Thursday, October 31, 2013

Live Life on PURPOSE!

I was watching a video this afternoon featuring a gentleman by the name of Michael Wickett giving a talk FULL of powerful, positive challenges. For anyone reading this that is familiar with the Big Idea Mastermind Group with the Empower Network, it is part of the program that you can access for that added "boost" to keep your mind straight. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about and would like to know, just shoot me an email - OR just visit my other blog at and then get in touch with me).

In this video that I was watching,  the phrase that you see in the graphic that I put together afterwards, was said by Mr. Wickett - "Live life on PURPOSE!".

Some may immediately think and even try to defend themselves with the thought, "I ALREADY live my life on purpose!".

But do you?

As I thought about this in regards I began to realize that, many times, I likely go through a day by "accident" or with no real purpose in mind.

Our days - one at a time - are too valuable to live by accident, wouldn't you agree? Remember, too, that TODAY is all we have so don't try to live "tomorrow" before it even gets here.

One day at a time. TODAY. "What is my PURPOSE today?"

In other words, what is my FOCUS for today? What do I wish to achieve? How do I want to touch the lives of those around me TODAY? How do I plan to "stretch" myself? How WILL I "stretch" myself today?

Don't get all confused. Just focus.

"You did that on purpose!"

"Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I did!"

Now, I know we can get too "generic" in this process by saying something like, "I plan/purpose to live today being the best me that I can be."

AWESOME. But HOW do you plan to do that today? HOW - in what way - will you accomplish this task today?

"Live life on purpose!" I like that and will do all I can to get "laser-focused" on doing just that each and every day that is called, "TODAY".

And you?

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"I Can't Even Imagine..."

I know there are times that I have said that exact thing, "I can't even imagine..." and I'm sure you have as well.
There have been times when I have said it that dealt with a family that had a child die from a disease or some other unexpected happening. When I say, "I can't even imagine what that would be like as a parent" I am telling the truth. I have 3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law and 2 precious little grand babies. I honestly can't even imagine what it would be like to lose any of those.
And then, there are times when I use that phrase in relationship to OTHER things that are beyond my grasp of possibility.
Money is one of those as I'm sure it is for you.
The "unimaginable" in this area is becoming more and more "imaginable" as I learn more and more and associate with successful people more than I used to.
You may remember that, recently, I talked about Bob Proctor saying that we, as humans, have "infinite potential" in so many areas but especially in the area of possible income.
Here's my question for you: If numbers you see and/or hear are unimaginable ("I can't even imagine that!"), are you willing to "stretch your imagination" and see that, indeed, it IS possible or will you keep your mind CLOSED to those possibilities.
And, friend, this applies to MANY areas of life - not just financial.
So, the choice is a life OPEN to the POSSIBILITIES or live a life CLOSED to what is possible and, likely, live a closed life that shuts others out.
Again, it's up to you.
Decide and take action (again, NOT doing anything is an action in and of itself).
I hope you will chose to EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS so that you, indeed, can...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


ac-tion  [ak-shuhn] noun

1. the process or state of acting or of being active: The machine is not in action now.
2. something done or performed; act; deed.
3. an act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity: a crisis that demands action instead of debate; hoping for constructive action by the landlord.
4. actions, habitual or usual acts; conduct: He is responsible for his actions.
5. energetic activity: a man of action.

Take a moment and look over these definitions of the word, "ACTION" and see how - or IF - it applies to your life.

Many TALK about action but, honestly, FEW ACTUALLY ACT! Notice the part of definition #2 that says "something DONE or PERFORMED". It doesn't say, "something TALKED ABOUT or DREAMED ABOUT", does it?

Whether you are talking about health, diet, goals, business, relationships or whatever you want to talk about, ACTION BRINGS RESULTS.

That being true (and it is) then the OPPOSITE must also be true - Lack of action (or inactivity) will not bring the desired results. Oh, they'll bring results alright, but the OPPOSITE results that most would want to take place in their lives.

For example, if you want to improve your health and maybe even lose some weight then you KNOW that you will have to physically take ACTION and do some walking or other forms of exercise. This WILL bring results. But sitting on the couch and never doing anything physically active will also bring results. However, these results will actually be detrimental to your health.

