Monday, April 13, 2009

"Making the Move" (Part 3) - TERRIFIC TUESDAY!

(yes, this was posted before I went to bed on Monday night)

Today is "Terrific Tuesday"...why? "As long as there is breath, there is hope!"

Also, this is the first Tuesday podcast that I have done and I am so excited and pumped about this series I am doing right now. I think it can be invaluable to YOU either right now or for your future. Feel free to send me any feedback and thoughts that you may have on this topic. Is it hitting home? Striking a chord? Bringing up some other questions that you'd like to have discussed? Please send them to me at:

As part of the continued discussion on this topic of "Making the Move" I share a letter from a listener that talked about his struggle in this area as well as his FEAR of failure. This will be the basis of our discussion in Wednesday's podcast (part 4) - so be sure to join me.

However, I shared some very specific things that I thought this listener should be asking himself as he considered making his move (his words were, "It's TIME!") and I mentioned on the podcast that I'd put them here to make it easier for you to write down.

Either write these down on another piece of paper or copy this off on your computer but give yourself space to answer these as specifically as possible. This is a time to be honest with yourself - NO FLUFF! Be real! Don't kid yourself here - this is the time for honesty!!!

So, here they are - again, be as specific as you can in your answers and feel free to share any input or discoveries that you may have while going through this process.

1. What preparations - if any - have I made to make this move?
a. do I understand that there very likely will be some "slow time" financially and have I made proper preparations (both physically AND mentally) for that fact? (physically refers to financially, too)
2. Have I prepared myself (mostly mentally) for those close to me that will likely question and criticize this move?
3. What happens if I DON'T make this move? (the old "pros and cons" scenario)
4. What happens if I DO make this move?
5. What happens if I make this move but I WAIT a little longer?

Only you can answer those questions and you likely know the answers without much hesitation.

Don't forget to join me for tomorrow's continued discussion entitled: "Barriers to Making the Move".

And remember....
"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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