Thursday, September 3, 2009

Control and CONQUER the Fear!

Sorry folks, I got sidetracked with a lot of stuff today and didn't have the chance to update my blog on today's podcast - so PLEASE be sure to take a listen to it as I finished my discussion on chapter 15 of Napoleon Hill's classic, "Think & Grow Rich".

The title of this chapter, "How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear" left us with the task of discovering HOW to do just that! I would suggest you re-read the chapter again and again until you catch on to what Mr. Hill suggests in this area.

Here's my bottom line - along with the idea of CONTROLLING your thoughts is the thought that when you do that, not only do you CONTROL your thoughts but you also CONTROL your fears! When you CONTROL your fears - you CONQUER those fears!

Yes, YOU have the ABILITY to do just that!

And you can do it!

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