Friday, January 31, 2020

Mike's Quotes #42: Talking vs.Doing

 “Talking and planning is a whole different thing than planning and doing.”
Mike Spillman  - (12.1.19)

Take a look at the date the above quote came to be. The first day of the last month of 2019. Now, take a look at the date this article was published - the last day of the first month of 2020. 

When I said what I did in today's quote many were organizing their "New Year's Resolutions" that they were planning to put into place - again - at the start of the New Year. And now, here we are at the end of that very first month of that new year and...?

If you haven't read the last article, be sure to do so since it is so closely related to today's topic. I've talked about this type of idea many times over the years but it still remains true...talking and planning is one thing but planning and DOING is a whole different thing my friend.

As I mentioned in the last article, it really all begins with being honest with yourself and then you MUST TAKE ACTION. It's called "putting the POWER behind the PLAN".



There's no other answer, no other solution. There's no other way to get things done but to DO those things. And, yes, I need this lesson as well!

So, here we are at the end of month 1 in 2020. Already gone. Completed. January 2020 cannot be relived or reclaimed. It is "in the books". 

Get the idea? 

What is it that one song says about TIME?

Until next time - at the start of another month - always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Thursday, January 30, 2020

Mike's Quotes #41: Be Honest With Yourself

“Be HONEST with yourself! 
If you’re not going to be honest with yourself, you’re not going to be honest with anyone else.” - Mike Spillman (11/25/2019)

This article is being published on January 30, day before the end of the first month of this new year. How are you doing with whatever goals that you set for yourself at the start of this month?

Even if we're not talking about "New Year's Resolutions", I'm sure you DID make some sort of goals and plans for your life for 2020, right? Again, the first month of this year is all but gone and the question remains: "How are you doing and how have you done so far?"

What kind of "self-talk" will you have with yourself about those two questions? What will you tell yourself? Will you be HONEST with yourself in the process? I can hear you now, "Mike! How DARE you suggest that I would not be honest with myself!"

I hope you ARE honest with yourself and that you WILL BE honest with yourself when considering the two questions I proposed a couple of paragraphs ago. Here's the thing: the easiest person in the world to be dishonest with is yourself!

That's right. It's actually very EASY to be DISHONEST with yourself and, at the same time, YOU are the HARDEST person to be honest with when it comes to that "heart to heart" talk with yourself.

However, if you truly plan to move forward in your life toward whatever goals and dreams you have for yourself, you first and foremost MUST be honest with yourself at all times. Stop making excuses and, as part of that process, lying to yourself.

Be honest with yourself. Be real. Stop hiding. Stop making excuses and be brutally honest.

That's the only way.

And it begins NOW.

The next article will tie into this one and I also encourage you to access the podcast and video that goes along with today's topic. All of the links can be found below.

Until next time, look yourself in the mirror and have that BRUTALLY HONEST conversation with yourself and, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Mike's Quotes #40: Bootstraps or Flip Flops?

"It's hard to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps if you're wearing flip flops."
 - Mike Spillman

How does one "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps"? The phrase comes from the act of someone using the "strap" that is located on the top of boots to help pull the boots on. Many times, when a person does this, they end up standing up as they complete the process thus, "pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps". 

Of course we know that this is not what really happened. The pulling on the bootstraps is not what made the person stand up. This is part of the original idea when considering that this would be a near impossible task. The phrase then indicates that when one works and fights through tough circumstances and still is able to "stand up", they have accomplished something that is nearly impossible. 

For me, it also indicates that there is work to be done and that it's time to get ready to "get after it". You don't put on flip flops to do some serious work!

So, short and to the point: Don't put on flip flops when you should be wearing boots!

Yes, there is a time and a place for flip flops and you should enjoy those times when they become available but, at the same time, if/when there is work that needs to be done, it's time to put on your boots.

Oh, and by the way, there are no "boot straps" on flip flops. 

What's on YOUR feet?

Until next time, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Mike's Quotes #39: Some Doors Need to Stay Shut!

"When you begin to TAKE ACTION, doors will begin to open. Sure, some will stay shut, but they weren't meant for you anyway." - Mike Spillman (2.27.16)

If you've not read the previous article, be sure to do so because it is closely related to today's article. As the quote says when you begin to TAKE ACTION doors WILL begin to open! But, know and accept the fact that, at the same time, SOME DOORS WILL REMAIN SHUT!

And, it's important to leave them shut! Remember, if they are shut, they weren't meant for you anyway. At least not at this time!

