICE today! How often have you heard me say that one? Yet, we all still need to be reminded that, regardless of the circumstances, we ALL have a choice to - for example - "make it an AWESOME day!"

People and/or things cannot make you happy. Can they bring you happiness? Sure. Temporarily. But what happens when that person or thing is gone? What happens if/when that person dumps on your or that thing (job? car?) is no longer what it was at first? Perhaps you LOST your job or you WRECKED your car -- what then?

Only YOU can make that happen. Relying on other things and/or people puts you at the mercy of those people and/or things. You then become a THERMOMETER reacting to what surrounds you instead of a THERMOSTAT that SETS THE PACE for your life.

Think about it and....

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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