So it is true with all other areas. If you have goals and dreams and you never take action to make those goals and dreams a reality then you are actually taking action (in a negative way) that says that you don't really want to achieve said goals an dreams after all.

You never stay in one place. You are never really idle. You are either moving forward (making progress) or you are sliding backwards (digressing) and losing ground.

As always, that is up to YOU, my friend.

So, what will it be? I encourage you to STEP UP and MOVE FORWARD because I can promise you that you will FEEL BETTER (in all areas) and you will be GLAD that you took action and made positive progression.

Well, what are you waiting for? GET MOVING!

And, as you do so, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Monday, October 28, 2013

You Write the Book

A new page in YOUR story.

It's YOUR story! And YOU are the author of that story.

No one else. Oh, others can write ABOUT you but you are the one that wrote the story in the first place. YOU are the one that provided "the storyline" for the rest of it.

And, TODAY, is another page to that story.

What will it be? What will you "write" today?

A legacy - YOUR legacy - is being written today and every day that you live.

What will YOUR story say about today?

I don't know but it's WIDE OPEN for you. Now, pick up your "pencil" and begin to write your page for today. No one else can do it for you - it's YOURS.

How awesome is that?

And, along the way, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Life is about...

There are many thoughts and sayings about "the meaning of life" that have been around for centuries and are still discussed and debated even today.
I don't think anyone could argue the words found in the graphic attached to this blog, do you?
"Life is about moving on, accepting changes & looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete."
Life is a "forward-moving adventure" in my opinion. Life continuously moves FORWARD whether you want it to or not. The clock keeps ticking, the calendar keeps getting marked off one day at a time and the page flips over one month at a time.
That being true, we must find ways to KEEP MOVING ON! We cannot live in the past. It's gone. Forever.
We must move on.                                "Like" us on Facebook!
Sometimes we don't want to ESPECIALLY when we are facing FORCED movement due to changes that take place.
Here's the deal, people that are successful in life (relationships, jobs, goals, etc.) have learned to ADAPT to change because they KNOW that one thing is certain - CHANGE WILL ALWAYS COME.
Change CAN be exciting! Read the graphic and notice that, along with accepting changes, we can actually LOOK FORWARD TO what lies ahead. Don't be afraid! Don't get paralyzed by what you can't control or don't know about what's to come. Let that feeling awaken you to the fact that you are ALIVE and that you CAN accept and adapt to the changes that come and go during your lifetime.
Doing so WILL make you stronger. It will also make you COMPLETE.
You are stronger than you think you are and you are not the same person that you were a few years ago. YOU ARE STRONGER AND BETTER!
And, friend, that's just awesome!
Think about it, embrace all that comes your way because you can handle whatever comes you're way. And, as you live your life with such confidence be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Follow the Recipe!

Man, oh man, do I LOVE chocolate chip cookies! And, lucky me, my wife makes AWESOME chocolate chip cookies!
I really don't know where she got the recipe, but she follows a recipe that she got from someone else that made AWESOME chocolate chip cookies. That's why hers turn out so good every time she makes them.
Now you can go down to the grocery store and buy some pre-packaged cookie dough and make yourself some chocolate chip cookies and you may like them. But they do not even compare to some HOME MADE, delicious chocolate chip cookies. They are easy and quick, but not the same!
So it is with ANY area in which you desire to have SUCCESS.
I could make a long list of areas that this would apply to, but really isn't a need to do so. Honestly, you can start with any relationship and make a list of ANY AREA in which you desire success and the fact will be true with each and every one of them. Here it is:
You want crappy, bad-tasting cookies? Follow a recipe that produces crappy, bad-tasting cookies!
You want to be a part of bad relationships? Take advice from someone that has a history of bad relationships. However, if you want to be a part of GOOD relationships then find and follow someone that has a history of good relationships.
Do you want to be successful in some area of business or opportunity? BE CAREFUL HERE AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Find someone that has the PROOF that they have already "been there, done that".
In other words, find someone who has the proof of their success - not just pictures in front of a fancy car or house - and do what they do. Follow what they say.
Follow their recipe for success.
Too many want to change the recipe up to fit their own ideas and thoughts, but again, FOLLOW THE RECIPE of the one that has done it successfully and see what happens.
Now, excuse me while I go have one of those awesome, home made chocolate chip cookies my wife made last night!
See ya' next time and, until then, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun With Money!