Don't try to kick them down or to pry them open...allow them to remain shut and focus on the doors that DO open for you! (Why do we tend to focus on what we CANNOT have and miss what is available to us?)

You've seen me discuss or have heard me refer to Bob Proctor's discussion about our "frequency" several times over the past few months. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just do a search on YouTube for "Bob Proctor Frequency" and open your mind up to what is being said.  

I can pretty much promise you that you HAVE experienced this in your own life but didn't know exactly what was going on or why. Bottom line, we bring people, thoughts, ideas as well as opportunities and even roadblocks into our lives based on the "frequency" at which we operate and think. If you are constantly surrounded by negative thoughts and people then, friend, it's time for you to "kick it up a notch" and selectively decide to operate at a higher frequency. Operating at a higher frequency will enable you to attract other people, thoughts, ideas and opportunities that are at a higher/better level than where you are now.

I've seen and experienced this in my own life. You must continually focus on operating at that frequency because it is a natural thing - at least at first - to get lazy and just drop down to the low frequency and back down into the negative atmosphere that you wish to remove from your life.

So, when you start taking action and those doors begin to open for you (all because of the higher frequency), TAKE ADVANTAGE of all that is coming your way and IGNORE those things that do not "open" themselves to you. Those doors that remain shut may be those that are at the "lower level" and are shut because you no longer "reside" there OR they may be in sight at a "higher level" and not available to you at this point. I hope that all makes sense.

Here's the thing: Don't get confused by all of this. Focus on the fact that TAKING ACTION is necessary if you wish for things to improve in and for you life. Then, keep your eyes, ears and heart open to what comes your way as a result.

Be sure to also watch the video and listen to the podcast on this topic. The links can be found below. I'd love to get some feedback from you about today's topic and I ask that you do so by stopping by my page on Facebook (link is also below).

Thanks for joining me today and, until next time, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Monday, January 27, 2020

Mike's Quotes #38: Easier Said Than Done

"ANY THING that requires ACTION and that involves CHANGE will ALWAYS be 'easier said than done'. But remember, change comes not by what has been SAID but by what has been DONE!"  Mike Spillman (11.10.14)

Losing weight. Quitting smoking. Better time management. Reading more. Setting and working on daily goals. ANY New Year's Resolution.

If we were playing the television game show, "The $10,000 Pyramid", this category could be labeled, "Things That Are Easier Said Than Done"

As my quote states, ANY thing that requires action and change will ALWAYS fit into that same category: Easier Said Than Done. This is why so many people fail at their "New Year's Resolution" attempts. It's EASY to talk about all of these things that one plans to change and accomplish. It's actually FUN to talk about those things and it makes you FEEL good! "I mean, c'mon...listen to what I'm saying I'm going to do! Look out world!"

However, the "more important" truth can be found in the last part of my quote: "...change comes not by what has been SAID but by what has been DONE!"

This is similar to one of my articles from last week where I discussed the fact that history books are not written about those who quit and gave up. The same is true in that history books are not written about all of the things that people SAID they were going to do. Instead, they are written about GREAT FEATS that are DONE by those who put their words and thoughts into ACTION

To get right to the point, "Talk is cheap!"

Here's the thing, friend. YOU are the only one that can do what needs to be done. Yes, I can (and will) continue to encourage and challenge you in this area but, again, YOU are still the one that has to take ACTION

As I've said before, you must decide the importance of your "WHY" as well as the "Power of Your PURPOSE".  WHY are you wanting to do whatever it is that you wish to accomplish? What is the PURPOSE of what you wish to accomplish? The strength of BOTH of these will determine your dedication to this activity as well as the needed discipline. 

Remember, results come by what has been DONE, not by what has been SAID.

As you absorb the challenge that will ALWAYS come when you make a decision to move forward in any area of your life, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Sunday, January 26, 2020

Cherish Your Relationships

Today, January 26, 2020, the world learned of the unexpected death of sports legend, Kobe Bryant and his young daughter, Gigi in a helicopter crash. Several others also lost their lives in the crash.

Due to his celebrity status the news of this tragic loss is being discussed by many on several different television outlets as well as radio and social media. This blog article is proof of that very point. I also plan to do a short podcast as well.

Here's my simple point that I'd like to make: ALL of our relationships are precious in their own ways and we should NEVER take them for granted. However, we do just that, don't we? We become used to those people always being there and we just don't even think about the possibility of talking to them one morning and then having them gone just a few hours later. Never to return.

I want to encourage you to do all that you can to get in the habit of appreciating the relationships that you have in your life and, at the same time, expressing that appreciation to those that make up the relationships in your life. Some are closer than others and they all have different "feelings" connected to them. 

