Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Not ME? (plus added BLOG BONUS)

For today's podcast I discuss something that I have discussed in various articles and blogs on different sites in the past.

Yet, it is still SO VERY relevant as we continue on our path to improving our future. Why? Because if we don't ever allow ourselves to realize that WE HAVE THE POWER AND THE POTENTIAL to accomplish what we desire in our lives -- nothing will ever change. All things will remain the same.

Remember, often we "listen" to all of the negative talk around us and choose to believe it about ourselves. It could be hearing those that have told us in the past, "You'll never amount to anything!" to even those around us now that might say, "What? You think you're going to do WHAT with your future? Give it up! You'll never move beyond the job you have now and you might as well stop dreaming and accept reality." - Ever hear anything like that before?

But - it's YOUR choice! It's up to YOU! Ask yourself the question: "WHY NOT ME?" In the podcast I encourage you to write those words down on a piece of paper in bold print and post it where you will see it many times a day. As you see that, make sure you allow that message to get through to your brain and maybe even say it out loud - "WHY NOT ME?"

Here's the BLOG BONUS. This is simply something that I thought about after I completed my podcast and wanted to share with you...

What do you focus on? Think about that for a second as I share a little more about what I mean. How many of you are like this -- you can have 100 people tell you something positive about a job you have done, etc. and have ONE person say something negative about it and that ONE is what you focus on?

We forget or dismiss the 100 and focus on the ONE - why?

Sure, some of it MIGHT be "human nature" - but does it have to be that way? I have to admit that I have struggled many times with the same thing, but I am getting better at it. One way that I have helped myself improve in this area is to realize this: I AM GOOD AT WHAT I DO! Sure, I appreciate the compliments - but I should not allow the compliments determine in my own mind whether I did a good job or not. (Yes, feedback is always good - but, again, be careful with how you use it).
Someone shared this formula with me several years ago along this same line. There are 10% of people that think you can do NO WRONG. There are another 10% that think you can do NOTHING RIGHT. Don't pay a whole lot of attention to either of these groups, but rather realize that it's the other 80% that will help you in honest feedback.

I have used that and it has been very beneficial for me.

So, once again - WHY NOT ME? Wednesday we will take this a step further and examine the question, "Why not NOW?"

Until then - Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)


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