I had a GREAT time yesterday!

For one, I got to spend the day with my wife, but on top of that, I had the opportunity to put a HUGE smile on her beautiful face - and I did.

For some time now she has been talking about needing to get some sort of small computer so that she could keep up with things without having to find time around MY schedule with our main computer (which I'm on a LOT). Too, as she begins her own business ventures, she needs something that she will be able to keep up with information for that as well.

Recently, she has been seeing commercials on television about a tablet that has it's own keyboard/cover combination that would allow her to do everything she needs to do but in a much smaller and lighter package than what she had considered before.

I told her I would get it for her birthday - which is still about one and a half months away - but ended up telling her yesterday that I was going to go ahead and get if for her now so that she could begin using it. What a BIG smile came over her face! But that wasn't the only big smile of the day.

Once we purchased the tablet and checked out she literally snatched the bag out of the clerk's hand with a smile from ear to ear as if she were a child under the tree on Christmas morning. Then, once we got home and she got to plug it up and start getting things set up on it, she had a CONTINUOUS smile on her face as she did so.

I loved every minute of it and it made ME smile knowing that I had done something that made my wife that happy.

The only thing that made that possible right now was the fact that I have been doing some things lately to have a little extra money available.
Yesterday I had FUN with MONEY!
Yes, I know there are TONS of things I could have done with that money other than what I did yesterday but, for me, right now, this was the BEST thing that I could have done. And, I'm glad I did.
What about you?
What would an extra $500 - $1000 a month do for you and your family?
Think about it and I mean THINK WITH PURPOSE about that. What would it do for you? What would it allow you to do that you can't do now?
Oh, I know life is not all about money. But as an old song says, "It's better to have and not need than to need and not have."
I'll be sharing more with you soon and even sharing some information with you that might just help during this upcoming holiday season.
One final thought: You don't have to spend $$ in order to make someone else smile. Do that today. Put a smile on someone else's face and I can promise you that in return you will also put a smile on yours.
Think about it and be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

UNLIMITED Potential!

I like what the image says, don't you?
We doubt so much about our lives. Many, not all, of us DOUBT that we have what it takes to be a SUCCESS.
We tend to MAGNIFY our limits and MINIMIZE our potential.
We should flip-flop that and do just the opposite... MINIMIZE our limits and MAGNIFY our potential.
I can tell you that. You can read it over and over again.
But only YOU can take it to heart and allow it to grow in your mind and in your life.
And, remember, you CAN do just that because you have UNLIMITED potential.
Soak in that for a while and, as you do, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A SPECIAL Message Just for You!

That's right - a SPECIAL message and it's JUST FOR YOU! Take a few minutes (less than 4!) and bask in the goodness of this special message.
You'll be glad you did!
Be sure to "LIKE" us on Facebook and, remember, whatever you do, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Monday, October 21, 2013


I remember the image above from when I was a teen in the 70's. Honestly, I haven't spent time doing research behind the meaning of this iconic image or anything but I just know that I always liked it.
Maybe soon I'll do the research and share my findings with you but, for now, I'm going to use it to emphasize the point, "DON'T EVER QUIT!"
I have a saying that I use in all of my podcasts that I came up with for my first podcast back on March 2, 2009. It is simply, "As long as there is breath, there's hope."
Friend, no matter how bad it seems or how hopeless, please DO NOT EVER QUIT!
Failure - or perceived failure, is simply a pathway to future success. Think about that! Thomas Edison is said to have made a comment along the lines of that he never looked at 1,000 tries at an invention as failures. He simply looked them as finding 1,000 ways that didn't work which brought him closer to the way that would.
It has also often been said that many times people quit when they are inches away from success.
Could that be you?
You'll never know if you quit, right? Right.
So, don't quit...keep on truckin'!
And, as you do so, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spread the Light - Part 2