Whether it is telling someone how much you value and appreciate their friendship or telling someone that you love them, get in the habit of doing just that.

Life is too short and the future is never promised. Take the time today to say what needs to be said. Take advantage as soon as you get the opportunity and, perhaps, MAKE the opportunity because friend, you just never know.

Thank you for being a part of my life -

Mike Spillman

Friday, January 24, 2020

How Can I Help You?

I'm 100% serious when I ask the question, "How can I help you?" Sometimes we are afraid to ask such a question because we may be afraid that someone will take us up on that offer. In connection with this, if you haven't read the last article by now, be sure to do so because it "ties in" to what we are discussing in today's article.

As I've stated before, I don't know what you do or don't believe, but I'm going to share a verse from the Bible with you and, honestly, this verse applies regardless of what you do or don't believe. Hebrews 10:24 reads, "And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works..."

Let's take a closer look at the wording in this verse and see how it applies to us today again, regardless of what you do or don't believe. "And let us consider one another..." Bottom line - GET YOUR FOCUS OFF OF YOURSELF AND CONSIDER OTHERS This, alone, would greatly improve every relationship that exists in our world today! But, there's more in that this verse gives a REASON to do so: " order to stir up love and good works..."

Usually when we hear the phrase "stir up" we may have a different thought than what is expressed here. I know for myself, when I think of someone "stirring things up" it is usually with a negative connotation. You know what I mean, right? There are some people that just like to "stir up" trouble. But this is different! In this verse, we are encouraged and challenged to think about others and how we might be able to "stir up love and good works". WOW!

Does our world not need to hear this message today?

In a marriage relationship, if BOTH were focused on trying to figure out ways to "stir up" love and good works, or good things for them, what would that relationship be like? What about the workplace?

I'm sure you have heard this quote from John F. Kennedy many times before. If not, take a moment and notice what he said: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

This is quite a different attitude than the one we see many people feel about our country today, is it not?

When we begin to ask (and mean it) the question, "How can I help you?" we will begin to see all of our relationships improve. Our marriages, our families, our work relationships, our communities, our nation and our world. 

Yes, it really IS that simple but, at the same time, it really IS that difficult. Why so difficult? We tend to be focused on ourselves and what WE want and what is good for ME!

Break the mold and step out considering others and see what begins to happen. 

And, again, I do mean it when I ask, "How can I help YOU?" Connect with me and let me know. And, as you do so, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Mike's Quotes #37: Why Are YOU Here?

 “We were put on this earth FOR each other, not to HIDE FROM each other.” (9.01.14)

It's easy to "tuck ourselves away" in this life. Leave everyone else alone and be left alone. I understand that, I really do. However, if you are one that is striving to improve your life then, friend, it is basically impossible to not have an impact on those around you.

As a matter of fact, whether you realize it or not, you already do have an impact on those around you even if you think you are just "leaving everyone else alone". 

Several articles back I mentioned my belief that all of us are here for a reason. I believe that God put you here for a reason, a purpose and that your purpose involves touching the lives of those around you. I believe this to be true of everyone even though there are some that absolutely refuse to see this or fulfill their purpose while here on this earth.

I have also pointed out the fact that YOU are the only YOU in existence! There has never been anyone like you, there is no one like you now nor will there EVER be anyone like you again. You are unique! And, friend, that being true (and it is!), you add a certain "spice" or "flavor" to life that needs to be enjoyed and experienced by those around you. 

That's right...we need each other, so make sure that you don't try to "hide away" from the world. BE your gift to the world and leave a positive path that others can - and desire to - follow.

As you do so, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Mike's Quotes #36: Do You STINK?

 "You can't keep hanging around stink and smell like roses!" - Mike Spillman (08.17.14)

It is amazing to me (not sure why it still is) that people think that they can continue to do the same things, hang around the same people and change absolutely NOTHING in their lives and expect things to change IN and FOR their lives. 

What's that definition of "insanity" that we've all heard before? "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." IT AIN'T GONNA' HAPPEN!

There was a time when people were allowed to smoke just about anywhere. That may seem very odd to some of you but I, like many others, lived in - and through - those times. During that time I remember working for one particular company that had a small break room and it was in that room that I would hang my jacket once I arrived at work.  This same break room was where people smoked while on their break - they didn't have to go outside to do so.

