Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dance in the End Zone!

The topic for this blog comes from my Wednesday podcast - and we call Wednesday, "WIDE OPEN Wednesday".

This phrase has a great connection to the topic for today as well. Here's the bottom line to be thinking about when you hear or read the phrase, "WIDE OPEN"...your day is WIDE OPEN before you and it's WIDE OPEN for you to do with it as you will!

It's true! Yes, I do know that there are many thngs that can happen during our day that are out of our control. But, again, we DO have control over how we react to those things and also the impact that it may have on our day, week and life. The day is, indeed, WIDE OPEN before you.

It's not always to remember that, is it? It's not always easy to act in a way that demonstrates belief in that principle. It does take effort!

When I was in High School playing basketball, I can remember many times in practice or even in a game how the coach would fuss at us if we didn't play very good defense. I especially remember how it applied to me when someone on the opposing team would drive down the lane for a lay up! Why? Because I played in the middle and, usually, was responsible for stopping them. When this would happen the coach would say something like, "My goodness guys! I could drive a Mac truck down that lane!"

Now obviously, he was exaggerating just a little, but he was pointing out that the lane was "WIDE OPEN" for the opposing team and it allowed them to have success.

As I watched Monday Night Football the other night I enjoyed seeing Felix Jones (yes, a former Arkansas Razorback! - Go Hogs!) have success running the ball. However, even though Felix is very talented and very fast, he couldn't have success without others BLOCKING for him, MOVING people for him and CREATING a WIDE OPEN lane or "hole" for him to run through.

We must do what is necessary to give us that "wide open" situation in our own lives. I believe that listening to positive podcasts (yes, like mine)and reading positive things like you are doing with this blog are the things that "BLOCK" for us and create the holes for us and present the principle of "WIDE OPEN" in our day.

Here's something else though. Sometimes an offensive line can open up a hole for a running back and the running back doesn't take advantage of it. Why? He doesn't "see" the hole! This is especially true of those times when the hole that is opened up is only there for a split second and not very big. You will hear commentators talk about a player that has the ability to "see the hole" and to "hit the hole". That's what they are talking about - those players that have the ability to SEE the OPPORTUNITY to make FORWARD PROGRESS due to that opening.


I appreciate my friend, Jim Ferguson (by the way, Happy Anniversary to Jim and his wife!) for sending this quote to me. It's powerful and it's true!

Yes, we need to appreciate what we have. Yes, we need to be thankful for our families, our homes, etc. Being happy and peaceful does not necessarily mean that we have to be content to the point that we cease to look for the "WIDE OPEN" opportunities in our lives!

We can again see this idea played out in the sporting world. Many times - and this is true in just about ANY sport - a team will have the lead as they near the end of the game and they will become very conservative in their approach to the game. They cease playing to win and begin to play to "not lose". And, many times, the very thing that they try to avoid (losing) is exactly what happens!

They became content with a lead instead of pushing forward for what was available to them. How sad that is to see for a true fan but it is even sadder to see that played out in life.

Successful running backs - for example - are those that are not content for a gain of five yards but work and struggle and fight for an additional two, three or more yards.

Now, in case you think I'm talking about living a life of "it's never enough" - that's not what I'm talking about. Let's make this real simple. Let's say you decide that you are content with what you have right now. That's great, right? Sure it is! However, the fact is that, for most people, in order to even maintain our present lifestyle we must STILL go back to work tomorrow and do our best. Why go back? Why try to do your best? Why try to gain a promotion?

You see, all of these things point to the fact that we must ALL continue to work toward this level of peace and joy in our lives.

This has really turned out to be a blog full of sports analogies - and yes, here comes another one!

I love games played on real grass! I love it when, due to rain or snow, the field gets messed up and muddy and the players uniforms actually LOOK like they are playing football! When this happens, due to the fact that most of the action takes place in the middle of the field (the "trenches") the field becomes a mess there! It becomes hard for the players to keep their footing which makes it especially hard for any running back that tries to run in that mess!

So, what does a smart coach do? He tries to organize plays that will get that running back to the outside - away from the muddy mess in the middle of the filed - where the footing is more solid and where he can get to the "WIDE OPEN" area of the field!

You will even see this played out when the filed is NOT a mess. Perhaps the play was designed for the running back to go right up the middle. You will see the talented running backs (the ones that "see the hole") many times hit the wall of players there, realize that the hole is not there and then "bounce out" away from that mass of players and then get to the "outside" to the "WIDE OPEN" part of the field and many times get a lot of yardage or even score a touchdown.

WE MUST DO THIS IN OUR OWN LIVES many times! Hey, listen friend - we need to open our eyes and realize that sometimes we have to get out of the rut and out of the "muddy mess" that we keep stomping around in and CHANGE DIRECTION! We need to open our eyes and see that, sometimes, we must do something different and try to get to that "WIDE OPEN" part in our lives.

Wanna' know a secret? It's there every single day! But, you have to see it. You have to want it. You have to seek it and you have to desire it!

Last night as I was listening to a CD I heard a guy say, "Champions play in the end zone."

I like that! The champions are the ones that have found a way to "see" and then "hit the hole" in order to get to the "WIDE OPEN" area of their lives!

And, my friend, that champion lies within YOU!

Oh, and when you get to that end zone? DANCE, my friend, DANCE!

What a celebration!

Remember - today is WIDE OPEN for you so, with that in mind...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Stay in Touch!

We live in a world of some AMAZING technology! I remember the days of reading the old "Dick Tracy" comic strips and seeing all of the cool gadgets that he had - in particular the "watch phone" that he wore! WOW!

We're pretty much there, aren't we?

Do a little test right now - yes, right now - look around you and just see how many people are either listenig to something on an mp3 player, talking on their cell phone, texting or doing something on their computer. My guess is that, when you combine all of those together, you are looking at around 95% or so.

Most of these things are wonderful additions to our lives! I mentioned on the podcast for Tuesday how I remember the first video camera that I used back in the mid-80's. It was HUGE! You had to place it on your shoulder just to be able to hold it up and then you literally had it plugged in to a VCR which was attached to a strap around your neck. So, here I was walking around with a VCR strapped to my side. Now, fast forward to today! The camcorder I have at home fits in my hand perfectly and most digital cameras have video capabilities.

What about your cell phone? Yes, my first cell phone was a "bag phone" which, though smaller than the VCR I used to lug around for my camcorder, was quite similiar! Fast forward once again and they are tiny in comparison yet are able to do so much more than before.

Listen, whoever it was that came up with a way to convince people it's easier and more fun to type on a tiny keyboard with your thumbs than it is to talk on your cellphone is a marketing genius!!! (Be sure to be watching for a new type of "carpal tunnel syndrom" that will be appearing in the very near future due to this practice).

I'm glad I can download mp3's off of the computer and listen to it anywhere I go. I'm glad my new camcorder is so small and easy to handle. I'm glad I no longer have to take film to be developed when I take pictures. I'm glad I can talk on a cell phone to anyone, anywhere and I don't pay crazy long distance charges. I'm glad my son can have a cell phone with him when he is on the road so that he can call if there is a problem.