I'm not sure if you read my blog a couple of weeks ago on "Believe in Yourself...and Others" or not but in it I talk about how I saw the same message on three different signs in the span of a few hours. The EXACT same message. I also talked about how that appeared to me as something that I needed to pay attention to since it happened three times with the EXACT same message.
Here we go again! If you haven't done so take a couple of minutes and read the blog from yesterday and pay close attention to the quote that I used as a springboard for my article.
Keep in mind that I put that article together and made it "live" yesterday afternoon.
Here's a little background that you didn't know that I thought I'd throw into the equation in all of this. When I was thinking of what I wanted to talk about in my blog I was drawing a complete blank. Absolutely NOTHING was coming to mind that I wanted to talk about.
So I brought up a page on my computer that was a page dedicated to quotes from different people, different categories and there are likely THOUSANDS of these quotes on this page. I looked over a couple of different days worth of quotes and found the one that I used yesterday and decided to use it. It seemed to "speak to me" and I knew that I could share some positive thoughts based on that quote about "spreading the light".     
Now, here's the "kicker".
Last night (probably 5 hours AFTER posting my blog with that quote in it) I pulled up my Facebook page and saw a post from Success Magazine. The post consisted of the EXACT same quote that I had used earlier in my blog.
EXACTLY the same.
I double checked everything to make sure that I had not seen that quote earlier in the day on that post but I discovered that the time stamp on the post from Success Magazine was from thirty minutes earlier from when I brought my Facebook page up in the evening. That means around four and a half hours or so AFTER I posted my blog.
EXACTLY the same.
So, I think it must be important and it must be important TO ME and FOR ME.
And, since I love to share information and positive thoughts with YOU, I feel it must also be important TO YOU and FOR YOU.
So, take another look at that quote, friend: "There are two ways of spreading the light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Edith Wharton
Cool, huh?
Keep spreading the light and, as you do so, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Two Ways to Spread the Light

"There are two ways of spreading the light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."            Edith Wharton
Hey, we're all different and all of us aren't gifted in the areas that many look at as "those that shine". Know what I mean?
Some seem to be natural in front of a crowd of any size or they just seem to have that "way with words" whether spoken or written.
But, pay attention to the quote and know that, even though some "shine" in ways that you feel you may never be able to, you can STILL "reflect" light and still spread the light in the process.
I had the honor of hearing the late Jim Rohn speak on a few occasions and have always been amazed at his way with words. He had such a "warm" approach that made you feel like you were listening to your dad or grandad share wonderful bits of wisdom with you as you sat around the kitchen table.
I may not ever have that same ability but I CAN "spread the light" by sharing quotes and ideas that were shared by Mr. Rohn. I can incorporate the things I learned by listening to him speak and by reading books that he wrote and share them when I write or speak, thus spreading the light.
Shine or reflect.
It doesn't really matter because, either way, you are spreading the light and, my friend, this world needs that light more than ever before.
And, don't forget, as you do so, remember to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Friday, October 18, 2013

My 500th Podcast "Aired" Today!

Now, for me, THAT IS AWESOME and I hope you'll join me in this little "mini celebration!"

Even though I got away from the podcast for a little while and even when I DID do one over the past year or so it was not consistently done - I believe it DOES still show a persistence and determination. And, oh, by the way - I AM back to doing it daily!

So, for anyone that may not know where to find this and that would like to take a peek and listen in (they range from 5 - 10 minutes in length) let me share with you how to access the podcast, o.k.?

The easiest way to tell you how to do so for the first time would be to direct you to my website, Future You University  - when you get there, click on the "video-cast" tab and in the upper right hand corner you will see the logos for iTunes as well as the RSS feed. Either one of those will take you to my podcasts.

Once you access it the first time you can subscribe to the feed in iTunes or via the RSS feed. I'd love it if you began to listen and follow along.

Now, by sheer accident, it is interesting that this milestone with my podcast takes place on the SAME DAY that the Empower Network is releasing it's NEW and AWESOME blogging format, known as the "Blog Beast"!

I look forward to utilizing this new tool to help take my website, blog, podcasts to the next level! I'm excited about the opportunity to FINALLY be able to earn $$ online without all of the hassle normally associated with setting up pretty much ANYTHING on the internet.

So, feel free to contact me at anytime with questions about my website as well as this awesome new release of the "Blog Beast".

I look forward to hearing from you as well as producing the NEXT 500 of my podcasts!

Until next time, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Wish I Had Money for That

Another way to word that title would be, "I wish I could afford that!" You hear that type of thing quite often and you may find yourself saying from time to time.

Bob Proctor talks about the fact that what most of us do when there are things we "can't afford" we lower our expectations and fit our lifestyle into what already exists. We "settle" and just continue to dream and wish.