Although I didn't smoke, my jacket would smell HORRIBLE by the end of the day and I would have to put my windows down on the ride home to just keep from being overwhelmed by the smell. And, no, I actually did NOT eat my lunch in the break room...I sat out in my car because I could not stand the smell. Once I got home I had to hang my jacket outside to try to air it out and not bring that smell into the house with my wife and small children.

Even though I didn't actually smoke, my jacket WREAKED of cigarette smoke due to my jacket being where those that smoked congregated during their break. How silly would it have been if my wife asked me, after my first day on the job, "Why does your jacket smell so much like cigarette smoke? Have YOU been smoking?" and I replied, "No, I have not and I have NO IDEA why it smells that way!" REALLY?  "You can't keep hanging around stink and smell like roses!"

Years ago, when I was working in ministry, I would have people come to me and say that they wanted to change their lives and that they were not happy with how they were living nor the direction that their life seemed to be headed. One of the first things I would ask was, "WHAT do you plan to actually change in your life to make this happen?" I would also ask, "Do you plan to keep hanging around the same people and keep going to the same places that you do now?" And, again, it was amazing to me how many people did not plan to change ANYTHING in their life while, at the same time, stating that they wanted to change the direction of their lives. It just doesn't work that way!

Here are two main questions that you must ask yourself if you wish to rid your life of the "stink" that you say you want to get rid of in your life: WHAT do you allow into your life and WHO do you allow into your life?

WHAT do you allow into your life? What do you do with your "spare time"? Do you watch television? If so, WHAT do you watch and allow into your life and your mindset? What do you read? What do you listen to? What information are you soaking up on social media?

WHO do you allow into your life? Who do you spend your time with and what do you do while with them? What do they have to say? What kind of attitude do they have? What messages and influence are they continuously "pouring into" your life?

 Have you ever walked into someone's house and almost get "knocked over" by the smell of their pet(s)? I have and I thought, "How in the world do these people live with this smell?" Here's the answer - they have gotten used to the stink! Yes, people CAN get used to STINK no matter how strong that STINK is!

YOU may have gotten used to the STINK in your own life and don't even realize the influence that it has on your life and your mindset. Since that is true, you need to pay close attention to what those that actually care about you may have to say to you about your life and where it is headed. Remember, you can GET USED TO THE STINK and not even realize what you are allowing into your life while, at the same time, saying that you want to CHANGE the stink in your life!

Here's the good news - once you have removed yourself from the stink, you then become sensitive to even the slightest hint of that stink. That's right! The same "stink" that you were so used to being around that you didn't even notice it any longer can now become something that you notice IMMEDIATELY and even with just a "hint" THAT, my friend, should be your goal in this area. 

Develop your life in such a way that you literally become REPULSED at even getting a "whiff" of the stink that you allowed into your past life and be determined to rid your life of that stink forever!

Hey, be sure to also listen to the podcast and watch the video on this topic. All three of these were put together at different times so there will be additional thoughts and comments found in each one. The links for all of this can be found below. 

Thanks for joining me for today's topic and, if you find it beneficial, please be sure to share it with someone that you know could benefit as well. 

Until next time, friend, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Mike's Quotes #35: Whatever Happened To...

“History is not full of stories of those who quit and gave up.” - Mike Spillman (07.08.14)

I love inspirational stories of those who, even after suffering great setbacks, have persevered and succeeded in their quest. Stories of people like Abraham Lincoln, for example that experienced many failures along his way to success...becoming President of the United States. 

Recorded history is FULL of stories of those who never gave up. True, not all of them experienced the success which they sought but, they still never gave up!

However, do you know what you will NOT find? You WILL NOT find stories of those that decided to quit and give up. My guess is that there could not be enough books written to contain such stories of those who simply have given up over the course of history. 

Would YOU be in one of THOSE books? 

In my last blog article I shared a quote from a lady that had lost her job and was facing some struggles in her future. In relation to that scenario she said, "I hear a train coming and I'm either ON IT or IN FRONT OF IT." As I said in the last article, I'm not sure what she ended up doing but, based on our conversation, she didn't give up and found a way to "get on that train".

Again, you don't become a failure by "falling short" of your goals. You fail when you decide to quit and give up. You fail at that point because you have decided to give up on the path which you were on that could, eventually, have led you to success. But now? Now you have abandoned that journey and, likely, any other possible way to achieve what you seek. Quitting IS failure!

What will the legacy be that YOU leave behind?

I will do all that I can to encourage you along the way but, at the same time, you must APPLY the things that you learn here. You MUST involve yourself in a daily diet of positive information to help you because, friend, you WILL face obstacles and setbacks.

