Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Important Instructions on the DONATE Page for "Make-A-Wish"

Hey friend - just a quick note to help clear up any confusion that you may have when you go to the donation page for this special "Make-A-Wish Foundation" fundraiser that I am putting together.

Go to my home page - www.FutureYouUniversity.com
- click on the special banner at the top of my page for this effort
- once there you can read a personal message from me...when you are ready, click on the blue "donate" button

Once at the donation page, please PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING!!
- you can use one of the amounts already designated OR put in ANY amount that you'd like to donate (please consider a MINIMUM of $10 and do more if you are able)
- THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! ---- Do NOT change ANY of the information concerning the local chapter - do NOT fill in your zip code....just leave this section alone and leave it as it is (the TN - Mid-South Chapter should already be listed - that's what we want)........so, skip all of this and go on down to your own personal information.

Fill in your information along with your credit card info. and then, when done, click "submit" and you will be taken to a printable receipt. You will also receive this receipt in your email.

IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE donating on-line, please look at the article below this one and read how you can do it through the mail OR over the phone. Either way, just please make sure that you "earmark" Future You University so that they will be sure to add your donation to our total.

Again, THANKS IN ADVANCE for your help in this important effort - - - it's all about the POWER of LOVE!


Make-a-Wish Begins TOMORROW! (Wednesday)

The "official" launch date is TOMORROW - Wednesday, July 1st BUT you can begin even now if you'd like!

Go to the website http://www.futureyouuniversity.com/ and click on the banner on the top of the home page that talks about this special effort with the "Make-a-Wish Foundation". It will take you to an information/donation page.

HOWEVER, going to this page does not commit you to anything! So, please, feel free to go there and read the personal message from me as well as have the ability to check out a lot of other information about this organization as well.

YOU CAN ALSO DONATE AT THIS PAGE AT ANYTIME! Think about this... 500 people donating only $10.60 will get this done! Or, let's make it even a little easier to understand....530 people donating on $10 will get this done! How quickly do YOU go through $10 during the week - or more likely during a day?

PLEASE NOTICE: When you go to donate on this page, please do not change the "location" of the Make-a-Wish chapter. The Mid-South chapter out of TN. is the one that we are using. That way, ALL of these funds can be focused toward one child. (If you have ANY questions, shoot me an e-mail at mike@futureyouuniversity.com)

If you would rather not donate on-line you can still participate one of the following ways:
1. You can make a check out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and send it to 320 Executive Court, Ste. 101, Little Rock, AR 72205 - BE SURE TO PUT Future You University in the memo line so that they can add this to our total!
2. You can call Carissa Godwin at 501-376-9474 and handle this over the phone. Once again tell her (or anyone else if she is not available) that you are doing this with Future You University.

In advance - THANK YOU so much for your participation in making this possible!


You Have A Brain...Use It! ;)

The brain.

Even now we know very little about how it works and how powerful it truly is. Oh, I know that we have learned a LOT over the years since the book, "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill was written, but we still know very little about it and the power held within.

This we do know. The majority of us does not take advantage of this powerhouse that we all have. And, yes, I do know that some are unable to use it to it's fullness due to some injury or disease - but let's talk about me and you, shall we?

What are you (we) doing to continue to learn, grow and expand our knowledge that is housed in our brain? For most of us the answer would be - "very little". I believe I've either heard or read somewhere that the majority of us rarely use even 10% of our brain's capabilities. Doesn't that make you wonder what we'd be capable of if we increased that to only 20%?

So, as we read this chapter on the brain and the next chapter on "The Sixth Sense" we may be tempted to disregard the information that Mr. Hill shares in these chapters. I admit, they are a little difficult to read and understand and, yes - believe! But, perhaps we should, instead, attempt to follow the guidelines and suggestions in this book and explore the possibilities!

It always amazes me how many "experts" there are in our world. Actually, to be more specific, it always amazes me how many people are "experts" at anything and everything! You likely know someone like that, don't you? It doesn't matter what it is that you or someone else may be talking about, THEY have all the answers and, usually, all the reasons why it can't be true or why it won't work.