But, I hate it when I see people get SO wrapped up with these things that they begin to lose contact with "real" people.

Here's another example: Social networks.

They are a WONDERFUL thing! I have been "reconnected" with friends from my past due to some of these sites and I love sharing parts of my life and being in contact with so many people in ways that weren't possible before.

However, I must be careful that I don't get SO wrapped up with the social networks that I almost become "anti-social" with my own family. See what I mean? It's so easy to spend HOURS in front of the computer updating this and that and checking on this person and that person, etc. that I rob my family (and rob myself) of precious time together.

I cringe when I see people standing with others who are attempting to have a conversation with them while they are busy texting on their cell phone. For one - that is just plain RUDE! Secondly, what does it say about you and your real interest in that person that is attempting to communicate with you. Yes, I mean the actual person standing in front of you!

Just like anything else that has great potential for good, we must learn to control these things in our life or they will control us. And, sad to say, I see these things controlling too many people's lives.

So, friend - be honest with yourself as you examine this trend in your own life.

The next time you begin to whine and complain about not getting promoted or getting a raise ask yourself this question: "How much time am I taking away from my work by talking on my cell phone, texting others or surfing the internet when I actually SHOULD BE working?" BE HONEST in your answers!

The very technology that is created to help us stay in touch with each other can sometimes do just the opposite - especially with those warm bodies that are actually around us.

So, do a critique of your own life. Be honest in your evaluation. DISCIPLINE YOURSELF in the changes that must be made (yes, you can be ADDICTED to these things!) and STAY IN TOUCH with those that matter most...the people around you.

By doing so, I firmly believe that you will be able to the following even better than ever before:

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Monday, September 28, 2009

Teachers, Churches, Organizations - RAISE MONEY FOR YOUR GROUP!

First of all, this is also available and potentially POWERFUL for individuals as well - all of this information applies to an individual just as it does think of the potential even for yourself.

But my focus on this note is for TEACHERS and the potential to raise money for their school or even just their classroom needs, for CHURCHES and the ability to raise money for their missions, youth group or ANY other such need and also for ANY ORGANIZATION (Lions, Kiwanis, etc.) to raise money for their causes.

This is something that you can do - AND IT'S ALL FREE! (Yup, that's right - free!)

I will attempt to tell you about this in my own words, but the best thing to do is to also take a look at my own BLASTOFF page and see for yourself what it is and how it looks, etc.

Here's the basic idea:
When the time comes (mid-October) you can get a FREE Blastoff page under me and customize it to suit you and your personality. If you notice on the "mall" section, there are numerous merchants available for your shopping pleasure and also indicators of the % of "cash back" that they will send you. So, each time you buy from these merchants you will receive cash back. Pretty cool, huh?

"But I don't do any shopping on-line!"

Not a problem! Other people do, don't they? So, even if you don't do any shopping on-line, you get others to get their page from YOUR page - that way they are connected to you. And, for each one of those people that do so you will receive a % of every dollar that is spent. Even "cooler", huh?

Here's the kicker - for each person that gets their page from you, you get $$ on that person plus the next 9 that come from them. In other words, you get paid on people "10 deep". WOW!

And, this is true for EACH person that gets a page from you! For each one, you get paid on people "10 deep". Are the wheels in your head starting to turn yet?

You can do this for ANY group or cause. Let everyone know what you are doing and send them to your page and ask them to get their own BLASTOFF page from you and watch what happens!

This is what is called "viral"!!!!

"Oh, but I'd rather spend my money locally." Think about this - when all of these people with you shop on-line and you (as well as they) either get paid for themselves OR use this as a way to raise $$ for their particular group - WHERE IS THIS MONEY GOING TO BE SPENT?

LOCALLY! This is a true example of the global market impacting your local market!

Now, let's do some numbers just to help you see how this spreads. If you were to have ONLY 3 people get a BLASTOFF page under you (from your page) and each one of those 3 people had ONLY 3 people get their BLASTOFF page under them and this "3 people" model is consistent all the way down through 10 degrees under you, take a look at the number of people you end up with ......59,049!!!!!

I have no way to know how much money would come from that and I wouldn't even dare to suggest such. But here's the thing - IT'S FREE TO YOU so wouldn't ANY money that comes from this to you or your group be a BIG PLUS?

This is NOT a "get rich quick" scheme. I wouldn't even suggest it's a "get rich" idea at all. But, couldn't we ALL use some extra money in our pockets? Couldn't every teacher use some extra $$ for their classroom? Couldn't every church use a little extra $$ for their missions or youth or any other group that they have? Couldn't every civic organization use another way to bring in funds for the things that they support?


So, here's what you need to do:
1. Take a look at my BLASTOFF page from the link above if you haven't done so already
2. Think about the possibility for you and/or some group that you would love to support
3. Send me a note and tell me that you want to do this when it "opens up" for you (mid-October)
4. Start thinking about who all YOU want to get "on board" with you to help in whatever way you want to do this.

Why the delay? Why can't you sign up until mid-October?

Because there is an exclusiveness to this right now and this is how I am already able to have my page up. Also, because I took advantage of this opportunity, my BLASTOFF group does not just go out 10 goes out to 20 degrees on each person. Yup, you read that right!
Now, this is NOT required for anyone to participate! Please make sure you understand that! This next part is not for everyone - but it MAY be something you want to look at. On my BLASTOFF page, notice the right side notation about saving $177.
Between NOW and Wednesday, Sept. 30th - THIS TIME FRAME IS ABOUT UP - those interested in this opportunity talked about on this "notation" I pointed out to you can take advantage of this savings, get their BLASTOFF page NOW as well as get their extra 10 degrees on each person.
After that date, the opportunity will still be available, and that person can still get their BLASTOFF page before mid-October AND still get their extra 10 degrees on each person --- but it will cost them a lot more to do so!

So, especially on that part - if it is something that interests you - GET IN TOUCH WITH ME IMMEDIATELY!

Then, those that have their exclusive BLASTOFF page will have until mid-October to tell as many people as possible about this and get people thinking about it. Once it's opened up in mid-October (12th) then there will be about a 2 week period where even YOU have a certain level of "exlusiveness" in getting people to get their page through you. How? At the end of October, BLASTOFF becomes available world-wide and many companies are lined up to use this explosive idea in their marketing plans. This means that ANYONE can get their own page by simply going on-line and signing up.


I know I covered a lot - PLEASE contact me with ANY question(s) that you may have!

My wish is that this will be something very positive for you, your family and/or your group or organization!

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


You Have to Keep on Living!

Hey, one thing is for sure - life isn't always fair!

But, even though that is true, there is one defining factor that each and every one of us can claim as our own "secret plan". Want to know what it is?

"As long as there is breath there is hope!"

Surprised? Disappointed that it isn't something more than that? Again, sometimes the profound can be FOUND in the simple!

Yes, life can definitely knock you to your knees - but, what then? Will you stay there? Will you give up? Will you surrender?

