Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Frustrating Challenges!! (We ALL Have Them)

Wow. What a frustrating past few days I've had. Yes, even people like me that try to focus on the positive and tries to share that with people like you, have frustrating days!

It seems like one thing after another has not gone the way I would have preferred and, due to that, I've not slept well in about five nights which has tended to keep me "on edge".

One of the things I discuss on today's podcast is the fact that I was trying to update and improve my web page ( and something happened to where it's not even up right now. SO DON'T GO THERE expecting to find anything at this point. I will update the status of that page on here so you will know when it's available again.

You want to hear "the kicker"? Now this is really kind of funny if you allow yourself to look at it this way - and it's the only way I know to look at it at this point. After recording this podcast and talking about "Frustrating Challenges" I went on to the next step in order to upload the audio so that this podcast would be available for you to listen to. Guess what happened? My internet connection went down during this process and was still not working by the time I finally decided that I needed to go to bed. So.....the podcast has been "made public" a little later than I had planned. My apologies for anyone that tried to check on today's episode only to find it not available.

I share a few quotes on today's podcast that can help us think about those "situations" as well as those "people" that bring frustration into our lives - I think you will enjoy these and benefit from them as well.

Oh yeah, one positive thing that happened during all of this.... after recording this podcast and before my internet connection went down I received a message from one of my listeners that was very complimentary on what I'm doing with this podcast. Do you know how helpful that was? Do you know how much I NEEDED that message at that moment? I have thanked the person that sent that message and I just want to encourage you in a couple of areas:
1. Don't allow the frustrating challenges cause you to miss the positive that still surrounds you
2. Don't pass on an opportunity to encourage someone - you never know what may be going on in their life and how much they may need that encouragement.

Well, that's it for today - enjoy the podcast, share the joy even during those "frustrating challenges".

And always remember to.....
"Make it an AWESOME Day! (who else is going to do it for you?)"


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