Monday, July 25, 2022

Are YOU in CONTROL Without a "Plan B"?

At the end of my last article I asked the question (or similar): "What CONTROL do you have over your current situation/job?"

Sure, consider the obvious things such as being told when you can or cannot go to the restroom or take your lunch break. Depending on the schedule, do you even GET a lunch break? Wow, how about trying to schedule your vacation only to be told that you can't because of some "reason" that those "in charge" decide that they want to do first?

Are you able to participate in your child's school activities? Even if it's just trying to get off a little early to do so? How many days can you take off to take care of a child that is sick and has to stay home from school? 

But let's go a little deeper on this thought...

What control do you have over actually KEEPING your job?

Yes, I understand that there is a LOT that you can do to make sure that you not only keep your job but get promoted with your job. A lot of people want to do the minimum and expect the maximum in benefits by doing so. It just doesn't work that way.

I'm referring more to situations like what I discussed in the last article and podcast about my own personal recent situation. 

The bottom line - the TRUTH - is that you DON'T have control when it comes to the actions of those above you that could greatly impact your ability to keep your job. You DON'T have control over whether or not your company decides to shut down and move the company to a foreign country. You DON'T (and DIDN'T) have control over the government forcing your company to completely shut down which put you and everyone else out of work. For how long? Again, out of your control. 

So, DO have some control over your own actions and abilities. Your habits and your work ethic. But, beyond much control do you actually have?

The only real way to GET 

(and maintain) control is 

to TAKE control!

This may surprise you but, in this article, I have no solutions for you on this problem. I have no suggestions for you

Why? I honestly have yet to find something that has worked for me. Now, I know others that have done GREAT things with a "Plan B" and, yes, have also developed a "Plan C, D, E, F", etc.  I'm working on some things right now and...if they work out for me, I'll let you know. 

Here's the thing: There is PLENTY of information out there about "side gigs" and putting together a "Plan B". Again, COVID really brought the need for such to the fore-front. 

BOTTOM LINE: Don't wait to begin your search when you are under pressure to MAKE something happen! That generally will cause you to make poor decisions and it will also remove your ability to be patient with the process.

I do have something planned that might be of assistance to you in this area. I am currently working on a series entitled, "People of Passion" in which I will be interviewing a few people that I have connected with either personally or via online sources that have exhibited a sense of happiness and passion in their lives. Some of these are also involved in some "Plan B/Side Gig" opportunities and some are not. Be watching for that!

I'll leave you with this: "If you are not in control of (fill in the blank), chances are, someone else is."

Until then remember...

YOU'RE HERE FOR A REASON and, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"




Thursday, July 21, 2022

A "Plan B" IS Necessary - My Personal Story

 In the last blog article I discussed the question, "Do you NEED a 'Plan B'?" Again, "Plan B" referring to having a "back up" plan or source of income in case your "Plan A" (main plan or source of income) falls through.

You will have to decide that for yourself but, in my opinion, the answer is a great big "YES!".

In this article as well as in the podcast I've done on this topic (see links below) I will discuss my personal, most recent, story about my last "job" and how that situation has, once again, emphasized to me and for me the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY to have a "Plan B" in place and, more than likely, even a "Plan C, D, E, F and G" , if not more.
Some of the time frame on this may not be completely correct but, I'll do my best to be as accurate as possible. The main focus of sharing this with you is to help you understand what could happen to you - IF it hasn't happened to you already.  

Back in November of 2021 I answered an ad that I had come across for a job that, to be honest, seemed too good to be true. It was for a job to where I only worked two days a week and had the ability to make $100,000 + my very first year. It was for the position of being a sales consultant (official title was "Clinic Consultant") to close on a $5,000 product offering. 

I applied but, to be honest, I didn't expect much and definitely didn't expect it to actually be a legitimate job opportunity. However, I DID start noticing commercials on my local television channels for this particular company and for the office from which I would be working. That increased my "faith" that this may, indeed, be an incredible opportunity.

Long story short, I was interviewed by a couple of managers, hired and went to a 4 day training at which I caught COVID which delayed my start by about a week. 

I finally started my work the first week in January of 2022 and, after a nervous and slow start for the first couple of weeks, I began to "hit my stride" and began to have some INCREDIBLE results for the two days that I was working for the week. WOW! I was excited and thankful for such an opportunity.

I had already told my wife that I KNEW that I needed to get a "Plan B" in place because this was a job that relied on me being physically present to do the job and it was all commission. In other words, if I didn't work, I didn't make money or even have the opportunity to make money.

In March I noticed that things began to change. Instead of "screening" being done in such a way that the majority of the people I met with being able to actually pay for the product, I was seeing more and more people that were on fixed incomes that had no way to be able to do so.  This greatly was impacting my commission checks and, from what I could tell, it was affecting everyone in the company that held the same position that I did in different offices. 

Even though my commissions took a big hit - probably cut in about half - I was still able to maintain a reasonable amount of income with promises of "it would get better". I was beginning to feel uncomfortable due to the "rah rah" talk that I was hearing that would be similar to someone on a sinking ship stating that "all is well". 

Fast forward to the end of April and everyone in the company that held the same position had their "days to work" cut in half. In other words, I went from 2 days a week (8 days a month) to 2 days every 2 weeks (4 days a month). Again, "Oh, it's going to get better!"

For various reasons, my clientele dropped by about 80% and my commission dropped by about 90%. I knew this was a sinking ship and it was confirmed when, on one of my "off" days, I dropped by the office and found someone there that was about to go to training to take my spot.

I had never had any problems, never been "written up" and had produced well. My managers were not even aware of this move and I discovered that this was happening to others as well.

So, I was out just like that with no "Plan B" in place.


So now I've been scrambling to try to get something going that would enable me to make some good income and also allow me to still work on developing a "Plan B, C, D, E" and so on.

You tell me...after reading that story, would you agree that it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to get a "Plan B" in place?

COVID-19 should have made that very clear to EVERYONE. If you don't know what I'm talking about due to when you read this article, do a little research but, businesses were shut down and not allowed to operate, people were sent home with no way to make an income and MANY of these businesses went OUT of business after being in business for decades.

What if you get sick or hurt and you can't work? What if your spouse or a parent or a child becomes ill or injured to the point that they need YOUR care and attention that would prevent you from working a "regular" 9 to 5 job?

I will continue this discussion in the next article but, until then, ask yourself this question: "How much CONTROL do I actually have over my current situation/job?" 

Be watching for it and, until then remember...

YOU'RE HERE FOR A REASON and, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"