Or, will you heed the rallying cry, "NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN, NEVER SURRENDER!" and rise to your feet to fight?

It is important for all involved to remember to fight - TO KEEP ON LIVING!

All of us have likely suffered setbacks in our lives that could cause us to sit in the shadows and slip into a deep, dark depression. And, some of us have done just that in the past. I've shared how that happened to me several years ago and I can say this with certainty - THAT'S NO WAY TO 'LIVE'!

Today I want to encourage you to LIVE in spite of adversity! I want to encourage you to rise above the pain, disappointment and the fear - and LIVE!

On today's podcast I shared a couple of examples in my own life that brought this discussion to my mind in the first place and I'll share them with you here in the blog as well.

As you know, my wife had a heart attack a little over a month ago and almost died. We know for a fact that she "flat lined" at least once. I'll get to the impact of THAT scenario in a moment, but first I'd like to discuss a different area connected to this that could stop us in our tracks.


That's right - medical bills. And, man, have they come pouring in! I still haven't quite figured out how we're going to handle them all - but we WILL find a way and we WILL be alright through it all! However, if we were to allow it, this - in and of itself - could knock us to our knees and throw us into deep despair!

Yet, before the first bill even arrived I told my wife that we would not let the bills stop us from living and enjoying life! Oh yes, there will be some things we will have to change and cut back on but I will not give in to the tendency to do that to the point that one ceases to enjoy life!

For example, now would not be the time for me to decide to buy a new car! That, in my opinion, would be quite foolish at this point in time. However, my wife and I did just return from a multiple day motorcycle ride up to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the Bikes, Blues and BBQ Festival there - the 3rd largest motorcycle rally in the United States.

Did it cost money? I think you can figure that one out. And, yes, there was a part of me at times (before we ever left) that thought, "We don't need to spend the money on the hotel, meals and gas right now." But I didn't let that thought prevail and we went anyway - and I am so glad we did.

For one, we now have another wonderful and memorable trip to add to our bank of memories - and pictures to look at as well. It was so good to get out in nature (the weather was GORGEOUS) and enjoy the feel of the air on our faces! It was good to see a lot of our friends and ride with a large group on Friday. All of this was good, but it was also IMPORTANT!

It was IMPORTANT for us to make this trip for another reason. I just talked about how we could not allow the bills to keep us from living - that was part of it for sure. But on the other side, it was even more IMPORTANT for us to make this trip and "keep on living".

Here's what I mean. My wife has had several people ask her in the weeks since her heart attack, "Aren't you afraid it's going to happen again?" Her answer, "No." Now, that's the shortened version of her answer because she explains something that is very important for all of us to realize!

She goes on to explain that she cannot live her life in fear! Sure, it may happen again - but it also may not! She cannot live each day in fear and allow that fear to paralyze her from living life!

I love that answer, don't you?

So, this trip was IMPORTANT for us to show others - and ourselves - that we WILL rise above this event and we WILL conquer any fear that wants to take us down and we WILL continue to live!

I'm proud of my wife! I'm proud of the way that she has filled her positive bank and knows how to put it to use in her life. I'm proud of her attitude on all of this and her determination to live life to the full - regardless!

Now, friend, listen... I do understand that many of you have been through a lot worse. Believe me, when I was sitting in the emergency room while the doctors worked on my wife, the idea of not ever getting to talk to her again crossed my mind several times - and I didn't like that thought at all.

If I had lost her - I know the impact would have been devastating. But, I do hope that, through time and with the aid of my positive deposits in my "bank" along with the help of many good friends I, too, would have chosen to live.

Friend, if you are struggling in this area - don't give up, don't give in and don't surrender. You CAN live again! You MUST live again!

Please feel free to contact me at anytime with thoughts, questions and/or input on this or any other topic -

I'd love to hear from you and, as always...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WORK the Opportunity!

O.k.... recap -

We've talked about the fact that "Opportunity IS Knocking".
Then, we discussed the need to "SEE the Opportunity".
And, in our last podcast and blog we emphasized the need to "SEIZE the Opportunity".

Now, finally, we also want to discuss another step that is absolutely necessary in this process:

"WORK the Opportunity!"

Remember what Thomas Edison said about opportunity being overlooked because it comes dressed in overalls and appears as work?

We live in a society that seems to live by the idea of not having to do ANY work for ANY reason! This goes back to that idea I expressed in some of the past few blog entries about people waiting for opportunity to just climb up in their lap and drop all of the benefits of that opportunity right there in their lap!

It just doesn't happen that way! It WILL take work!

My goodness - just think about this -- even just getting up out of that easy chair to go answer the door when opportunity knocks! GET UP OUT OF THAT CHAIR!

People whine and complain about wanting jobs but then turn down jobs that come their way. Again, OPEN YOUR MIND and SEE the opportunity and then SEIZE that opportunity.

Once seized - WORK it and make it work for you!

We all must get past the "lottery mindset". You know what I mean, right? The idea that we can go in and lay down a few bucks, scratch off a few numbers and walk away rich. That rarely happens! And, again - that's just not reality!

This goes back to some of my earliest podcasts when I asked, "What Are YOUR Dreams Worth?" with the idea of putting effort into and behind our dreams and goals.

I remember when I was in college that our school's business team had a phrase that they would use - T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.L. - and it was pronounced something like, "tan staffel". What did this acrostic stand for? "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" - and that is true, is it not?

Only YOU can take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. No one else can do it for you. It's YOUR choice!

What will you do with it? Will you see it? Will you seize it? And once seized, will you work it?

The choice is yours.

And, as always...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"



The last few entries have all been about “opportunity” and we have specifically discussed the following:
1. Opportunity IS Knocking!
2. The importance of SEEING the Opportunity

And, now, today we will go one step further and talk about the necessity of “SEIZING the Opportunity”.

Yes, opportunity presents itself to us each and every second of each and every day. And, yes, we must open our mind before we can open up our eyes and ears to see and hear that opportunity. But, then what?

It’s one thing for us to “see” opportunity and say, “Well look! There is opportunity!” That’s great and it IS part of the process, but we MUST take it beyond the discovery of opportunity.

In the Bible, Jesus talks about a wise man and a foolish man. The wise man builds his house upon a rock (as opposed to the foolish man building his house on the sand) and it withstood the storm .You guess it, the foolish man’s house did not withstand the storm. Jesus then compares the wise man to someone that, not only HEARS what is said, but then ACTS upon what they have heard!

Hear and do! For our purposes today, we could say – SEE and SEIZE or SEE and ACT!

In one of the recent messages I used the phrase, “You wouldn’t know opportunity if it crawled up in your lap and called you ‘Daddy’!” As funny as that sounds there are many that are waiting for opportunity to do just that – crawl up in their lap and present itself!

I get very frustrated, for example, with people that moan and whine about needing a job. Perhaps they even pray, “Oh Lord! Help me! Help me find a job! I need a job!” But then, a job comes open and then they disqualify that job (OPPORTUNITY) for one reason or another.