And, yet, when you check their "credentials" or their experience with such things, they have none. Zero. Not one bit. Yet, they "know" all about it! Amazing, isn't it?

So, you see, WE can be the same way (now that's a scary thought, isn't it?) when we read things found in some of these chapters in this book. It doesn't make sense to us. It doesn't sound possible. We've not experienced it ourselves. So, all of that put together must mean that it can't be true! Come on, admit it. You've had those thoughts on some of this, haven't you? To be honest, I have! And then I have to think, "Really, Mike...what do you know about it?"

We must remember how much time Napoleon Hill put into this book. It was not a quick, "write-it-in-a-weekend" endeavor. It took years - over 20 years - to put these thoughts together and - let's not forget this important fact - he tested these principles along the way.

So, as the title says, "You have a brain...use it!" But the main point is this - let's learn to use it more than we are now in order to improve our lives as well as the lives of others.

Here's to that continued process and journey and, as always...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Monday, June 29, 2009

My "WHY" in Choosing the "Make-A-Wish Foundation"

I encourage you to listen to my podcast for today as I discuss why I chose the "Make-a-Wish Foundation" as my focus for this current fundraiser.

However, I'll still share it with you here in hopes that it will spur you on in a decision to donate and be a part of this great opportunity to help make a wish come true in the life of a deserving child.

You know, the recent deaths of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Billy Mays have really brought into focus the brevity of life. The fact that these people were "famous" brought their deaths to the forefront.

However, people die every single day without notice outside of a few friends and their family. To me, even more heart breaking is the fact that children die every single day leaving a gaping hole in the core of that family. Some of these children die of incurable diseases and their families struggle with them through the course of this illness reaching out for anything good that they can bring to their child during those difficult days.

In 1998 I was a youth minister in Mountain Home, Arkansas and had been so for about four years. I have always enjoyed working with and being around young people! Their energy and enthusiasm about so many things and their eagerness to share their joy simply made it a joy for me for many years.
(Again, as I mention on the podcast, I may not have all of the facts completely right, but they are close enough to make the point.)

There was one young man by the name of Russell Woods that made a profound impact on my life during this time. He was 13 years old and full of life! You could look into his eyes and see a spark of mischievousness that brought a smile to your face just wondering what he was up to. During this time Russell began to experience headaches and would often get up in the middle of the night to throw up. He knew something wasn't right as did his parents. In the summer of 1998 it was discovered that Russell had a tumor on his brain stem and, at first, was told that it was a slow growing tumor and that with medication and possible surgery, it should be able to be handled.

That was the news as I sat with the family on that particular morning. What joy! How happy everyone was! Tears of joy filled the room as we all hugged each other. However, after I made the four hour drive back home I received a phone call that told me that just the opposite was true... it was actually a fast growing tumor and there was nothing that could be done.

Devastation. Even to this day when I type that I get an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Over the next year and a few months I spent quite a bit of time with Russell - he had such a wonderful sense of humor all through his illness and was such a joy to be around. I still have a picture of him in my office with a package of juice-filled wax bottles that he gave me because he heard me talk about something like that I enjoyed when I was a kid. That was Russell.

During the course of his illness the Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfilled a wish for Russell. To be honest with you, I don't remember what it was, but my wife thinks it was a trip to Disney World. Regardless of what it was, this organization was able to provide a special memory for Russell and his family.

Sadly, one day in October 1999, Russell passed away. To this day I get emotional every time I think of this special young man.

You likely have similar stories to share of some special young person that struggled like Russell. My desire is to provide enough money to help make a wish come true for one of these special young people.

Will you help?

I know times are tough. I know money is tight. But, at the same time, I want you to consider how quickly and easily you go through $10 during the course of a week.

Can you commit yourself to a minimum of $10 to help make this happen? I know some can't, but I know most can!

Hey, wouldn't it be great if we end up raising enough to provide TWO wishes?

