Monday, March 30, 2009

New Promotion Announced!

If you listened to my podcast for this Monday then you know that I have a new promotion for THIS WEEK ONLY (now through Sunday night, April 5th).

Here it is:
1. For every NEW person that signs up at and requests a FREE REPORT they will receive the free report PLUS a t-shirt (see them at
2. For every person that does the above (#1) AND says YOU referred them....then you, too (the referrer) will receive a t-shirt.

Now, obviously, I haven't hired a bunch of lawyers to get this set up in fine print (why would I wan to anyway?) but, you (the one making the referral) should be someone that I have had contact with in some way. Either you being a "follower" on my blog or someone that has received the report before or has e-mailed me for other reasons at:

Make sense?

My wife and I came back with 2 copies of Success Magazine featuring John C. Maxwell. We already have this issue since we subscribe to it. THE FIRST TWO (2) PEOPLE that send an e-mail to me at the address listed above and asks about the magazine will receive one of these two. Free of charge. No obligation. We just feel the need to share it with someone else.

Hope so!

Here we go....

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