Are you kidding me?

So what if it’s minimum wage? Sure, I understand that you cannot support your family very well or plan a future on minimum wage. But, PAY ATTENTION – you START OFF at minimum wage and then it is up to you as to what happens from there! Opportunity is being presented – what will YOU do with it?

Will you listen to the negative forces around you and pass it up? Or, will you SEE it and SEIZE it?

Obviously, it’s your choice – but choose wisely for that opportunity (whatever it may be) may not come knocking again.

Know that opportunity exists every day.
Open your mind which will allow you to open your ears and eyes to this opportunity.
SEE the opportunity.
SEIZE the opportunity.

Oh, and there’s one more thing necessary – WORK the opportunity. That’s our message in the next podcast and blog entry.

Think about it. Act upon it and, until next time…..

“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”



In my last podcast/blog I discussed the topic, “Opportunity IS Knocking!” and how important it is for us to realize that opportunity presents itself to us every second of every day. If you haven’t listened to the podcast or read the blog – you need to do that now before reading this one!

Yes, it is VERY important for us to understand that OPPORTUNITY is around us and that many times, it is “knocking” in order to get our attention – what will we do? What will YOU do?

Have you ever kicked yourself because of “missed” opportunities? My guess is that we all have! How do we prevent that from continually happening in our lives?

Here is a partial sharing of some quotes that I shared in this podcast (and, yes, I’m sure I’ve shared some of these before):
- Albert Einstein: “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”
- Helen Keller: “When one door of happiness closes, another one opens. But, often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”
- Thomas Edison: “Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
- Winston Churchill: “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, but the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Yes, even “opportunity” requires WORK! And “work”, for many people is a “four-letter word”! And, yes, EVEN IN DIFFICULTY – THERE IS OPPORTUNITY!

Here are some “steps” for us to use so that we may SEE the OPPORTUNITY:

1. OPEN YOUR MIND! In order for us to “see” and/or “hear” opportunity, we must first open our MINDS to the possibilities – a closed mind exists in darkness!

2. OPEN YOUR EYES! Only after opening your mind can you then open your eyes to SEE the opportunity that is around you each and every day!

3. OPEN YOUR EARS! Sometimes we can hear something before we see it – so it is with opportunity. But, once again, you cannot open your ears until you have first opened your mind!

Give all of this some thought as I continue to encourage you to be aware of the OPPORTUNITY that surrounds you every second of every day and, as always….

“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”

Opportunity IS Knocking!

(Again, I apologize for not getting these blog entries up earlier – it has bee a hectic week! Thank you for your patience!)

This blog was for Monday – and I call it, “Magical Monday” on the podcast. Why include that in this blog entry? Because each of the “names” that we give the days of the week on my podcasts (Magical Monday, Turn-Around Tuesday, Wide-Open Wednesday and Thankful Thursday) all point to OPPORTUNITY.

We ALL have the OPPORTUNITY to make the best of each and every day – yes, regardless of those situations that are out of our control. Opportunity in this way and so many others are around us each and every day!

Opportunity IS knocking – even in these “dismal” economic times. It is a fact (check it out for yourself) that, during our most stressful economic times in our nation, that the most opportunity is available – and it’s the time that more people become rich. Why? Because they took advantage of OPPORTUNITY while it was knocking!

Even for you and in your world – you have the OPPORTUNITY (choice) to either fill your mind with positive information (like this blog and podcast) OR you can fill your mind with the junk that you find on television and on many web sites that you can spend hours staring at!

You see, OPPORTUNITY comes to us every second of every minute of every day – can you hear it? It’s knocking!

I will be sharing with you “opportunities” that some of my listeners are involved in that may or may not be something you are interested in – but the opportunity will be there for you to check out for yourself.

On this podcast I share briefly one with you (I have another blog entry about this – the last entry before this one) that I have decided to involved myself in. And the great news is that there IS actually a part of it that ANYONE can get involved in without spending a dime!

You may not get rich with it – but, hey, isn’t any OPPORTUNITY that can bring you in extra money worth checking out? Yes, there is another part of the opportunity that is available for those searching for something more that DOES cost some money to get started – but again, there ARE opportunities out there. Do you hear it knocking?

I now now have my own BLASTOFF page up that you can look at, so check that one out at - Get back with me on any questions that you may have!

But again, when we talk about OPPORTUNITY, we don’t have to be talking about situations like this. As I said on the podcast, it is true for some people that, “you wouldn’t know opportunity if it crawled up in your lap and called you ‘Daddy’!”.

That’s a funny saying – but it’s true!

Sometimes OPPORTUNITY is not only knocking – it’s about to kick your door in – and, if we are not paying attention – we’ll even miss (or ignore) it even with that “noise” coming from it.

So, bottom line – here’s the question: Will you decide NOW – TODAY – to start opening your eyes and realize that opportunity in all forms is presenting itself to YOU each and every second of each and every day?

Wow – when we look at it like this, it SHOULD get our attention!

Opportunity IS knocking – what will YOUR answer be?

And, as always…

“Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)”


Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Let me just go into this briefly - be sure to go to the link to get some more basic information on this tremendous program coming VERY SOON!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Four Steps to Happiness

Yes, right off let me say this - these are not THE only steps to happiness. However, these ARE four steps that you can follow to happiness.

Too, just like anything else - you must APPLY them in your life in order for them to have any impact on your life and happiness.

We have been discussing the question, "Can I still be happy even if I'm not living the life that I had envisioned?"

I have stated that the answer to that is "YES!" and now, today, I want to give some practical ways to apply that truth to your life.

Again, please don't let the simplicity fool you. Sometimes the PROFOUND can be FOUND in the SIMPLE! So, it's up to you - but discard the tendency to look at this and blow them off because of how obvious they appear and/or how simple they appear.

Before we do that - try to come up with some sort of definition as to WHAT IS HAPPINESS? Can you come up with a definition? What would make you happy? What (if anything) are you waiting for or who (if anyone) are you waiting on in order for you to be happy?

Stop waiting and decide NOW - TODAY - to be happy! Yes, it IS possible!

So, here we go:

1. FIND HAPPINESS WHERE YOU ARE - It's not always on the "other side". Be happy where you are and with what you have. Yes, be thankful even if things aren't "perfect" right now. Don't miss today wishing for improvement!
2. IF YOU ARE NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO BE - WORK ON IMPROVING YOUR LIFE! You can do this and #1 at the same time! We CAN be working on improving our lives and STILL be happy today while we are doing so! But, are you willing to put in the extra effort necessary to start moving forward in this desire? Don't let your current situation make you miserable! Go back to #1 and realize that happiness is a CHOICE - even if our life is not all that we had envisioned.
3. SHARE YOUR HAPPINESS AND DREAMS - Do this with someone that you can trust, someone that will encourage you, lift you up but also someone that will talk straight to you when you need it. It is a wonderful thing to share your dreams with someone else, but be careful when selecting the person with whom you decide to share these things. As we all know, there are many out there (yes, even friends and family) that will "rain on our parade" if we let them know of our dreams and desires. So, choose wisely and also be sure to choose someone that will talk straight to you when you need it. Don't just choose a "cheerleader"!
4. TAKE CARE OF TODAY - Be happy with today. Be happy with what you have today. Do all that you can to improve what your dream is. Share it with someone that will lift you up and talk straight to you. But realize that you won't accomplish it all today - it takes time - but still be moving toward your dreams and desires. Don't worry away today! Don't become so frustrated that you fail to enjoy today - that you fail to be HAPPY today!
Again, don't let the simplicity of these steps fool you - they are harder than you may think!
Think about them...apply them and, as always...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can I Be Happy?

