Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stay in Touch!

We live in a world of some AMAZING technology! I remember the days of reading the old "Dick Tracy" comic strips and seeing all of the cool gadgets that he had - in particular the "watch phone" that he wore! WOW!

We're pretty much there, aren't we?

Do a little test right now - yes, right now - look around you and just see how many people are either listenig to something on an mp3 player, talking on their cell phone, texting or doing something on their computer. My guess is that, when you combine all of those together, you are looking at around 95% or so.

Most of these things are wonderful additions to our lives! I mentioned on the podcast for Tuesday how I remember the first video camera that I used back in the mid-80's. It was HUGE! You had to place it on your shoulder just to be able to hold it up and then you literally had it plugged in to a VCR which was attached to a strap around your neck. So, here I was walking around with a VCR strapped to my side. Now, fast forward to today! The camcorder I have at home fits in my hand perfectly and most digital cameras have video capabilities.

What about your cell phone? Yes, my first cell phone was a "bag phone" which, though smaller than the VCR I used to lug around for my camcorder, was quite similiar! Fast forward once again and they are tiny in comparison yet are able to do so much more than before.

Listen, whoever it was that came up with a way to convince people it's easier and more fun to type on a tiny keyboard with your thumbs than it is to talk on your cellphone is a marketing genius!!! (Be sure to be watching for a new type of "carpal tunnel syndrom" that will be appearing in the very near future due to this practice).

I'm glad I can download mp3's off of the computer and listen to it anywhere I go. I'm glad my new camcorder is so small and easy to handle. I'm glad I no longer have to take film to be developed when I take pictures. I'm glad I can talk on a cell phone to anyone, anywhere and I don't pay crazy long distance charges. I'm glad my son can have a cell phone with him when he is on the road so that he can call if there is a problem.

But, I hate it when I see people get SO wrapped up with these things that they begin to lose contact with "real" people.

Here's another example: Social networks.

They are a WONDERFUL thing! I have been "reconnected" with friends from my past due to some of these sites and I love sharing parts of my life and being in contact with so many people in ways that weren't possible before.

However, I must be careful that I don't get SO wrapped up with the social networks that I almost become "anti-social" with my own family. See what I mean? It's so easy to spend HOURS in front of the computer updating this and that and checking on this person and that person, etc. that I rob my family (and rob myself) of precious time together.

I cringe when I see people standing with others who are attempting to have a conversation with them while they are busy texting on their cell phone. For one - that is just plain RUDE! Secondly, what does it say about you and your real interest in that person that is attempting to communicate with you. Yes, I mean the actual person standing in front of you!

Just like anything else that has great potential for good, we must learn to control these things in our life or they will control us. And, sad to say, I see these things controlling too many people's lives.

So, friend - be honest with yourself as you examine this trend in your own life.

The next time you begin to whine and complain about not getting promoted or getting a raise ask yourself this question: "How much time am I taking away from my work by talking on my cell phone, texting others or surfing the internet when I actually SHOULD BE working?" BE HONEST in your answers!

The very technology that is created to help us stay in touch with each other can sometimes do just the opposite - especially with those warm bodies that are actually around us.

So, do a critique of your own life. Be honest in your evaluation. DISCIPLINE YOURSELF in the changes that must be made (yes, you can be ADDICTED to these things!) and STAY IN TOUCH with those that matter most...the people around you.

By doing so, I firmly believe that you will be able to the following even better than ever before:

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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