I wanted to leave you with a couple of graphics on the topic. One will hopefully inspire you while the other should put a smile on your face. Then, after the smile, you should decide that you do NOT want to be the winner of the "Who Can Quit First" game!

I'd love to hear from you and your thoughts on this article or any other article that you have read. The best way to do so is to stop by my Facebook page (see link below). Be sure to join me in the next article as I discuss the need to separate yourself from "the stink". 

Until then, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Mike's Quotes #34: FAILURE and SUCCESS

 “Without FAILURE one cannot know and experience SUCCESS!”
 - Mike Spillman (07.08.14)

The first definition for the word, "failure", that I came across when I searched was, "The condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends." That describes it pretty well, does it not - "...not achieving the desired end or ends". We must deal with failure when we do not achieve (fall short) our desired goal. 

But, the BIG question is this: What do YOU do when you fail or fall short? Some people are afraid to discuss failure because they feel it portrays them as being a loser. 

As we will discuss in this article, failure is a part of success. If you wish to be a success then, friend, you should be prepared to suffer failure.
You have likely heard MANY times the quote by Thomas Edison concerning his failed attempts at developing the electric light bulb, right? If not, here it is...

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Also notice this other quote by Thomas Edison concerning failure or "giving up"... "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

I have stated this before but, friend, the only way that you truly fail is to quit or to give up! The path to success is paved with failure along the way. (Notice the 1st graphic at the beginning of this article.)

I want to leave you with SEVERAL graphics that all deal with the idea of success and failure. Let them inspire you. Let them lift you up and let them spur you on down the road toward SUCCESS.  

A failure or a "falling short of your goal" is only a temporary set back unless, again, you decide to give up. DO NOT EVER give up! Instead, GET UP and GET GOING!

And, as you do so, always remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Mikes Quotes #33: Do I Hear a Train?

 "I hear a train coming, I’m either on it or in front of it." 
(Potential client after losing her job and talking to me about working from home. Feb. 2014)

I have to tell you that, the first thing I think about when I read the above quote is that Johnny Cash song where  he sings, "I hear that train a' comin', a' comin' 'round the bend..." Secondly I think of the image that I posted above. It's a scene from the movie, "Stand By Me", where "the boys" get caught crossing a long - and high - train bridge when, low and behold, a train begins to approach their group. 

In that situation, would it better for those boys to be ON that train or remain in front of the train? Obvious answer, right? 

Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation as the lady that I talked to back in 2014 when she said, "I hear a train coming, I'm either on it or in front of it!". Can you relate? She had lost her job and, as always happens, the bills kept coming and she was finding herself in a "quickly approaching" desperate situation. 

To be honest, I have no idea what she ever did about her situation. I do know that she did not "join up" with the work from home opportunity that she was discussing with me at the time. Regardless, she knew that she had to do something so that she was no longer IN FRONT OF that "train".

Hey, even if you're life is all good and there are no issues or problems for you right now, maybe you know someone else that could benefit from this message. Thing is, YOU may need it at some point in the future as well so be sure to subscribe to this blog so that you can benefit to the messages that I share here AND be sure and share it with others.

As I stated earlier, obviously it is better to be ON the train rather than IN FRONT OF the train but, friend, that decision is yours. It's obvious and even a bit silly to make such a statement BUT, at the same time, there are many that KNOW they need to get ON that train but they still are running around in front of that train. 

I can't give you the answers that you may need to make that decision but, hopefully, the things that I share with you through this blog as well as my podcasts and videos can help guide you to developing the needed mindset to make that decision to GET ON THAT TRAIN.

And, once you get on that train, be sure to help others get on that train along the way. Deal?

Be sure to join me for my next quote that I will be sharing and, until then, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Friday, January 17, 2020

DEBT: Do Something NOW!

When it comes to "The Consequences of DEBT", we must realize that the most important thing that we can do (besides avoiding it in the first place) is to MAKE A PLAN and GET OUT OF DEBT!

No matter how impossible the task may seem we MUST begin the process to eliminate this crushing problem. As the graphic below states, "It ain't going to take care of itself!"

And, yes, I hear those of you out there that might say, "Yeah, but..." There will ALWAYS be some "yeah-butters" in the crowd! For whatever reason, they are the ones that feel that THEIR particular situation is so unique that no one else in the world has faced their dilemma. 

"My spouse and I BOTH work (or I work 2 jobs) and we just don't have enough money to make it!"   O.k....but HOW MANY OF YOUR BILLS come from DEBT?  I'm NOT talking about “normal” bills such as electricity, television, phone etc. but from bills that you pay for STUFF that you BOUGHT that you DON'T NEED? And, while we are at it, let's get brutally honest here, how much of even THOSE "normal" bills could be "cut back" in order to help with the problem? 