"Is it possible for me to be happy even if I'm not living the life I had envisioned?"
This is the question that we are addressing in today's podcast and in today's blog. We talked yesterday about the fact that life doesn't always bring us happy endings - regardless of how badly we wish it to be so!
We also have recently discussed the fact that there are many things that happen during our day (and our lives) that are out of our control and yet, at the same time, there are many things that we CAN control. The example I gave on the podcast was that of your boss coming to you and telling you that he/she wanted you to focus all of your attention on a project for the rest of the day and turn in a report by the afternoon.
Wait a minute! This is not what you had planned but...he/she is the boss and it is out of your control! HOWEVER, how you react to that IS within your control!
You can mope and pout and fuss and gripe and, likely, not put very much effort into the task that has interrupted your "planned day". What's that going to get you?
On the other hand, you can attack this new challenge in a positive way determined to do your best and to leave your "imprint" on a job well done!
Are you living the life that you had envisioned a few years ago?
Some of you are - God bless you! You are likely living a very fulfilling and happy life because you are living the life of your dreams!
There are also some of you living the life that you envisioned but you have found that it is not quite what you thought it would be. Is it still possible for you to be happy?
Then there are many more of you that are NOT living the life that you have envisioned - life has taken you on a completely different course. Is it still possible for you to be happy?
I don't know what the numbers are, but I came across some statistics a few years ago that showed that the majority of people were not using the degree earned through college. They were doing something else that had nothing to do with their planned path in life.
Perhaps that is you! Is it still possible for you to be happy?
There is a fine line that is walked by people like me that want to encourage and push you to be the best that you can be. If we're all not careful (and this includes you as you read and listen) we can create such a state of uneasiness and frustration in our lives (due to the fact that we are not living out our dreams) that we can become miserable and spend countless years in this state.
YES, you should always stretch and do the BEST that you can do and not be afraid to reach for your dreams! YES, you should do everything you can to not "settle for less" and "demand more" of yourself and your life. (This is so important because so many people have given up on their dreams and just settle for a life of mediocrity).
HOWEVER, we must do all that we can TODAY to make sure that we are not so focused on our future that we forget to LIVE TODAY TO THE FULL and to make the BEST out of what we have TODAY!
Do you see what I mean?
By the way - I mention this on the podcast and I want to do so here as well. THIS message (today's and possibly the last couple and for sure tomorrow's) is one that is badly needed by our teens! The idea of "I'm not doing it if I'm not having fun" is exciting to think and dream about - but for the majority - it's not their reality. What then?
For example, in any "work from home opportunity" that you may involve yourself in - it is important to notice that those people that are used in their advertisements that are doing so well are in the top 2 - 3% of those involved in that business. Is it still possible for you to achieve that level of success? YES! But is it likely? NO!
"But, Mike - that is negative thinking!" No, not really. Please pay close attention to the point that I am trying to make today.
In the example just used, is it still possible for you to be happy and successful even if you are not in that top 2-3%? I think it is!
HERE'S THE KEY - What are you doing TODAY?
Remember, although there are things out of our control - there are many things that ARE within our control.
In tomorrow's podcast and blog I will discuss this idea of HOW we can be happy and successful in our lives even if we are not living the life that we had envisioned.
Until then - make the most of your TODAY and, as always, remember...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where's My Happy Ending?

I like happy endings. Don't you?

That being said - I DON'T like movies with sad endings.

I hate them.

I mentioned in today's podcast a movie that I saw when I was in college. That just came to me as I was recording the podcast and now, I've been able to do a little more research and find out some of the missing details. The name of the movie was "The Champ" (I got that right!) and it came out in 1979 (I was right in the time frame too!). It starred Jon Voight, Faye Dunaway and Ricky Schroder (at a very young age). You can "google" the phrase, "movie The Champ" and you can even watch a clip that is almost 10 minutes long of this heart-wrenching scene in which the boxer (Voit) is knocked out in the ring and dies in the dressing room while his little boy (Schroder) screams at him to wake up. One of the saddest endings to a movie I've ever scene - and I hated it!

((Correction - I went back and watched this clip after typing this article, and the movie is even sadder than I remember. Here's the correction - the Champ did NOT get knocked out - he actually won the fight - HAPPY ENDING - and then dies in the dressing room with his little boy at his side as described above. This even emphasizes in a more powerful way my thoughts on the ups and downs we go through in our lives!))

I didn't mention this one, but I remember sobbing my eyes out when I was a kid at the end of the movie, "Old Yeller". Do you remember that one?

So, again, I HATE SAD ENDINGS to movies!

And yes, I watched another movie yesterday that had one of these sad endings - "Marley & Me". Have you seen it? If you haven't, then skip this blog because I am going to give away the ending.

The thing is - when I first saw this movie advertised before it's release in theaters, I already knew what the ending would be. I didn't know the HOW, but I knew what would happen. I just had a feeling about it.

And sure enough - I was right....the dog (Marley) dies. And, yes, I had tears streaming down my face. You see, I LOVE DOGS and I especially LOVE Labrador Retrievers. I've had several!

My first one was right after I got married in 1982 and his name was "Champ". He was the runt of the litter (just like Marley) and he was a wonderful dog. Our next one was "Sugar", a female who was also a wonderful dog and was so good with our kids, just as Champ was - that's just the way "Labs" are! When I recorded the podcast I left one of my Labs out - "Studley"! That's right, that is what his name was and he lived up to the name when he was a pup. He was tragically killed after we only had him for about a month - but he was a special dog. Then there was "Rocky" who was a MASSIVE dog when he was full grown and finally there was "Smokey".

You don't have to be a dog lover to enjoy that movie and to be moved to tears. If you love ANY animal, you will be touched by this story.

But, after watching the movie, I told my wife, "I would have much rather preferred for that movie to have a happy ending!"

Life is that way isn't it? Things don't go the way we had planned and we may scream at the top of our voice, "WHERE'S MY HAPPY ENDING?"

Perhaps it is a marriage that went bad.
Perhaps it is a job that was lost.
Perhaps it is the death of a loved one.
Perhaps it is your own failing health.

Whatever it may be - I do believe we can all relate to this idea.

If you had the ability, how would you script your life? How would you script the ending?

This is a fairly difficult topic to discuss because while there are many things in our life that we CANNOT control, there are also many things in our life that we CAN (and should) control!