Regardless, your help is needed! The "official" kick-off date for this special drive begins on Wednesday, July 1st. But you can begin now if you'd like.

This is a two-month drive and is scheduled to end on August 31st.

Please go to my website: http://www.FutureYouUniversity.com and click on the banner at the top of my page to read more and donate.

Reach out, in love, and touch the life of a special young person.

That's the POWER of LOVE!


Friday, June 26, 2009

YOU Also Control Your Subconcious Mind!

Are we getting the point yet?

We - you and I - have the ability to control so much more than we realize sometimes - yes, even what we allow into our subconscious mind! Now, Napoleon Hill points out in chapter 12 of his classic, "Think & Grow Rich" that we may not be able to COMPLETELY control EVERYTHING that enters our subconscious, BUT (and this is a big one) we can GREATLY control what we allow in.

And, remember this - the subconscious mind will either propel us forward toward our dreams and our goals OR it will aid in bogging us down in the same old stagnant lifestyle.

Why? Because we ACT upon what our subconscious mind tells us to act upon. The drive from our subconscious mind will come for whatever thoughts are DOMINANT there.

So, you see, you can either concentrate on putting the POSITIVE in there as much as possible OR you can allow the negative to sink in - it's up to you! And, doing NOTHING will bring negative results!

Want an example? Plant a garden of any kind - flowers, vegetables, etc. and then do nothing and see what happens. Well, go ahead and water it if you'd like, but do NOTHING to "control" what grows there. You already know what will happen, don't you? Sure, what you planted may begin to grow, but, if you don't "weed" that garden then the weeds will take over and "choke out" what it was that you WANTED to grow there by your planting.

Friend, this path is NOT the path of least resistance! It takes EFFORT on our part!

Here's the question - is it worth it to you?

If not, why not?

If so, then WORK at filling your mind (cultivating it) with the POSITIVE and "weed out" the negative as much as possible and allow your subconscious mind to THRIVE on the dominant, positive thoughts!


And, as always....

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The "Make-A-Wish" Challenge is Set!

That's right - everything is all set up and ready to go! The "official" launch date is Wednesday, July 1st BUT you can begin even now if you'd like!

Go to the website http://www.futureyouuniversity.com/ and click on the banner on the top of the home page that talks about this special effort with the "Make-a-Wish Foundation". It will take you to an information/donation page.

HOWEVER, going to this page does not commit you to anything! So, please, feel free to go there and read the personal message from me as well as have the ability to check out a lot of other information about this organization as well.


Think about this... 500 people donating only $10.60 will get this done! Or, let's make it even a little easier to understand....530 people donating on $10 will get this done!

How quickly do YOU go through $10 during the week - or more likely during a day?

If you would rather not donate on-line you can still participate one of the following ways:
1. You can make a check out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and send it to 320 Executive Court, Ste. 101, Little Rock, AR 72205 - BE SURE TO PUT Future You University in the memo line so that they can add this to our total!
2. You can call Carissa Godwin at 501-376-9474 and handle this over the phone. Once again tell her (or anyone else if she is not available) that you are doing this with Future You University.

In advance - THANK YOU so much for your participation in making this possible!

SPECIAL NOTE: On Wednesday, July 1st, I will have a special podcast - very personal - sharing with you why I have chosen this organization for this special drive.

YOU Hold the POWER of LOVE

Hey friends...in today's podcast I do a "part 2" on the discussion of Chapter 11 in Napoleon Hill's classic book, "Think & Grow Rich". The chapter title? "The Mystery of Sex Transmutation" --- odd name, huh?

I really don't go with the book at all in today's discussion - but I feed off of what we have discussed about "the POWER of LOVE" in part 1 of this chapter's discussion. To be honest, this chapter is a bit hard to "explain" and I encourage you to dig into it and get out of it what you can. I suppose that, for the most part, I feel that I hit the main focus of it in the first discussion and wanted to go off on a little different direction with this part.

Simply put - as the title says - YOU hold the POWER of LOVE...what will you do with it?