We'll come back to that in a moment but, let me go ahead and mention a couple of "requirements" for the program that I have shared with you in each article this week. You know, the program that can help you get out of ALL debt in as little as 5 - 7 years. 

#1. You do have to have some income. Whether it's a job or some other way that money comes into your household on a regular basis, you MUST have income.
#2. You must bring in more than you spend. This is budgeting 101 and it IS a requirement for this program to be able to work for you. However, the good news is that, as long as you have even just $10 left over after your bills, we can work with that!

Pretty simple, right? But, again, I can hear the "Yeah, But" crowd speaking up once again. However, this time I will refer to them as the "What Iffers" as in, "What if I don't have any income coming in right now and, What If I don't even have $10 left over at the end of the month?" Throw in that bunch the "Hand Wringers" that might say, "It won't do any good, we have too much DEBT and too little money!"

To be honest, my mind begins to start feeling numb at this point! C'mon people, remember, YOU MUST DO SOMETHING about this problem because, again, IT AIN'T GONNA' TAKE CARE OF ITSELF! As we talked about in the last article, ignoring it will not make it go away. As a matter of fact, doing so will only bring about late charges and other fees that will actually increase the problem!

So you don't "qualify" for this program at this time. That still doesn't remove the problem, friend, You STILL must take some action and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to start chipping away at your debt! Get out there and take a job and don't be picky about it. "But I'm not going to flip burgers!" WHY NOT??? How is your current plan working out for you? You do what you gotta' do! Wash cars, rake leaves, mow grass, clean houses...whatever it takes to bring some extra cash into the household.

And that's only half of the equation. You must INCREASE the amount of INCOME for your household and, at the same time, you must DECREASE the amount of your DEBT!
I understand that this is not going to be easy. I also understand that you will have to also work on your mindset regarding this whole situation that you put you and your family into BUT you still must BEGIN TAKING ACTION now and work on the needed mindset along the way.

Simply put, you must take a look at all avenues of money that you have coming in for your family and you must also take a look at all avenues of money that is going out from your household. Again, you must find ways to INCREASE the income while finding ways to DECREASE the debt.

You may be able to bring in some extra money by selling things around the house that are not really needed. Do you rent a storage unit or have stuff up in the attic that hasn't been seen in years? GET RID OF IT if it's not some sort of family heirloom! If you're really ready to "get after it" you may even need to look about the possibility of selling a vehicle that has a high monthly payment and find something with NO payment on it or one that is considerably less. Too, you likely may save on insurance.

These things might be able to bring in a little extra cash but you must REALLY get serious at trimming down the debt and those things that you are paying for on a monthly basis. Do you REALLY need all of those premium channels and movie channels with your cable or satellite? How much do you REALLY understand about the seriousness of this debt problem for you and your family? Do you REALLY need the latest and greatest cell phone? Get serious and really get after "trimming the fat" wherever possible.

You might actually find this kinda' fun if you make a game out of seeing how much you can cut out of your monthly expenses! Sure, you may have to bargain with each other on a possible compromise in some areas (maybe cut the cost on a particular item by 30% instead of 70%) but when you put your family first in this area I believe that you will find that a lot of this "stuff" will begin to be seen for what it really is: STUFF.

Remember, "As long as there is breath, there is hope!" You MUST fix this and, friend, you CAN fix this! I'm here to help in any way that I can. If you find yourself in a position at a later point in time to where my program might work for you, just let me know. But, in the mean time it's time to GET LEAN AND MEAN with your budget!

Once again, you can go to and take a look at some videos that gives you information about this program. No need to fill out any information unless you want to download the "more detailed" e-book that is available there.  DO ME A FAVOR? If you stop by that page you will find my e-mail address at the top of the page. Would you drop me a line and let me know how you came across that information? Did you read about it in one of the blogs? Did you hear about it on one of my podcasts on on one of my videos? Thanks in advance for doing so.

Next week I will be "shifting gears" and getting back to my "normal" type of messages full of hope and positive information. Sure, I'm still going to challenge you with things, but we will look at ways to help improve the positive mindset that you will need in this process as well as going through every day of your life.

Until then, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Consequences of Debt: LIMITS

This week, as the content of this series on "The Consequences of Debt", we have looked at STRESS, DIVORCE and HOPELESSNESS. Today, we will look at the "LIMITS" that we have put on our own lives when we allow ourselves to be burdened by debt.