One example I gave in the podcast was that of my wife's heart attack. I had no control over that happening - it was out of my control! However, it did turn out with a happy ending (thank you, Lord!) and she is still with me. Here's the thing - I DO have control over what I do with my time with her now. I've been given more time with her and now I am more committed than ever to take advantage of each and every day with her - THAT is within my control.

It is also within my control to allow that incident to impact my life in other ways and with other people.

Now, I'll be honest with you. If it had not turned out this way - if she had died - I do not know what I would have done. You see, I'll be the first one to acknowledge that it is easy for me to say these things - and yes, I believe them and attempt to live them every day - and I know it would be hard to keep my focus on them in such a difficult time.

But, I do know this - I have my "positive thoughts bank" continuously restocked and I believe that this would, indeed, come to play in such a tragic event.

There are things we CAN control and there are things we CANNOT control so here is the question for us to consider over the next few days:
- What will we/you do in response to the things that you cannot control?
- What will we/you do with those things that we can control?

Life doesn't always have happy endings as much as we wish otherwise. But we can still have some control as to the impact and our response.

Be thinking about that as we continue these thoughts in my next podcast and blog and...until then...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


It's NEVER Too Late!

I apologize for not getting this up yesterday- things are really busy and I just didn't get it done. Simple as that!

Do you ever have days like that? Sure you do! So again (I try to find points in just about everything I put on here so here is another one!), remember that, even though you may not get something done at exactly the right time - keep working and get it done! That doesn't make you a failure! (That being said, it doesn't work that way on the job, does it? If you have guidelines and deadlines - discipline yourself to get it done!).

Now, to the point of the message from Monday's podcast - "It's NEVER Too Late!".

Over the weekend I finally watched the movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - the movie that starred Brad Pitt as a man that was born old and, as the years went by, got younger. This is an interesting movie with a lot of good points in it and I would recommend it for your viewing pleasure.

I could probably spend a whole month talking about different things from the movie - but I won't! Instead I wanted to share one main thought that I came away with from this movie and it's a thought that was shared near the end. Here it is:

"It's never too late to start over and, actually, it's never too early."

Do you agree? Do you live your life in agreement with that statement? You see, it's one thing to SAY that we agree and then it's a different thing altogether as to whether or not we believe it to the point of LIVING our lives in accordance to that stated belief.

For many of us - we give up too soon. We tend to place great emphasis on the number that signifies our age. You may say, "Well, I'm 40 years old - it's too late for me to do __________ (fill in the blank)".

Really? Is it really too late?

"I've messed up and, at my age, I'll never be able to recover from that mistake."

Really? Do you really not have the ability to recover? Think about that.

Now, let me say this. Sure, I understand that, financially, someone could mess up and lose their life savings and, yes, not be able to recover what was saved over a lifetime. But even in a situation such as that - will you just give up and cease to live? NO!

Do you really know anyone that lives a life free of mistakes? I can answer that for you with certainty - NO, YOU DON'T!

So, the question is not, "IF" I will make a mistake - but "WHEN" and "WHAT".

"WHEN I make a mistake - even a big one - WHAT will I do about it?"

This is key to our living of life.

For those of us that are "older" (what does that mean anyway?) this is so important to grasp! IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!

For example, I'm 49 years old (will turn 50 on November 3) and I am working on taking my life in a whole new direction. Is it scary - YES! Do I have my doubts at time - YES! But is it too late for me to do so - NO!

Remember my phrase that I came up with months ago and that I use regularly - "As long as there is breath there is hope!"

This is true!

Do you need to go back to school and take some courses? IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!
Do you need to change your path on saving for your financial future? IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!
Do you need to change your attitude and mindset? IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!

Let's stop using this as an excuse and LIVE the day (TODAY) that we have been given!

And, on the other hand - IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY!

My goodness - if I had known then what I know now....

How many of us could say this? Probably all of us.

So, all I can do now is say this to those that are younger - NOW IS THE TIME TO LIVE AND TRY NEW THINGS! When you are younger - you have the ability and the opportunity to do so with much more time to "recover" or take a different approach. Don't be afraid to follow your passion and see where it takes you. If you mess up or discover that it is not the path you want to follow after all - IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY TO START OVER!

Now, on a somewhat different train of thought -- I am still amazed at how things work. I have shared with you how I am behind on my reading of SUCCESS magazine. And, yet, it seems that I am reading what I am supposed to be reading at this time. Do you know what I mean?

Interestingly, it also seems to be working that way with some of the movies that I have been watching lately. The one I mentioned in this article along with "Marley & Me" that I begin to discuss in my podcast for Tuesday and that I will center my next blog article around.

These things seem to be "intertwined" - and for a purpose!

Pay attention to the "little things" in your life and see if you don't find the same thing. I do believe that if you will open up your mind to these things that you, too, will see a "pattern" that works together for things that YOU NEED TO HEAR and/or SEE for you life right now!

Think about your eyes....see and learn.

Until next time, friends -

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get Into the Light

Yesterday, we discussed the times in our lives when we go through the "darkness" and even, at times, feel as if all hope has been lost.

WE ALL DO! Realize that and know that you are not alone.

The key thing to ask yourself is this: "What am I going to do about it?"

Just like a dark night, those dark times in our life can seem to be endless and very lonely. However, always remember that every night is followed by day!

The LIGHT is there and it IS coming! You MUST believe that even when you cannot see the light or even see any promise of the light.

Therein lies the hope. "As long as there is breath, there is hope!"

Hope that things will be better. Hope - based on knowledge - that things MUST get better! As long as you are alive and breathing - things CAN improve!

Let's also remember that, just as I pointed out in yesterday's message, life is like a roller coaster in that there are up AND down times all throughout our lives. Just because things improve doesn't mean that you will now be immune to any future struggles!

Just as every night is followed by day...every day is also followed by night.

So, you see, you MUST equip yourself and gain that deep-rooted belief (the subconscious) that WILL pull you through even the darkest times.

I encourage you to check out either Success Magazine or go to (click on "home" then "current issue" and you will see a list of the archived items on the left side and look for the August 2009 issue) and read the article about Michael J. Fox and the struggles that he has been through. He has allowed the struggles to take his life in a whole new direction which brings him much joy! Read it - you'll be glad you did!

Gloria Estefan, a well known musician (ever hear of her or the Miami Sound Machine? Sure you have!) was involved in an accident on her tour bus in March of 1990. Gloria suffered a broken vertebra in her back. In a four-hour operation several days later, surgeons realigned Estefan's spine and implanted steel rods to buttress the fracture. With a prognosis for complete recovery doubtful, Estefan retired to her home on Star Island, near Miami, to begin her long recovery. In March of 1991 she launched a year-long tour to tout her comeback album "Into the Light".

Friend, you and I are not any different than these people that I have used for an example today. Even in the times that we feel there is no recovery - WE CAN and WE MUST!

Know this - the light IS there! You have to KNOW that and you have to BELIEVE that and you must begin your journey (one day at at time) to get out of that darkness and back into the light!

