Thursday, March 26, 2009

FUN FRIDAY (Boredom Busters)

I'm actually typing this in and posting a little early since we are leaving for Dallas for the Success Symposium. I had planned to just wait and do this before we left, but I don't want to take the chance of having to rush to get it done. we are.

One thing I'd like to ask first... I mention in the podcast that you can now actually access this blog by going to the main page: in two ways. One, when you sign up for the FREE REPORT you will automatically be taken to this page. Two, if you look in the upper right hand corner (or in the right column) you will see a link that reads, "Mike's Blog". This main site will continue to evolve and will be the MAIN site with information on my upcoming seminars, my audio stories for children with a positive message, my upcoming book and many more things. Anyway, you can still access this site (obviously) by going to the address that brings you directly here. Here's all I ask....if you do want to access the site via the FYU page, please do so via the link (unless you want the free report). Thanks!

Now back to today's podcast. I mention a website that I went to that had the items on it that I shared in the podcast. In case you would like to go check it out yourself, it is:

Main thing is this - HAVE FUN and SHARE THE FUN!

Hey, you go to work and sneeze and spread your germs all over the office, so why not "spread" the "virus" of happiness and joy?

One thing I also mentioned is that I will be getting a chance to meet and interview Angie Strader of
Go check out her page and become a part of her movement to share and spread more happiness!

Whatever it is....DO IT!

You'll be glad you did. (And so will others)
[disclaimer: Some poopy-heads won't enjoy it no matter what you do!]

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Mike Spillman

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