Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can I Be Happy?

"Is it possible for me to be happy even if I'm not living the life I had envisioned?"
This is the question that we are addressing in today's podcast and in today's blog. We talked yesterday about the fact that life doesn't always bring us happy endings - regardless of how badly we wish it to be so!
We also have recently discussed the fact that there are many things that happen during our day (and our lives) that are out of our control and yet, at the same time, there are many things that we CAN control. The example I gave on the podcast was that of your boss coming to you and telling you that he/she wanted you to focus all of your attention on a project for the rest of the day and turn in a report by the afternoon.
Wait a minute! This is not what you had planned but...he/she is the boss and it is out of your control! HOWEVER, how you react to that IS within your control!
You can mope and pout and fuss and gripe and, likely, not put very much effort into the task that has interrupted your "planned day". What's that going to get you?
On the other hand, you can attack this new challenge in a positive way determined to do your best and to leave your "imprint" on a job well done!
Are you living the life that you had envisioned a few years ago?
Some of you are - God bless you! You are likely living a very fulfilling and happy life because you are living the life of your dreams!
There are also some of you living the life that you envisioned but you have found that it is not quite what you thought it would be. Is it still possible for you to be happy?
Then there are many more of you that are NOT living the life that you have envisioned - life has taken you on a completely different course. Is it still possible for you to be happy?
I don't know what the numbers are, but I came across some statistics a few years ago that showed that the majority of people were not using the degree earned through college. They were doing something else that had nothing to do with their planned path in life.
Perhaps that is you! Is it still possible for you to be happy?
There is a fine line that is walked by people like me that want to encourage and push you to be the best that you can be. If we're all not careful (and this includes you as you read and listen) we can create such a state of uneasiness and frustration in our lives (due to the fact that we are not living out our dreams) that we can become miserable and spend countless years in this state.
YES, you should always stretch and do the BEST that you can do and not be afraid to reach for your dreams! YES, you should do everything you can to not "settle for less" and "demand more" of yourself and your life. (This is so important because so many people have given up on their dreams and just settle for a life of mediocrity).
HOWEVER, we must do all that we can TODAY to make sure that we are not so focused on our future that we forget to LIVE TODAY TO THE FULL and to make the BEST out of what we have TODAY!
Do you see what I mean?
By the way - I mention this on the podcast and I want to do so here as well. THIS message (today's and possibly the last couple and for sure tomorrow's) is one that is badly needed by our teens! The idea of "I'm not doing it if I'm not having fun" is exciting to think and dream about - but for the majority - it's not their reality. What then?
For example, in any "work from home opportunity" that you may involve yourself in - it is important to notice that those people that are used in their advertisements that are doing so well are in the top 2 - 3% of those involved in that business. Is it still possible for you to achieve that level of success? YES! But is it likely? NO!
"But, Mike - that is negative thinking!" No, not really. Please pay close attention to the point that I am trying to make today.
In the example just used, is it still possible for you to be happy and successful even if you are not in that top 2-3%? I think it is!
HERE'S THE KEY - What are you doing TODAY?
Remember, although there are things out of our control - there are many things that ARE within our control.
In tomorrow's podcast and blog I will discuss this idea of HOW we can be happy and successful in our lives even if we are not living the life that we had envisioned.
Until then - make the most of your TODAY and, as always, remember...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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