Now, please don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being happy with what you have, o.k.? But I'm talking about those that always wish they had the means to do more for themselves or their family.

Let me throw this up too before someone out there gets upset, o.k.? This is not all about "stuff" and "getting things" either.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, Bob Proctor (and others, like the late Jim Rohn have also said it) says that what we need to do instead is to become creative and decide to MAKE MORE so that we can then HAVE MORE.

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We live in a world FULL of opportunity and the Internet and the technology that we have available to us makes this more true than ever before.

So, stop "wishing" and begin to think, create and make it happen and begin to enjoy the life that you have always wanted if you "only had the money."

No one can do that for you but you. So, go get it!

And, as you do, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else can do it for you?)"

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some Days Are Better Than Others

I wonder how many people would have given up before they ever started if they knew that the stats mentioned in this picture would be theirs.
I wonder how many people of with a lesser will than Michael Jordan's would have given up after just one of those potential game-winning shots that he missed.
You see, friend, it's just a fact in ANY area of life that some days are better than others. Right?
Some days it just seems as if NOTHING could go wrong and that everything is just lined up perfectly to give you the best day ever! Ever have a day like that? Probably so but did it stay like that?
Of course not!
Because there are also those days that you and I have both experienced where it seemed as if NOTHING could go RIGHT and that everything was lined up perfectly to give us the WORST day ever! But again, did it stay like that?
Of course not!
So just think about this, if YOU have days like that then so do all of the people that you come across every day. Family, friends, clients, etc. None of us are "perfect" and none of us are "always on" 24/7.
So think about that before you condemn, criticize or get too frustrated with those around you. It just may be "one of those days" and, by the way, they may be trying to overlook YOUR problems when YOU have "one of those days" as well.
Ahhhh... now you see.
Don't give up. Don't EVER give up and always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Many of you may not even know this due to your age but, for us older folks (I'm 53), this brings to mind the phrase used as a warning when you were to cross a railroad track that did not have warning lights at the intersection.

You were reminded to STOP and not just drive over the track, LOOK to make sure there wasn't a train coming down the track and LISTEN for the noise of an oncoming train that you may not be able to see.

I got to thinking about how this same warning should apply to each of us in our interactions with those around us. Just follow me on this...

STOP: To be blunt here, STOP TALKING! It's been shown time and again that the best way to learn about others and to also earn their trust is to LISTEN to what they have to say. Too many times we are trying to think about what we want to say instead of LISTENING to the other person.

LOOK: Pay attention to body language and use those perceptions to address the unspoken. I'm not going to get involved in a deep discussion in this short blog BUT those that pay attention to this type of thing are those that get ahead due to their communication skills. Pay attention!

LISTEN: Need I say more? You can't listen if you are busy talking and listening will ALWAYS give you insight into what is really important to the person that you are communicating with at the time.
See what happens if you take the time to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN!

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Monday, October 14, 2013

That "Aha!" Moment

"Aha! Now I get it!"

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about, right? One of those "aha!" moments when something FINALLY becomes clear.

I love working with young people and I've said for many years that I love it when you see that "light bulb" go off in their heads - when they GET IT!


I had one of those today while watching the 2nd video in the Empower Network Blog Beast Launch series. *Click* "Aha!"

Now, first of all, that video is HILARIOUS but it was also VERY informative for me as I'm sure it was for the many others that have seen it.  (If you haven't seen it, just go here).

I learned about all of the features of the new blog platform! I have struggle the past couple of days while composing my blogs here because I couldn't quite figure out where everything was that I needed to use.  Too, to be honest, although I have spent years doing things ON the computer there are still a lot of things I don't understand ABOUT the computer!

But the thing is, all of this stuff that I haven't understood and, to a large extent, still don't, I DON'T HAVE TO KNOW OR UNDERSTAND! It's just done for me.

How's THAT for awesome?

Bottom line, you just need to watch the video to see what I'm talking about. I think you'll be pretty impressed as was I.

Then, once you do, get with me and let's discuss how YOU can get a hold of this BLOG BEAST and what it can mean for you.

Until then, keep your mind open so you can experience those "aha!" moments and also be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Magical Monday

Magical Monday...

That's the term I came up with several years ago when I first began doing my podcasts for Monday.

Why? Because so many people DREAD Monday's and even express near HATE for that day of the week.