A couple of things:
1. You hold the power of love when considering whether to participate or not in the "Make-A-Wish" special challenge that I am putting up for all of you. There are all kinds of reasons that we can all come up with as to why we "can't"....but there is one HUGE reason as to why we all CAN.....and it's simply this - the POWER of LOVE!
2. You hold the power of love each and everyday and have the choice to either encourage and build up or discourage and tear down. It's your choice - what will you do?

I don't know that those that would fit this category would be listening to my podcast or be reading this blog - unless it would be to mock you for doing so - BUT I want to speak to those discouragers out there.


Isn't it amazing how people can claim to love someone and yet continually try to tear them down and discourage them from making any powerful progress in their lives? We might - MIGHT - can understand that from strangers - but our own family and/or friends? If you are one that is participating in this negative activity, let me ask you a question - WHY?

WHY would you try to defeat one that you love?
WHY would you try to crush one that you love?
WHY would you try to extinguish the dream of one that you love?
WHY would you try to destroy the future of one that you love?

Notice that in each of these I have used the word, "try" - because that is all that you can do. You see, YOU cannot make these things happen. Oh, you can certainly be a contribution force - but if that one you love (whether it be a spouse or some other family member or even a friend) is determined to succeed, even YOU cannot stop them!

WHY NOT, instead, support and encourage them and then also look at yourself and try to figure out why YOU'RE not moving forward with YOUR life?

Now, for the rest of us. If you understand how harmful that this negative talk can be in your own life - then do ALL that you can to uplift and encourage anyone and everyone around you each and every day!

You - YES, YOU - hold the POWER of LOVE in your hands and, the cool thing is this - you don't run out! You can give and give and encourage all day long today and, guess what? You can do it all over again tomorrow and the day after that and so on and so on.

AWESOME, isn't it?

When one realizes that they hold POWER...they can do one of two things:
1. Use that power in a negative way to crush and control OR
2. Use that power in a POSITIVE way to empower and encourage

I choose to empower and encourage - what about you?

Remember...YOU hold the POWER of LOVE!

And...as part of that...always remember...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's the POWER of LOVE!

In Tuesday's podcast (Terrific Tuesday or, as I call it this week - thanks to my friend, Gerry - "Turn-Around Tuesday") we begin a discussion of chapter 11 of the Napoleon Hill classic, "Think & Grow Rich".

The actual title of this chapter is, "The Mystery of Sex Transmutation".... huh?

Don't let the title scare you away. This is not some weird, psychic or sexually explicit discussion that takes place in this chapter. Bottom line, it's talking about "The Power of Love" - and we all know the power packed in that little four-letter word!

Just think about all of the things YOU have even been persuaded to do because of love - or, to be honest, - the thrill or promise or even expectation of some sort of sexual contact. It IS powerful, is it not?

The great thing about this chapter - as is true with the whole book - Napoleon Hill takes the time to explain what it is that he is talking about and even defines the terms that he uses - such as "transmute". Simply put, it is taking the energy from one source (sex/love) and "channeling" it into another use (drive for success, for example).

I'm always amazed when I read this book and realize how relevant it is even though it was written so many years ago! For example, we also very quickly went through the "Ten Mind Stimuli" - things that cause our minds to kick in to high gear and provoke such emotions as "enthusiasm" and "excitement" and, all ten of these can still easily been seen as just that - things that stimulate the mind!

Allow yourself to realize the POWER that you have within you even when fueled by the emotions that are fired by the POWER of LOVE!

We'll continue this discussion in tomorrow's podcast - read ahead!

And, as always...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday's Podcast: "Special Message- Do it Anyway!"

In today's podcast I spend a few moments just talking about those special relationships that we have in our lives and how important it is to cherish each of them every day. The picture above is of my special group of friends that I graduated with back in 1978 - this is the 3rd time that we have gotten together for lunch to laugh and enjoy each other's company.

All of them - except me - live within a 10 mile radius of each other and see each other fairly often. However, for me, for the most part, until we started getting together for these special times together, I had seen them two times in the past 30 years. Wow.

