Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's "Wonderful Wednesday" - WHY NOT NOW?

Yes, Monday was "Magical Monday" and today is "Wonderful Wednesday"! So, how is YOUR Wednesday? Rather, what will YOU make of your Wednesday?

In today's podcast we go a step further in our question of "Why?" As you remember, on Monday we discussed the question, "Why not me?" and today we discuss the question, "Why not now?"

This is will be the first of a two-part discussion because I feel that there is so much more that needs to be discussed about this topic. I do believe that it is SO important in these "difficult times" for us to focus on the POSSIBILITIES rather than the "perceived limitations".

Were you amazed at the well-known and powerful companies that were started during past recessions? Don't you know that there were those giving "advice" to these companies to NOT take that step forward?

What about you? Is that happening to you? Has it happened to you? My guess is that the answer to at least ONE of those questions would be, "yes". I know it is for me! I have - in the past - allowed others to talk me out of "making my move". Perhaps to be even more correct in my wording I would have to say that I (not others) have talked myself out of "making my move".

Likely this is true for you as well.

But what are you waiting on? What are you waiting for? There is no time like NOW!

I encourage you to - on the same sheet of paper that you wrote the words, "Why Not Me?" - also write below that question the words, "Why Not Now?"
I also encourage you to get out a piece of paper and make two columns. On the left side write down your answer to the question, "What am I waiting for? What do I think has to happen before I move forward?" Be honest. Be open. Be real. Force yourself to write those answers down.
On the right side of the paper and across from each of your "answers" (not reasons, you notice) write down when those things will happen. In other words, if - for example - in the left hand column you wrote down, "$25,000 in the bank" - then, in the right hand column write down WHEN that will happen. Put a date on it. I mean, hey, if THAT is something that you are waiting on before you make your move, don't you think you should have a "time stamp" on it?
Then, perhaps, also write down WHAT you are doing to make that happen. What are you doing (using our example above) to gain that level of $25,000 in your account?

WHATEVER IT IS - are they simply obstacles that you have put before your path to progress?

Why would we do that to ourselves?

We'll talk about that in Monday's part 2 podcast of "Why Not Now?"

Until then - be open, be honest, be real with yourself. Until you do, you'll never have the courage to move forward in your life.

Hey, why NOT you? And, why NOT now? Think about it and......

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Mike Spillman

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