Sometimes, if we have been living under the burden of debt over the course of several years, we may not even realize how limited our life has become! It's really a sad commentary to realize that we have actually become "numb" to the negative limitations that debt has put on our lives.

Here is a short list that I put together the other day when preparing for this episode. I'm sure you can come up with more ways that people can be limited by debt and I've love to hear some of your ideas on my Facebook page (link below).
    1. Buying a house or a car
    2. Christmas/birthday gifts
    3. Celebration events (anniversary, etc.)
    4. Vacations
    5. School Programs for your kids
    6. Better Living Situation (even rent!)
    7. Donating to Good Causes (Your Church / Other organizations)
    8. Helping OTHERS in need

Going back to some things I've discussed in previous articles in this series, too often there are those that have come to accept debt as a way of something that cannot be prevented or resolved. HOW SAD!

Think about it - when we become so accustomed to the pain of being crushed under the burden of debt we go through life as if we are only "half alive". 

I've been in a situation before where we had to rely on other people to provide Christmas for our kids. I vowed at that time to NEVER allow that situation to ever be a part of my life again. It is painful to not be able to provide your kids Christmas gifts as well as birthday gifts or to not be able to allow them to participate in some programs at school because you don't have the money that is needed for the program. THAT HURTS! It's also very painful to not be able to do the same for your wife due to the same reason. Vacations become almost non-existent due to the lack of funds.

Maybe you have a heart to help others but you are LIMITED in what you are able to do because of the lack of funds. The lack of funds is often due to the money that is paid out monthly to pay your DEBT bills. 

Aren't you tired of living that way yet?

“Oh, I'm O.K...Yes, I have debt that I will be paying on for years into the future but, hey, I make enough $$ to cover the bills so, WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?"

Really? Are you a FORTUNE TELLER or a PSYCHIC? Do you KNOW what your future holds? Do you KNOW that your job will be in place for you over the next five, ten or twenty years, if not more? Do you KNOW that there will not be any sort of medical situation in you or your family's life that will bring about some large medical bills? 

WHY PAY MORE MONEY than necessary in interest and continued payments? WHY in the world would ANYONE want to spend money that they do not need to spend? Why spend money on interest that you don't have to pay? Why continue to pay monthly payments that you don't need to pay? Oh, I'm not saying that you shouldn't pay back the debt that you owe BUT, why make monthly payments longer than necessary?

Why not get your DEBT paid off as quickly as possible, save tons of money in interest and reduce the amount of time that you are making monthly payments? THEN, why not invest that same money into something that will EARN interest (instead of you PAYING interest) and begin to create wealth for you and your family?

Yes, this IS possible! You CAN begin to actually LIVE LIFE instead of living a LIMITED LIFE but it does take planning and it definitely takes ACTION.

We'll discuss that in the next article, the conclusion of this series, entitled, "GET OUT NOW! (Make a Plan - Get Out of Debt)". Be sure to check out the link below that is labeled, "Live Debt Free" for my suggested solution. In the next article we will discuss other ways that may help you begin this journey OUT OF DEBT

Be sure to join me then and, until next time, whatever you do, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Consequences of Debt: HOPELESSNESS

When you consider the lie that so many have chosen to believe as truth - "Debt is just a part of life. There's nothing you can do to prevent and there is nothing that you can do to resolve the problem." - then you can see how this can definitely lead to HOPELESSNESS

Debt IS a deep, dark hole that WILL suck you in AND suck the life right out of you! You MUST look at debt this way and understand this comparison to be accurate and TRUE! This is important because, until you DO understand how serious this problem really is, you will not do what you need to do to get OUT of this debt. 

Many people that deal with a debt problem don't want to admit there is a problem in the first place. "Hi, my name is _________ and I have debt!" Maybe that is what is needed! According to an article written by Bill Fay, many people go into DENIAL about their debt in the following ways: 
  • Underestimating how much you owe.
  • Not answering the phone when you suspect a collection agency is calling.
  • Leaving bills unopened or just stuffing them in a drawer.
  • Opening a new credit card when your old one is maxed out.
  • Telling yourself that everyone is in the same situation.
Mr Fay goes on to say, " Such behavior just leads to more debt as interest charges and late fees pile up. But ignoring reality is a handy defense mechanism for the brain. It’s a way to rationalize mistakes and protect your ego. The problem is reality always sets in." 