Thank goodness one of them - Tammy - contacted me via Facebook and then the "domino effect" kicked in and I ended up being back in contact with each of them in this group. And now? Well, like I said, the picture above is from our 3rd monthly luncheon together and we all seem to cherish these special times together.

You know, if Tammy hadn't taken the time to reach out and "find me" I likely would still be missing out on these special moments with these friends. Actually, I know that would be true. So, here's the point of all of this and the focus of today's podcast...

Don't be afraid to open up and reach out to those people in your life. Have you been hurt? If you have ever opened your heart to anyone for any reason - the answer is likely "yes". But you know what - open up anyway. Be real, be open, be a friend. Laugh. Love. Live.

Do it anyway!

Special "Make-a-Wish" Challenge Coming July 1st!

Beginning July 1st

All of you will have the opportunity to help raise enough money to make ONE wish come true for a special child involved in the "Make-a-Wish Foundation" program!

Just think about what WE can do TOGETHER!

Be watching here and on the website www.FutureYouUniversity.com , listening to the podcast and plan to get involved!

PLEASE plan to share this information with as many people as you can to make this goal a REALITY!

Please know that I (Mike) get NOTHING by way of money by doing this - but this is something that WE can do TOGETHER for a special child - don't' you agree?

THE GOAL: Raise $5,300 between July 1st and August 31st

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Podcast Status UPDATE

Hey friends....

As of Sunday night, most of the issue has been resolved with my podcast. Friday's podcast is now up on iTunes as well as the hipcast connection that you click on (the orange button over in the right column) here on my blog.

On my website (www.FutureYouUniversity.com) when I access it through Mozilla Firefox it is up and the latest podcast is available. HOWEVER, (at least on my computer) when I access my website via Internet Explorer there is still a problem with ANY of my podcast being available - we are still working to resolve that problem.

Thanks for your patience and I encourage you to really take a listen to my SPECIAL MESSAGE that I put up for my "Magical Monday" podcast.

And, as always...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Saturday, June 20, 2009


Apparently iTunes is having some problems and the Friday episode of my podcast has not shown up yet. Also, I tried to access it via my website (www.FutureYouUniversity.com) via Internet Explorer and got nothing. However, I was able to access it via my website when using Mozilla Firefox - BUT Friday's episode does not appear since it is directly linked to iTunes.

EVEN BY USING THE "ORANGE BUTTON" in the right column of this blog you still do not receive the Friday podcast.

I have no idea why not - it has been uploaded -- so.......hang in there...hopefully this will be resolved soon!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swim in the POSITIVE Stream! (Thankful Thursday)

Wow, don't you just LOVE Napoleon Hill's book, "Think & Grow Rich"? If you're not reading, you MUST read it!

Do whatever you need to do to read this book! Go to the library and check it out for free - but don't mark in it - then you'll have to buy it! You can go to my website (http://www.FutureYouUniversity.com) and click on my "links" tab and get it for free (just pay the shipping and handling) and mark it all you want. Because, believe me, you will WANT to underline and make notes in this amazing book!

At the conclusion of chapter 9 on the POWER of the Mastermind Group we find a discussion of "the stream of Power". Basically put, Mr. Hill compares the flow of money (and life in general) to a stream. Just like all streams, you can go upstream or you can go downstream. And, just like all streams, going UP stream requires a bit of effort while going DOWN stream requires none at all.

Here's the kicker - he talks about the side of POSITIVE POWER being the side that will take you upstream and to success while the NEGATIVE POWER side will take you down to poverty. Poverty requires no special talents, skills or effort. Poverty is greedy and is bold and willing to take you at a moments notice.

However, wealth is shy and has to be attracted, coaxed and then it takes effort to "maintain" if you will. And, as was mentioned in this chapter, some people spend time in both sides of the stream. As a matter of fact, I venture to say that ANY successful person has spent time in the NEGATIVE side of the stream as well as the POSITIVE side. Again, we see them in the positive side and think that they have always been there --- which is simply not true!

