Friday, November 11, 2011

CHANGE (No Dimes or Nickels)

"CHANGE: No dimes or nickels"

One thing about life is certain...there will ALWAYS be CHANGE! (And, by the way, that will NEVER CHANGE!)

Here's the thing to think about: How will you let CHANGE impact YOUR life?

Will you allow the change that comes your way to control your life OR will YOU control the impact of the change?

This is something to keep in mind whether the change is good or bad! Some change is good and some not so good but we STILL must not allow that change to take over our lives.

Sometimes when change happens it takes over completely and changes a persons outlook on life and even their attitude towards life. Again, this can be with either "good" or 'bad" changes that come our way.

For example, if something horrible happens in a person's life they can allow that change to completely consume their life in a way that the cease to continue to LIVE life. Belive me, this is one of those "easier said than done" scenarios for sure! But, you've seen it, have you not?

I'm not overlooking or taking lightly tragedy that strikes in the lives of people. I cannot imagine the horror and grief that many go through in tragic times and I know that such events will have an impact on a persons life for most of- if not all of - the rest of their life.

However, I have seen those that go through a time of shock and grief and, even though that tragedy has left it's mark on their life forever, they have learned not to allow that tragedy to OWN their life.

Make sense?

Even when something "good" happens in our life that brings change we must still learn to not let that change "own" our life. Change our life? Sure. Impact our life? Of course. But we still must not allow that change - even if "good" - to OWN our life.

An example on this side may be someone that wins the lottery or comes into a lot of money for any reason. I'm sure you've seen the television shows or read the articles that tell of so many that end up worse off than they were BEFORE this "good change" came their way. They never learned to take control of that change before it took control of them.

Change. It will continue to be a part of our lives as long as we are alive.

What will YOU do with that change. Better yet, what ARE you doing?

For our next podcast/blog topic I want to continue this thought process and will begin to discuss the following ideas about change:

TYPES OF CHANGES: Those we voluntarily bring on ourselves...those that we have no choice in but are not "against" us (change of seasons, life changes due to age, etc.)...those that come at us DUE TO our actions and those that come to us 100% involuntarily and at no fault of our own.

So, as you can see we will have a lot to talk about in the next few weeks!

By the way, let me just mention that I am not able to be as "consistent" with my podcasts and blogs as I had been at one time due to a new job that my wife and I are involved with BUT I WILL continue to get these out as often as possible and I still cherish and welcome any and all feedback from you!

So, until that next time, I'd like to leave you with these two quotes I came across the other day and encourage you to think about the truth found within them both.

“The only change to be afraid of is the change that we are not prepared for.”

"If you want the future to be different, change what you are doing today! "

And, as always, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"