Simply because it's the end of the weekend and time to start back to work at their job. So, I wanted to come up with a different twist as a way to look at Monday as something different than something to be looked at with dread.


Monday is MAGICAL because it IS the first day of the work week and, that being so, it is THE DAY to set the tone for the rest of your work week!

It is MAGICAL because you have the POWER and ABILITY to decide an determine how the rest of your week will go REGARDLESS of what comes your way.

Wanna' know a secret?

You have that POWER and ABILITY each and every day. You have that POWER and ABILITY each and every hour of every day. Yes, you DO have that power.

Think about it and approach MONDAY as MAGICAL and see what happens.

And, as you do, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Breaking the _______________Barrier

What comes to YOUR mind when you read that title?
If I didn't already know what the answer I'm looking for already was I would guess "SOUND" as in "Breaking the sound barrier."
And, even though that answer is NOT the one I'm looking for it still DOES relate to the actual word that fits there.
What's the word? TERROR.
"Breaking the TERROR barrier". It's a phrase from Bob Proctor that is used to discuss the need to "take a risk" as we discussed in yesterday's blog post.
Mr. Proctor goes on to further define the "terror barrier" as that of LOGIC.
In other words, breaking the terror barrier is going past and beyond that which would seem logical! In still OTHER words, it's doing that which appears to be ILLOGICAL!
Now, let's take a moment to go back to breaking the sound barrier. Do you think that was thought LOGICAL before it was done? I can answer that for you - NO!
Was there risk involved in accomplishing that great feat? YES!
But it was done and now, today, it's not really thought to be that big of a deal.
We'll talk more about this but realize that your GOALS may seem illogical to those around you. Heck, they may even seem illogical to YOU right now!
But, if you really WANT that in your life - BREAK THE TERROR BARRIER and go for it ANYWAY!
See what happens!
And, as you do, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Friday, October 11, 2013

Life Without Risk...


As the picture without risk is a life unlived.
I'd also say that the quote could also read, "Life without risk is a life unloved."
Wouldn't you say that this would be accurate as well? Hey, if you've ever loved someone you have taken a risk and, my guess is, that RISK has not always "paid off".
But there is also another saying: "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all."
So, is this blog about risk or love or......?
None of the above. It's about LIVING LIFE!
And that, my friend, will ALWAYS involve risk.
So, get out there and start LIVING LIFE TODAY!
And, as you do so, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Thursday, October 10, 2013

You Are Wired for GREATNESS!

Now, as hard as you may find this to be true about yourself, it is TRUE anyway!

Regardless of the mess that you have made of your life – it is STILL true. You are wired for GREATNESS!

Regardless of what others may have said about you all of your life – it is STILL true. You are wired for GREATNESS!

It’s hard to overcome such harshness if it’s been directed toward you for years. It’s hard to overcome your own perceived failures in life. I say “perceived” because the only REAL failure is the failure to continue to try to improve.

Failure comes only when you quit and give in to despair.

I’ll be talking a LOT more about this in the blogs to come but for now, just once, let this little voice inside speak TRUTH to you. Do you hear it? Block everything else out, it’s there.


“You – yes YOU – are wired for GREATNESS!”

“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Words Live on Forever

“Extend to each person, no matter how trivial the contact, all the care and kindness and understanding and love that you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.”
Og Mandino
1923-1996, Author
WOW! Powerful words that still live on today even though many years have passed by since the death of Mr. Og Mandino.
Words that still have an impact on anyone and everyone that reads (or perhaps hears if this was said in a recorded speech that he made at some point) them and shares them.  Hey, not only am I sharing them here, I also posted this quote on my Facebook page. Why? Because I think they are powerful and important for each of us to consider and implement in our lives.
Words live on forever. That, my friend, is a fact. Even the unwritten word lives on forever in the minds of those who heard them whether kind or unkind, true or untrue, sweet or sour.
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You see, you leave a legacy even with the words that you speak. I hope, like me, that it causes you to stop and choose a little more carefully the words that you speak and/or write because, indeed, they will live on forever.
What kind of legacy will YOUR words leave behind? Here’s a hint: the same legacy that they are leaving behind even today.
But the good news is that you CAN change what happens from this point on regardless of what legacy has been left up to this time. Sure, it will be an uphill battle but don’t you want to leave a POSITIVE legacy? Don’t you want to leave words behind that ENCOURAGE and LIFT UP those that hear/read them now and for years to come?
Sure you do.
Start now, right now and make it your mission to leave a powerful legacy that will be a blessing to those for years to come. You CAN do it!
“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"We're Not in Kansas Anymore"

The Wizard of Oz.