The question is - what will YOU do? Take the "easy" way DOWN the stream or will you WORK and put EFFORT into this task so that you can advance UP the positive side of the stream?

It is totally up to you. No one can do it for you. Mr. Hill can throw you the lifeline through the wise words in this book. I can share this information with you through this blog and my podcasts, but only YOU can take hold of that lifeline and DO something with it.

Will you? If not, WHY NOT?

And, if so - WHY NOT NOW?

Why? Because your FUTURE is NOW!

Remember that and, as always...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Driving Force

Hi guys...I've been swamped today but want to encourage you to listen to the "WIDE-OPEN WEDNESDAY" podcast with the same above-mentioned title.

What is "The Driving Force" in this process that we are currently discussing from Napoleon Hill's classic, "Think & Grow Rich"?


Listen to it - if you have the book, read this chapter and follow along with it and take advantage of the POWER that comes when like-minded people work together for a common PURPOSE!

And, as always....

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This is a FACT! There is PROOF of this being true!

One of the things I LOVE about the Napoleon Hill book, "Think & Grow Rich" which we are using in our podcast discussions, is that he gives SPECIFIC guidelines and suggestions for us to follow IF we are serious about moving forward with our plans.

Again, are you PERSISTENT enough to follow through and KEEP following through on these?

Here is proof of this very thing in chapter 8. He gives FOUR (yes, only four!) steps to follow with the following heading:

1. Have a DEFINITE PURPOSE backed by a BURNING DESIRE to see it through!
2. Have a DEFINITE PLAN that is expressed through CONTINUOUS ACTION!
3. Have a mind CLOSED TIGHTLY against NEGATIVE and DISCOURAGING INFLUENCES!(even those from family and friends)
4. Have a FRIENDLY ALLIANCE with one or more people who will ENCOURAGE you to FOLLOW THROUGH on both your PLAN and your PURPOSE!
Now, I paraphrased these a little - but the main focus and point is still there. Do you want to learn how to develop persistence? HERE YOU GO! HERE IT IS!
Listen to the podcast as we discuss each of these steps a little more than I will do here but, notice the emphasis on PLAN and PURPOSE!
The need to close our minds TIGHTLY against the negative influences is a KEY POINT OF SURVIVAL to anyone that wishes to improve their lives - is it not? That's why I'm so glad you are taking the time to read this and follow along with the podcasts - YOU NEED THIS - WE ALL NEED THIS - I NEED THIS! Again, this is KEY!
I also read a quote that I found in Success magazine (by the way, this is an EXCELLENT magazine that I suggest you subscribe to...if not, check out their articles on-line at http://www.Success.com - you'll be glad you did!) that was from Donald Trump. Notice what he says...
"The number one key to being a successful entrepreneur or businessperson is, 'How do you respond to adversity?' When faced with a hardship, do you crumble and quit or do you stand up, take action and push through?"
Hey friend - only YOU can answer that question, but answer it you must!
Thanks for joining me today and, as always...
"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"
Mike Spillman

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Importance of PERSISTENCE!

This is the title of today's podcast as we begin our discussion on chapter 8 of Napoleon Hill's classic, "Think & Grow Rich".

As we discussed "DECISION" from the last chapter, I stated that "decision" was likely the most important step of the whole process. We can make all of the plans in the world but, if we are unable to put those plans into ACTION through a DECISION, then it is all for nothing.

I'm not sure that this next step is "as important" as DECISION, but, even once we make a decision if we do not have the PERSISTENCE to stick with it and see it through, then even the decision to take action is all for nothing. Make sense?

Persistence is something we ALL need EVERY DAY, isn't it? We can look at all areas of our lives and see the need and the practice of PERSISTENCE!

Do you work? Do you get up and go to work? Sometimes, it takes PERSISTENCE to do so, doesn't it? What about those days when you don't WANT to get up? If you are determined/persistent in the thought and plan of keeping your job - you get up and go, don't you?

