Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Opportunity IS Knocking!

(Again, I apologize for not getting these blog entries up earlier – it has bee a hectic week! Thank you for your patience!)

This blog was for Monday – and I call it, “Magical Monday” on the podcast. Why include that in this blog entry? Because each of the “names” that we give the days of the week on my podcasts (Magical Monday, Turn-Around Tuesday, Wide-Open Wednesday and Thankful Thursday) all point to OPPORTUNITY.

We ALL have the OPPORTUNITY to make the best of each and every day – yes, regardless of those situations that are out of our control. Opportunity in this way and so many others are around us each and every day!

Opportunity IS knocking – even in these “dismal” economic times. It is a fact (check it out for yourself) that, during our most stressful economic times in our nation, that the most opportunity is available – and it’s the time that more people become rich. Why? Because they took advantage of OPPORTUNITY while it was knocking!

Even for you and in your world – you have the OPPORTUNITY (choice) to either fill your mind with positive information (like this blog and podcast) OR you can fill your mind with the junk that you find on television and on many web sites that you can spend hours staring at!

You see, OPPORTUNITY comes to us every second of every minute of every day – can you hear it? It’s knocking!

I will be sharing with you “opportunities” that some of my listeners are involved in that may or may not be something you are interested in – but the opportunity will be there for you to check out for yourself.

On this podcast I share briefly one with you (I have another blog entry about this – the last entry before this one) that I have decided to involved myself in. And the great news is that there IS actually a part of it that ANYONE can get involved in without spending a dime!

You may not get rich with it – but, hey, isn’t any OPPORTUNITY that can bring you in extra money worth checking out? Yes, there is another part of the opportunity that is available for those searching for something more that DOES cost some money to get started – but again, there ARE opportunities out there. Do you hear it knocking?

I now now have my own BLASTOFF page up that you can look at, so check that one out at - Get back with me on any questions that you may have!

But again, when we talk about OPPORTUNITY, we don’t have to be talking about situations like this. As I said on the podcast, it is true for some people that, “you wouldn’t know opportunity if it crawled up in your lap and called you ‘Daddy’!”.

That’s a funny saying – but it’s true!

Sometimes OPPORTUNITY is not only knocking – it’s about to kick your door in – and, if we are not paying attention – we’ll even miss (or ignore) it even with that “noise” coming from it.

So, bottom line – here’s the question: Will you decide NOW – TODAY – to start opening your eyes and realize that opportunity in all forms is presenting itself to YOU each and every second of each and every day?

Wow – when we look at it like this, it SHOULD get our attention!

Opportunity IS knocking – what will YOUR answer be?

And, as always…

“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”


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