Monday, September 28, 2009

Teachers, Churches, Organizations - RAISE MONEY FOR YOUR GROUP!

First of all, this is also available and potentially POWERFUL for individuals as well - all of this information applies to an individual just as it does think of the potential even for yourself.

But my focus on this note is for TEACHERS and the potential to raise money for their school or even just their classroom needs, for CHURCHES and the ability to raise money for their missions, youth group or ANY other such need and also for ANY ORGANIZATION (Lions, Kiwanis, etc.) to raise money for their causes.

This is something that you can do - AND IT'S ALL FREE! (Yup, that's right - free!)

I will attempt to tell you about this in my own words, but the best thing to do is to also take a look at my own BLASTOFF page and see for yourself what it is and how it looks, etc.

Here's the basic idea:
When the time comes (mid-October) you can get a FREE Blastoff page under me and customize it to suit you and your personality. If you notice on the "mall" section, there are numerous merchants available for your shopping pleasure and also indicators of the % of "cash back" that they will send you. So, each time you buy from these merchants you will receive cash back. Pretty cool, huh?

"But I don't do any shopping on-line!"

Not a problem! Other people do, don't they? So, even if you don't do any shopping on-line, you get others to get their page from YOUR page - that way they are connected to you. And, for each one of those people that do so you will receive a % of every dollar that is spent. Even "cooler", huh?

Here's the kicker - for each person that gets their page from you, you get $$ on that person plus the next 9 that come from them. In other words, you get paid on people "10 deep". WOW!

And, this is true for EACH person that gets a page from you! For each one, you get paid on people "10 deep". Are the wheels in your head starting to turn yet?

You can do this for ANY group or cause. Let everyone know what you are doing and send them to your page and ask them to get their own BLASTOFF page from you and watch what happens!

This is what is called "viral"!!!!

"Oh, but I'd rather spend my money locally." Think about this - when all of these people with you shop on-line and you (as well as they) either get paid for themselves OR use this as a way to raise $$ for their particular group - WHERE IS THIS MONEY GOING TO BE SPENT?

LOCALLY! This is a true example of the global market impacting your local market!

Now, let's do some numbers just to help you see how this spreads. If you were to have ONLY 3 people get a BLASTOFF page under you (from your page) and each one of those 3 people had ONLY 3 people get their BLASTOFF page under them and this "3 people" model is consistent all the way down through 10 degrees under you, take a look at the number of people you end up with ......59,049!!!!!

I have no way to know how much money would come from that and I wouldn't even dare to suggest such. But here's the thing - IT'S FREE TO YOU so wouldn't ANY money that comes from this to you or your group be a BIG PLUS?

This is NOT a "get rich quick" scheme. I wouldn't even suggest it's a "get rich" idea at all. But, couldn't we ALL use some extra money in our pockets? Couldn't every teacher use some extra $$ for their classroom? Couldn't every church use a little extra $$ for their missions or youth or any other group that they have? Couldn't every civic organization use another way to bring in funds for the things that they support?


So, here's what you need to do:
1. Take a look at my BLASTOFF page from the link above if you haven't done so already
2. Think about the possibility for you and/or some group that you would love to support
3. Send me a note and tell me that you want to do this when it "opens up" for you (mid-October)
4. Start thinking about who all YOU want to get "on board" with you to help in whatever way you want to do this.

Why the delay? Why can't you sign up until mid-October?

Because there is an exclusiveness to this right now and this is how I am already able to have my page up. Also, because I took advantage of this opportunity, my BLASTOFF group does not just go out 10 goes out to 20 degrees on each person. Yup, you read that right!
Now, this is NOT required for anyone to participate! Please make sure you understand that! This next part is not for everyone - but it MAY be something you want to look at. On my BLASTOFF page, notice the right side notation about saving $177.
Between NOW and Wednesday, Sept. 30th - THIS TIME FRAME IS ABOUT UP - those interested in this opportunity talked about on this "notation" I pointed out to you can take advantage of this savings, get their BLASTOFF page NOW as well as get their extra 10 degrees on each person.
After that date, the opportunity will still be available, and that person can still get their BLASTOFF page before mid-October AND still get their extra 10 degrees on each person --- but it will cost them a lot more to do so!

So, especially on that part - if it is something that interests you - GET IN TOUCH WITH ME IMMEDIATELY!

Then, those that have their exclusive BLASTOFF page will have until mid-October to tell as many people as possible about this and get people thinking about it. Once it's opened up in mid-October (12th) then there will be about a 2 week period where even YOU have a certain level of "exlusiveness" in getting people to get their page through you. How? At the end of October, BLASTOFF becomes available world-wide and many companies are lined up to use this explosive idea in their marketing plans. This means that ANYONE can get their own page by simply going on-line and signing up.


I know I covered a lot - PLEASE contact me with ANY question(s) that you may have!

My wish is that this will be something very positive for you, your family and/or your group or organization!

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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