My experience has been that, a lot of people aren't just in denial, they don't WANT to know how bad their debt problem really is. It's the "Ignorance is Bliss" mentality. But, as Mr. Fay points out, REALITY ALWAYS SETS IN and, friend, this is where HOPELESSNESS also sets in. 

The GOOD news is that we CAN fix this! "As long as there is breath, there is hope!" is a phrase that I coined back in 2009 and it certainly applies here. As long as you are alive and breathing, there IS hope regardless of how impossible it may seem. You have opportunity TODAY and every day that you draw a breath to "turn things around" in your life and in every area of your life. 

WARNING: This will not be quick and easy! But, friend, do not miss the point that it CAN be done.

I do have a solution for you. I've mentioned it before but want to make sure that I share a way out for you in this area of debt. Go to and check out the information found there. You don't have to fill out any information unless you want to download the "more detailed" information found in the e-book. Watch the videos and the testimonials found there and then get in touch with me and let's see what may be possible for you.

In the next article, as we continue to discuss the consequences of debt, we will be talking about "LIMITS". Being in debt will definitely limit your life in many different areas.

Be sure to join me for that and, until then, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Consequences of Debt: DIVORCE

The Consequences of Debt: DIVORCE

The stress that comes with debt is far reaching and, likely, more than we would really care to even consider.  In the last article we discovered a list of several physical problems that have been known to occur due to stress.

Sure, there are many other causes of stress in our lives but, at the same time, the stress from debt fuels many of these other symptoms. 

For example, I took a look at two different articles about the top causes of divorce and, not surprisingly, money or financial issues were in the top 4 on both lists. It was number two on one list and number four on the other. 

Here is one list that comes from Shellie Warren at -
1. infidelity  2. money  3. lack of communication  4. weight gain  5. unrealistic expectations  6. lack of intimacy  7. lack of equality  8. no being prepared for marriage  9. abuse

When I look at that list, I can easily see how the stress that is related to money problems/debt would also have an influence on other things listed. For example, stress from debt could actually have a hand in someone being unfaithful in their marriage. No, I'm not saying it is an excuse for bad behavior but, if the stress is bad enough, a person may look for an avenue to just "get away" from their current situation. DEBT STRESS may also impact communication to the point where those in the relationship begin to NOT communicate at all. Weight gain? It's a known fact that when someone gets depressed and are under stress they tend to eat more and to eat more junk!

Do I need to continue down this list? Go through the rest of the list and see if you can connect "debt stress" to the rest of the items found there. I'm sure you can.  

I'm sure you can also do the same with the list that I found on - 1. infidelity  2. lack of communication  3. physical/emotional abuse  4. financial issues  5. sexual problems  6. boredom  7. religious/cultural differences  8. issues raising children  9. addiction  10. difference in expectations

Then, if there are kids in a marriage they, too, are impacted for the rest of their lives when a divorce takes place. Sure, some handle it better than others but, friend, let's not try to paint a "pretty picture" of the impact of divorce.

And, again, the thing about this stress from debt is, IT'S NOT NECESSARY!

“Debt is just a part of life and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it or to resolve the problem."  Sadly, too many people believe that quote as truth when it actually is a BIG LIE! Debt does NOT have to "just be a part of life" and, friend, there ARE things that you CAN do to prevent it and there definitely IS a resolution to the problem. 

Think of DEBT as a "dark hole" that is ready to suck in anything that comes anywhere near the "mouth" of this monster. And, by the way, DEBT IS A "DARK HOLE" and you need to begin to look at it in that way! Take another look at that quote in the previous paragraph and, if you believe that quote to be true - or ANY PART OF IT to be true - then apply it to the "dark hole" view. IF debt was just a part of life then, friend, what you are saying is that you or anyone else can do NOTHING to keep from getting sucked down that dark hole! You, and everyone else, is DOOMED to this fate! And, according to this quote, YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT and YOU CANNOT RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM! In other words, to put it bluntly, YOU'RE SCREWED!
I want you to know that, although I will be discussing some of the CONSEQUENCES OF DEBT in this series, I will also be sharing with you my suggested solution to the problem. Yes, I shared that suggested solution with you in Lesson 5 of the last series and I will mention it again with every article in this series. It won't be a sales pitch but I feel that it is important to share a SOLUTION and not just talk about the problem. Simply go to and take a look at the two videos and then look over the rest of the information. This is an INCREDIBLE program designed to get you out of debt - ALL DEBT - in a fraction of the time!

I'd love to get feedback from you on the series so far and anything else. I'd love to hear from you! In my next article I will be discussing another consequence of debt - HOPELESSNESS.

Until next time, friend, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"