Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Alright! (Yeah, I know, I start all of my podcasts that way, too) ;)
Due to some scheduling conflicts that have come up on my end I have had to CHANGE the DATE for my very first SEMINAR! It was scheduled for Saturday, June 13th and now it has been bumped one week to SATURDAY, JUNE 20th!!!
Mark this date down and PLAN TO BE A PART! Why? Well, go to http://www.futureyouuniversity.com/ and click on "F.Y.U. Class of 2009" to read the "why" (uh, can you say "lifetime price freeze"?). You don't want to miss this first, great opportunity!
There will be more things announced very soon that will be "part of the package" of this event - BUT BE THINKING AND PLANNING NOW (and also cast your vote as far as location).
At this point I plan to do one seminar in June, one in July and two in August - all of which will be a part of what I am calling "Future You University - Summer Session 2009".
You want to be a part of this "Summer Session" (again, the FIRST one carries the "lifetime price freeze") because beginning in September, the price for the seminar WILL GO UP!
I'm ready! Are you? Will you? (Hey, by the way, do you have any idea how much FUN we will have on top of all of the pumped up, positive vibes??)
Anyway, there you go - can you tell I'm a little - JUST A LITTLE - excited?
(One last note - I will be scheduling conference calls very, very soon to start sharing with you some more thoughts and insights to this exciting weekend - be listening and watching!)

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