Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thanks For YOUR Help With "Make-a-Wish"

Hey friends...I thoght I'd put up a final note about our recent fund drive with the "Make-a-Wish Foundation" that ended on August 31st.

Although our goal was to raise $5300 to provide the wish for one child, we were unable to meet that goal at this time. Disappointed? Sure. Defeated? NO WAY!

Here's what we DID accomplish... $2044 !!!!


Carissa, fromt the "Make-a-Wish Foundation" told me that this figure was enough to provide plane tickets for 5 young people to go to Disney World --- SO WE DID GOOD!

Thank you to ANYONE and EVERYONE that donated to this very worthy cause! Thank you for caring enough to make the sacrifice to help.

I have to mention donations on "both ends of the spectrum" :
1. A young couple donated $1,000 toward this effort all on their own! Why? Because they have healthy children and wanted to be a part of helping out families that were going through the struggles with their ill children! THANK YOU for this powerful show of love and commitment!
2. An unemployed friend of mine out in California donated a total of $60 during the two month effort. He didn't have the money but FOUND a way to make donations! THANK you for your powerful show of love and commitment as well!

Whoever you are - whatever amount you donated - THANK YOU!Lives have been touched and changed and I hope yours has been as well in the process.

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