What a classic movie and what a famous line from that movie when Dorothy and her little dog, Toto, are  introduced to the magical land of Oz.

Now friends, if you are like me and have a few years on you, you realize that the world we live in today is NOTHING like the world we lived in 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 years ago (that’s as far as I can go!). We’re not even living in the same world that we were living in 5 years ago!

Just consider the pay that professional athletes “earn” today compared to what they did several years ago. It’s UNREAL and something that, “back in the day”, would have been considered IMPOSSIBLE at that time.

So, is personal income. Now, you may say, “No, Mike, my personal income hasn’t done anything spectacular in some time now.” Although that may be true, the income that you make is FAR ABOVE AND BEYOND what was considered even possible 30 – 40 years ago.

I heard Bob Proctor say on a video today that we all have “infinite potential”.

In other words, no one knows – there is NO LIMIT – on what you and I can accomplish in our lives. I don’t know about you but THAT EXCITES ME and challenges me to STEP UP and STEP OUT from my limiting mindset.

So, consider that thought and share with me what you discover about yourself and your own limiting mindset that needs to be OPENED to the INFINITE possibilities that await us all.


And as you do so, be sure to…

“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”


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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Power of Positive People

Hey everyone, meet Herman. Herman is mowing my yard today and he is the reason for today's blog/podcast and videocast - "The Power of Positive People".
Let me tell you a little about ol' Herman, o.k.?
I met Herman yesterday afternoon after I had gone through a particularly rough day combating the forces of negativity. Although I had separated myself from a person that was continually spewing negativity and, basically, pure hatred my way there were still times - due to the situation - that I had to be around that person. And, even though I do my best to fill my mind with as much positive input as I possibly can, it still did have an impact on my attitude.
Enter Herman.
Herman mows yards for a living and he lives about a mile from my house. I pass by his home/business every day and I've planned on stopping by for the past several days because I needed to get my yard mowed. But, for one reason or another it just didn't happen until yesterday.
On the way to the hospital to visit with my wife's mom following surgery I told my wife that I was going to stop by Herman's on the way home so I could see if he could do my yard for me. Of course, this was even before I had any idea of the day was going to go and, on the way back home, I did as I said I would do and stopped by Herman's.
I had never met Herman before and had no idea what kind of man he was but, honestly, I was just hoping that he was not going to be a negative person since I had encountered more than I wanted to throughout the day as it was.
From the moment Herman came out of his door he put a smile on my face! He was happy and joyful and PROUD of what he did for a living and treated me as if he had known me all of my life. He followed me to my house to take a look so that he could give me a quote and, again, the whole time he was there I was laughing and smiling while joking around with him.
After he left last night I told my wife, "I needed to meet that man TODAY!". Some would just say that it was a coincidence, but I believe that everything happens for a reason and I needed to meet Herman YESTERDAY! Remember me saying that I had intended to stop by there for several days before I actually did? I needed it yesterday and that is when I met Herman and I had the opportunity to once again feel "The Power of Positive People".
Friend, YOU need such a person or a group of this type of person in your life, don't you? Maybe you have them already. If so, you need to be around them as much as possible and you also need to let them know how much you appreciate the positive impact that they have on your life.
One other thought...maybe YOU can be that person in someone else's life. Think about it. We all come into contact with people every day that, likely, we don't give much thought to such as the person behind the check out at the local store. Let me encourage you to take the time to actually engage in conversation - even if it is short - that lets them know that you not acknowledge their presence but that you appreciate what they are doing. IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR DAY, that I can promise you.
You may never, ever know the impact you've had on others when you decide that you are going to be a powerful, positive influence in the lives of those around you each and every day. But know that, indeed, it DOES make a difference. Never forget that.
Do it. And as you go about spreading this powerful, positive influence be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Day at the Hospital

