Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fight Through the Darkness

Let's take some time to "get real".

We ALL have problems and "bumps" along the way that can easily derail us if we allow them to do so, right? Sure we do!

However, sometimes we put others on a pedestal and assume that they have no problems or "bumps" in their lives - NOT TRUE! As a matter of fact, if you follow any great "leader" in any industry, you will find or hear discussed struggles that they have gone through and/or ARE going through.

"Google" any persons name that you want to look at that is "famous" and do some research and you will find this to be true. Donald Trump, for example. I remember a time when he hit rock bottom and was basically the laughing stock of late night television. He has rebounded, has he not? I used the example of Sam Walton, founder of the Wal-Mart stores, on today's podcast. Back in 1987 the stock market crashed in a big way. I'm not sure the exact number concerning the amount of money that Mr. Walton (among others) lost in that one day - BUT IT WAS HUGE! His response? "Those are just numbers on paper" - or something very similar to that.

So you see, even these "titans" in the business world have to deal with setbacks and struggles. Why should you or I be any different?

In today's podcast I go further into the story of how I went from $32,000 in one year to only $5,000/year in income the next. I can tell you that it was painful to relive this and share it with you. So, why do it?

1. I want you to know that I, too, have problems in my life. I am not immune.
2. I want you to know that the things I say are not just a bunch of "hype" or "rah-rah" as I call it.
3. I want you to know that when I say things like, "Where there is breath, there is hope!" - I mean it and I know what I'm saying on this to be TRUE!

In my darkest times it was truly hard to keep hope.

In 1991, after the birth of my youngest son I did finally land a new job in another state. This job allowed us to climb out of debt and get back on our feet. It wasn't easy and it took a lot of self-discipline on the part of my wife and I as well as a designed plan that we came up with to make this happen. We did so and then the bottom fell out again as I was fired from this job. I was hurt. I was bitter. I was angry.

Time gets away from me and I can't exactly tell you what year that was, but I was not at this job very long - not even a year - when this happened. The spiral of debt and my struggle with depression hit again. However, this time, as hard as it was, I seemed to be more determined not to allow the depression to gain hold of me (I'll talk more about this in tomorrow's podcast) but it still was very, very difficult.

It was during this time that I seemed to hit one of my lowest points. A time when, laying in bed with my wife with tears streaming down my face I said, "I've lost all hope." To which my wife replied with something along the lines of, "We can't lose hope! If we lose hope we don't have anything!" Powerful words!

Bottom line...we made it out of those times, landed another good job after a period of time and have left those times of desperation in the past. Yet, I felt that it was important to share them with you and to encourage YOU to "Fight Through the Darkness!".

And now? My life is still not immune to struggles. As you know, my wife almost died from a heart attack three weeks ago tomorrow. That hit hard! And now also comes the wading through the mountain of medical bills that have come as a result of that struggle.

Honestly, I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this - but I will! I WILL handle this and I WILL NOT allow this to pull me back down. NO WAY!

I REFUSE to give in to doubt and pity and negative thinking!

So, in all reality, you will be with me as I go down this road - and I have no idea where this road is headed. But, here's the key - I AM PREPARED FOR THE JOURNEY.

Have you adequately "packed your bags" for the journey? A journey that has many twists and surprises in store for you? Some good. Some bad. But all a part of life?

Are you prepared - HAVE you prepared yourself to - FIGHT THROUGH THE DARKNESS?

I'll be here. Let's help each other as we go through this journey together.

And, all along the way, be sure to remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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