I'd love to hear from you. Share your thoughts and feelings and questions with me if you'd like. Again, you can do that by sending an email to me at

You can do it - I know you can!

And, as always - "Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Share Your Opportunity!

Hey friends - I announced this idea on today's podcast and directed you to this blog for more information. However, obviously, if you are checking here first - well, here you are! (Sometimes I confuse even myself, so don't worry about it!)

Beginning the first part of October I plan to give someone the chance to share a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY with my listeners. There are many, many "work from home" opportunities out there and, yes, some are better than others and some are just out-right scams.

So, here are some simple guide-lines to help in this process (these guidelines will be followed - NO exceptions!):

1. I must receive a request from you a MINIMUM of 2 weeks before I would allow you the chance to share your opportunity. I will be asking you some basic questions about the opportunity (how long have you been involved, your results so far, etc.)

2. I DO NOT want to (and will not) feature someone in your "up line" to share this information. I want this to come from YOU - one of my listeners. Believe me, we could all get someone "higher up" that is having incredible success to make it all sound wonderful.

3. You will be given the opportunity to share YOUR contact information. Wow, how great is that? You can share a website and/or e-mail address. Whatever is needed for the listener to look at your opportunity as well as contact YOU for more information.

I see this simply as a way to provide valuable information to my listeners on the opportunities out there. You tell them simply what you know and what you have experienced. This won't be a bunch of hype, but just "one of us" sharing information and providing a way for anyone interested to find out more.

If you have ANY questions about this - be sure to shoot me an email at:

If things are not ready to go early in October, I'll wait. I want to do this the right way and with integrity.

And, as always -

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fight Through the Darkness

Let's take some time to "get real".

We ALL have problems and "bumps" along the way that can easily derail us if we allow them to do so, right? Sure we do!

However, sometimes we put others on a pedestal and assume that they have no problems or "bumps" in their lives - NOT TRUE! As a matter of fact, if you follow any great "leader" in any industry, you will find or hear discussed struggles that they have gone through and/or ARE going through.

"Google" any persons name that you want to look at that is "famous" and do some research and you will find this to be true. Donald Trump, for example. I remember a time when he hit rock bottom and was basically the laughing stock of late night television. He has rebounded, has he not? I used the example of Sam Walton, founder of the Wal-Mart stores, on today's podcast. Back in 1987 the stock market crashed in a big way. I'm not sure the exact number concerning the amount of money that Mr. Walton (among others) lost in that one day - BUT IT WAS HUGE! His response? "Those are just numbers on paper" - or something very similar to that.

So you see, even these "titans" in the business world have to deal with setbacks and struggles. Why should you or I be any different?

In today's podcast I go further into the story of how I went from $32,000 in one year to only $5,000/year in income the next. I can tell you that it was painful to relive this and share it with you. So, why do it?

1. I want you to know that I, too, have problems in my life. I am not immune.
2. I want you to know that the things I say are not just a bunch of "hype" or "rah-rah" as I call it.
3. I want you to know that when I say things like, "Where there is breath, there is hope!" - I mean it and I know what I'm saying on this to be TRUE!

In my darkest times it was truly hard to keep hope.

In 1991, after the birth of my youngest son I did finally land a new job in another state. This job allowed us to climb out of debt and get back on our feet. It wasn't easy and it took a lot of self-discipline on the part of my wife and I as well as a designed plan that we came up with to make this happen. We did so and then the bottom fell out again as I was fired from this job. I was hurt. I was bitter. I was angry.

Time gets away from me and I can't exactly tell you what year that was, but I was not at this job very long - not even a year - when this happened. The spiral of debt and my struggle with depression hit again. However, this time, as hard as it was, I seemed to be more determined not to allow the depression to gain hold of me (I'll talk more about this in tomorrow's podcast) but it still was very, very difficult.

It was during this time that I seemed to hit one of my lowest points. A time when, laying in bed with my wife with tears streaming down my face I said, "I've lost all hope." To which my wife replied with something along the lines of, "We can't lose hope! If we lose hope we don't have anything!" Powerful words!

Bottom line...we made it out of those times, landed another good job after a period of time and have left those times of desperation in the past. Yet, I felt that it was important to share them with you and to encourage YOU to "Fight Through the Darkness!".

And now? My life is still not immune to struggles. As you know, my wife almost died from a heart attack three weeks ago tomorrow. That hit hard! And now also comes the wading through the mountain of medical bills that have come as a result of that struggle.

Honestly, I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this - but I will! I WILL handle this and I WILL NOT allow this to pull me back down. NO WAY!

I REFUSE to give in to doubt and pity and negative thinking!

So, in all reality, you will be with me as I go down this road - and I have no idea where this road is headed. But, here's the key - I AM PREPARED FOR THE JOURNEY.

Have you adequately "packed your bags" for the journey? A journey that has many twists and surprises in store for you? Some good. Some bad. But all a part of life?

Are you prepared - HAVE you prepared yourself to - FIGHT THROUGH THE DARKNESS?

I'll be here. Let's help each other as we go through this journey together.

And, all along the way, be sure to remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Taking Responsibility

In today's podcast I share with you the things that a particular negative person I deal with at least once a week spurts out of his negative mouth! (Don't you just love people like this?)

Here's the thing - we all deal with people like this from time to time, right? What do YOU do about it? How do YOU handle it? (I'd love to hear from you on this - just shoot me an e-mail at )

On this particular Tuesday Mr. Negative (as I will refer to him from now on) was spouting about how the government is to blame for everything and "if" this and "if" that.... hmmmm, I'm thinking he hasn't read the chapter on "Old Man 'If'" in Napoleon Hill's book, huh? ;)

Among other things in his negative rant he made the comment about someone making $40, 000 being poor. Now, folks, let's get some perspective on this statement and look at some actual facts about this part of the world. This comment is being made about the same county as I live in the state of Arkansas. Official statistics show that the estimated median household income in 2007 in this county was $26,316 and overall, in the state of Arkansas in 2007 it was $38,134.

YOU do the math! It's pretty obvious that Mr. Negative has no idea what he is talking about! Does this surprise you? It shouldn't! Negative people love to spout off thoughts, ideas and even "statistics" that have no basis in fact at all. Don't be fooled by them or take what they say as something of any value whatsoever!

When you look at the facts, a person making $40,000 in this little county in Arkansas is WAY ahead of others in this county and even a little further ahead than most others in the state as a whole! But, for negative people, facts don't matter! All that matters is the EXCUSE!

And, this is what was happening with Mr. Negative - excuses! He was making excuses as to why he (I assume he was talking about himself) couldn't ever get ahead even thought the fact is that he is far better off than most around here.

I'll be sharing some more from Mr. Negative in the next few days, but for today, this is enough for me to make the point for today's podcast and blog. Again, STOP making excuses and START making your move!

All of us can point to difficult times in our lives, right? All of us can find situations that DO make things tough in our lives - but what then? What do you do? What do I do?

Give in? Give up?

