Monday, March 30, 2009

YOUR Amazing Race!

Wow, I'm "pumped"! As you know, my wife and I attended the "Success Symposium" in Dallas this past Saturday and - IT WAS AWESOME!
I'll be sharing a lot of good stuff from that over the next several days and likely weeks!

It was also great to meet Angie Strader ( and her husband, Tommy while we were there. Great people! I had the chance to do an interview with Angie during lunch and I will have that up on a future podcast very soon.

Last night (Sunday) as I was preparing thoughts for my podcast, I was watching the last half hour or so of "The Amazing Race" and it just hit me....WE are all involved in our own "amazing race"! So, I "scratched" what I thought I wanted to talk about and went with this idea. And, I must say, if you listen to that podcast and can't tell I'm pumped then you might need to check your hearing! ;)

Listen friend, we ARE all involved in this race - this JOURNEY - are we not? Every day, good and/or bad, is part of this race/journey that takes place before us each and every day. Here's the kicker - WHAT WILL YOU DO in YOUR race?

Yup, you'll hear me say it again - IT'S YOUR CHOICE!

Some of you may still be sitting on the sidelines and....
- stretching...preparing to enter the race (how long are you going to stretch?)
- wondering if you should enter the race (hello? it's YOUR race, remember?)
- dreading the race and the pain that might come with it (a life without some pain does not exist...those that have no pain are no longer with us!)
- can't run a race from the sidelines - GET IN THE RACE!
- comparing yourself to other participants -- you are YOU and it's YOUR race!

No one else can run it for you! No one else is you - YOU live and participate in YOUR race in YOUR world. But whatever you do - DO IT! (Why not now? - remember?)

It's AWESOME to experience life. Yes, even the "bad" or "down" times help us to know that we are alive!

So, get off the sidelines and enter YOUR race.
When you "hit the wall" - keep going!
Remember, all races are done the same way - ONE STEP AT A TIME.


"Make it an AWESOME day (and race) - Who else is going to do it for you?"

Mike Spillman

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