Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monday's Podcast: "Making the Move (Part 2)"

Greetings friends! Another "Magical Monday" is upon us I announced last week we begin a new phase with my "Future You University" podcasts by going to FIVE DAYS A WEEK!

Today I continue my discussion based on the interview that I had with Angie Strader during last Monday's podcast ("Making the Move") in which she shared information about the planning and preparation that went into Angie making her move. In this podcast I point out some specific things that Angie mentioned that are very important for ANYONE to consider in making their move!

This will be the "theme" for the week and I really invite you to do a few things this week:
1. Go back and listen to the interview in last Monday's podcast
2. Listen to today's podcast - TAKE NOTES ON ALL OF THE PODCASTS in this theme
3. Be sure to listen to the podcasts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and, again, take notes on what is discussed. (I believe these will be invaluable to you sometime in your future!)
4. SPREAD THE VIRUS! What do I mean? Like a virus, spread the power of these podcasts by sharing them with a friend and encouraging them to do the same and on and on and on allowing this information to spread!

I need your help in this! I know that and I appreciate you in this effort. HOWEVER, I also want to encourage you to stop sitting idly by and to start SHARING this information IF you feel it is important in the lives of those around you.

Thing is - I KNOW the answer to that already. I KNOW that it is important and needed today like never before.

Thanks in advance for your help and ENJOY today's podcast! As always you can leave comments right here or you can shoot me an e-mail (

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Awesome! And, yeah, "Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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