Yes, sometimes, things are out of our control but there are also many things that we have caused to happen in our own lives and we must suffer through the results.


Isn't it time we took responsibility for our own lives, for our own mistakes and yes, even for those circumstances beyond our control - isn't it time we took the responsibility to "fix" it?

Right at the end of today's podcast I shared with the listeners some really unbelievable financial figures that I and my family went through during a very tough time in our lives. Take a listen to it. I will be going over that in more detail for tomorrow's podcast just simply to help you know that, yes, I, too, have been through it.

Today is YOUR day! Take responsibility for it and refuse to hand that responsibility over to any one else!

You can do it! You MUST do it!

So yes...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Monday, September 7, 2009

Final Thoughts on "Think & Grow Rich"

I've come to the end of my discussions based on the Napoleon Hill classic, "Think & Grow Rich". It has been an OUTSTANDING time of study and discussion (at least for me!) and I want to encourage you to now go back and read this book again. If you didn't do so - take the time to do all of the assignments and take the time to fill out the lists --- PUT INTO PRACTICE what is asked of you in this book and then see what happens!

So - I like to sum things up short and to the point. Here it is:


Bottom line - that's it!

Start with your DESIRE (chapter 1) - is it strong enough to move you to action? Really strong enough? If it is, are you being ACTIVE in the progress of this desire?

If not - why not?

A couple of things are true if you are not active in the pursuit of this desire:
1. Either the desire is not strong enough or it's the wrong desire
2. You are living a life full of excuses OR you're just lazy

I told you I get to the point!

To make progress we must be HONEST with ourselves - however painful that may be and get rid of the excuses so that we CAN get past ourselves and move on to the future - TODAY!

Thank you for joining me on this journey - I still value and welcome any and all feedback on this discussion. Just send an email to me at:

We'll begin a new discussion on our next podcast but, until then...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thanks For YOUR Help With "Make-a-Wish"

Hey friends...I thoght I'd put up a final note about our recent fund drive with the "Make-a-Wish Foundation" that ended on August 31st.

Although our goal was to raise $5300 to provide the wish for one child, we were unable to meet that goal at this time. Disappointed? Sure. Defeated? NO WAY!

Here's what we DID accomplish... $2044 !!!!


Carissa, fromt the "Make-a-Wish Foundation" told me that this figure was enough to provide plane tickets for 5 young people to go to Disney World --- SO WE DID GOOD!

Thank you to ANYONE and EVERYONE that donated to this very worthy cause! Thank you for caring enough to make the sacrifice to help.

I have to mention donations on "both ends of the spectrum" :
1. A young couple donated $1,000 toward this effort all on their own! Why? Because they have healthy children and wanted to be a part of helping out families that were going through the struggles with their ill children! THANK YOU for this powerful show of love and commitment!
2. An unemployed friend of mine out in California donated a total of $60 during the two month effort. He didn't have the money but FOUND a way to make donations! THANK you for your powerful show of love and commitment as well!

Whoever you are - whatever amount you donated - THANK YOU!Lives have been touched and changed and I hope yours has been as well in the process.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Control and CONQUER the Fear!

Sorry folks, I got sidetracked with a lot of stuff today and didn't have the chance to update my blog on today's podcast - so PLEASE be sure to take a listen to it as I finished my discussion on chapter 15 of Napoleon Hill's classic, "Think & Grow Rich".

The title of this chapter, "How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear" left us with the task of discovering HOW to do just that! I would suggest you re-read the chapter again and again until you catch on to what Mr. Hill suggests in this area.

Here's my bottom line - along with the idea of CONTROLLING your thoughts is the thought that when you do that, not only do you CONTROL your thoughts but you also CONTROL your fears! When you CONTROL your fears - you CONQUER those fears!

Yes, YOU have the ABILITY to do just that!

And you can do it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We've talked about the fact that YOU have the ability to control your thoughts! That being so, if you can control your thoughts you can control your morning....your afternoon...your day...your week - YOUR LIFE!

Do you feel as if things have spun out of control? Why? What has caused that?

Listen, I understand that there are things that happen beyond our control. For example, parents may have a teen child involved in a terrible automobile accident which claims their life. Wow - I can't even imagine that! But it happens and it may have even happened to someone reading this blog. Perhaps it has been something else for you.

Can you STILL have control after such a devastating event?


Please believe me when I say that I am not "down-playing" that tragic event in any way whatsoever. But, the bottom line is this - you STILL have a choice on how you handle that tragedy!

I know I would be devastated, stunned, shocked and numb. However, somewhere along the way you have to make a decision to go on living, as hard as that may seem. Again, it's a choice that YOU make - not anyone else.

Without going further into that scenario here's something I want all of us to consider - REGARDLESS of the circumstance (death, job loss, financial struggles, relationships, etc.) you DO have a choice!

If your world is out of control consider the thought that YOU have TURNED CONTROL over to someone or something along the way. Hard to swallow, I know - but I believe it to be true.

Go back to the blog and podcast on the word, "IF" -- how many of those still creep their way into your life and your "reasons" (excuses)?

You see, if you plan to overcome these six ghosts of fear that Napoleon Hill talked about in chapter 15 of his classic, "Think & Grow Rich", then you MUST reclaim control!

You will never - you can never - move forward in any area of your life without control!

Wow, think about that statement and consider how true it really is.

So, it's YOUR day...YOUR chance....YOUR choice -- RECLAIM CONTROL. The sooner the better!

By the way, please feel free to contact me at any time with comments, suggestions, etc. at

I'd love to hear from you.

Until then....always remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Putting SKIN on Theory!

So, we've studied the book, "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

We've looked at and shared some POWERFUL thoughts and ideas on how to improve our lives and move on toward our goals and riches (again, whatever that may be for YOUR life).

Now what?

In Tuesday's podcast I began to "put the skin on theory" or, in other words, to make "practical application" of the things we have studied over the past several months.

But, here's the kicker - it's still up to YOU!

There is no way around that fact and that is what you will hear me say today. So, if you don't want to hear that truth - don't listen to the podcast and don't read another word of this blog.

Too many people still want to rely on "old man IF" that we talked about very recently. They like to think that it is out of their control and that there are "reasons (actually "excuses") as to why they have not been able to make positive progress in their lives when - in all actuality - it all comes back to THEM and THEIR DECISIONS (or LACK of decision). And, yes, failure to make a decision is a decision within itself!

So are you ready to look in the mirror and take a long, hard look at yourself? If not - again, there is no need to proceed. However, if you are serious about this positive progression, you may not LIKE the idea of taking a long, hard look at yourself but you will do it ANYWAY - because you must!

Once again, don't let the simplicity turn you away. Many times the profound can be discovered in the simple.

Go back and watch the video of my moustache (yeah, you read that right! *LOL*) -- what are YOU willing to sacrifice for your success?

Or, to put it another way (this is the title of my 3rd podcast that I did back in the early part of March) - "What Are YOUR Dreams Worth?"

Think about it.

And, while you do -

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"