Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FYU functional now thanks to my friend!

Wow, finally!
Again, the page is under construction and I plan to do a LOT more with it, but at least now it's back to where people will be directed to THIS page whenever they fill out the form for the free report.

I want to say thanks to FRANK (that's all I'll say for now until I have his permission to totally blast his name everywhere!!!) for his help. You know who you are, Frank (at least I hope so! ;) )

Frank is an incredible guy that has helped me in several different ways. He is very unselfish and willing to help in ways that have been helpful beyond my wildest hopes.

Who is this masked man? Perhaps sometime soon I will be able to devote a whole blog article to "Frank, the Helpful Man Behind the Curtain"

Until then -
Make it an AWESOME Day! (who else is going to do it for you?)


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