I spent most of today at the hospital today. My mother-in-law had surgery yesterday and, due to a crowded room, I sat in the lobby for the most of today and did some “people watching” from my chair as people came and went.
Here’s a brief view of what I observed throughout the course of the day:
1. I watched a young couple load up their newborn and it brought a smile on my face and many warm memories to my mind of the three times that my wife and I brought our sons home from the hospital. The start of a new life and many memories to come for this family.
2. I just saw a teenage couple come in all wrapped up with each other. You know, like each are afraid that the other person can’t stand upright unless THEY hold them up. But now, for me, makes me think if my wife and I tried to walk like that it would be like trying to run in a 3 legged sack race!
3. And now I observe a family gathering and mourning the death of a family member. So sad to see. Today I’ve observed parents taking a newborn home and now the impact of the death of a loved one.
Dare I make this point again? Sure I do – it’s my blog! :)
No need to say any more about that. You do the rest and make it count.
And, as you do, be sure to…
“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”

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Friday, October 4, 2013



Today my wife and I pulled up behind a car with the above letters on their license plate. It took me just a few seconds to recognize it as, “Seize the Day”.
You can do your own search as far as the meaning and other information behind this phrase (most only know it from the movie, “Dead Poets Society”) but I found one source that says that a more accurate translation of “Carpe diem” would be “enjoy the day” or “pluck the day [as it is ripe]“.
Once again we are back to the FACT that TODAY is all you have. Will you “seize” it, “enjoy” it or will you actually “pluck it” because, friends, it IS “ripe”!
It is ripe with opportunity and it’s waiting for you right now. If this day is all but passed then determine to get out of bed in the morning with a renewed dedication to ACTION – to pluck the ripe opportunity that will surely surround you throughout the day.
And, as you do, be sure to…
“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Do It Anyway

It’s 11:29 p.m. and I haven’t done my post yet for the day.
I really didn’t want to fire my computer up to make sure I stuck to doing this every day.
But, guess what?
I decided to do it anyway.
Good motto: “Do it Anyway”.
You see, it goes beyond “Just Doing It” because there are times that we DON’T want to just do it BUT, because of determination and persistence, we “DO IT ANYWAY”.
So, friend, what is it that YOU need to do anyway?
Well? Get to it!
And as you do, be sure to…
“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"What is Going On in That Head of Yours?"

Did your parents ever say that to you with a bewildered look on their faces?
Oh, mine did many times over the years while they were trying to figure out what in the world this boy – especially as a teenager – was thinking when he (yeah, ME) did something stupid (which, at that time in my life – like most teens – was quite often!).
Truth is, when you’re a teenager YOU’RE not even sure what’s going on in your head because of all the physical changes your body is going through! But what’s your excuse now or what’s the REASON behind your actions (or lack thereof) now?
What you THINK matters! What you put into your head/mind matters.
So, here’s a real quick way for you to KNOW what’s going on in that head of yours. Do a quick check up to see what it is that you are PUTTING IN to your head.
It really is that simple. Oh, it may not be as simple when you realize that you need to make some CHANGES on what you allow into your head, but the discovery process is really quite simple.
But you have to be HONEST with yourself in the process.
So, “What’s going on in that head of yours?”… you tell me, friend.
And as you do a little check up, be sure to…
“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Pep Talk in Every Drop"

It’s amazing what positive things you find around you if you just take the time to look.
Case in point: My wife has had a nasty little cough for the past several days and today – after going through SEVERAL of these cough drops over the past few days – she noticed that inside the wrappers of these cough drops were little sayings. As a matter of fact they were labeled as “Pep Talk in Every Drop”!
Pretty awesome, right?
So, in one little wrapper were three little sayings with a positive message. Let’s take a quick look at each one, shall we? O.k. we shall (thanks for your permission!). :)
Two of them go hand in hand as you will see: “Push On” and “Power Through”.
That really goes “hand in hand” with my short, but to the point, blog from yesterday about life slapping you down. IF YOU WAN TO SUCCEED IN ANYTHING IN LIFE THEN YOU MUST BE ABLE TO “PUSH ON” AND “POWER THROUGH”!
And then the other one is my favorite of the three: “Take Charge and Mean It!”
Quit talking about “taking charge” and “making changes” and DO something about it like you MEAN it! (Yeah, I’m talking to myself too, o.k.?).
I mean – hey – isn’t it time?
And, while you ponder those “Pep Talks in Every Drop” be sure to…
“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”

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