Are your children persistent? HELLO? Sure they are! And so were you and I when we were younger - we didn't give up on ideas or on asking our parents about or for something, did we? Or, at least we didn't give up easily!


We ended the podcast with the discovery that PERSISTENCE is something that can be DEVELOPED! This gives us all hope!

So, think about the need for persistence in your life and then join in as I discuss this thought further on the podcast for Tuesday.

And, as always....

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Another "MAGICAL MONDAY' - the Beginning of YOUR "Magical Week!"

I want to take up an article just on this point.



Think about it - YOU have the ability, the POWER, to make today whatever you want it to be! Oh, I know, there are some of you that are arguing with me right now about this, trying to tell me that I don't know your boss or I don't know the stress you're under or a million other things.

Hear me - IT DOESN'T MATTER! Oh, I know it matters as far as "is it important" to you and your life. However, when I say IT DOESN'T MATTER, what I mean is this: regardless - REGARDLESS of any or all of these "things" that you want to mention - you STILL have the ability and the power to make today whatever YOU choose!

Why dread Monday? Why not, instead, realize that you have the chance to set the tone, not only for your day, but for your whole week! YOU chart the course! Do you understand that?

If you have been following my podcasts and/or this blog then you should have begun, by now, to understand the POWERFUL FACT (yes, FACT) that we DO have the ability within each of us to CHOOSE our path for the day. Will there be roadblocks? Sure there will. Will there be people trying to sabotage what we have planned for our day? ABSOLUTELY!

But (and this is coming in my next article once I finish this) BE PERSISTENT and STAY ON COURSE - THE course that you have set for your self and your mindset.


Yes, you can!

And, while you're at it....

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Decision - Even in the Face of Opposition

We talked about how other's OPINIONS many times will stop us/persuade us to step back from making moves in our lives. You have been encouraged to MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS (yes, with proper planning) and not allow the opinions of others (who usually have no idea what they are talking about) to keep us from moving forward with these decisions.

What are you/we afraid of?

Remember, "If you've never failed - you've never lived!"
And, "As long as there is breath, there is hope!"

So, what do we have to be afraid of? Anyone out there facing possible DEATH due to their decision? I think not!

Yet, as you read the last part of this chapter 8 in Napoleon Hill's classic, "Think & Grow Rich" you will be reminded of the fact that many of our founding fathers faced death - and they stuck to their decision!

Whether you live in the United States of America or not, you can be INSPIRED by the stories that are shared in the last part of this chapter and be ENCOURAGED to move forward with your decisions and NOT be SWAYED by fear!



All the properly laid plans in the world mean absolutely NOTHING if we do not DECIDE to TAKE ACTION with them!

The world is FULL of men and women who have well-laid plans that are gathering dust...and they still remain exactly where they have always been. Stagnant. Dying. Lost.


I always love hearing from you! Please feel free to share with me your thoughts, concerns, struggles, etc. THIS IS FOR YOU!

Contact me anytime by sending an e-mail to mike@futureyouuniversity.com OR by going to the website on the "contact" tab and sending a message directly from http://www.FutureYouUniversity.com

Either way - I'd love to hear from you!

Remember - "Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Stinkin' Opinions"

Hey there - it's "WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY" - what will YOU do with it? (As a matter of fact, it's a WIDE OPEN WEEK - just for you!

In today's podcast I continue the discussion on chapter 8 from Napoleon Hill's classic, "Think and Grow Rich". The title of this chapter is "DECISION" and, as is pointed out in this chapter, many times our DECISIONS are impacted by the opinions of others.

Read carefully in the book and listen carefully to the podcast at how careful we must be in "broadcasting" our goals and dreams. Why? Because, for one, there are plenty of "dream stealers" out there, just waiting to take away your dream.

As is discussed in this chapter (and podcast) there are those out there (yes, sometimes even "friends" and family members) that would take great joy in bringing your dreams and goals crashing down around you. Why? Because it's easier to do that than for them to make the effort themselves to change their lives!

YOU MAKE THEM LOOK BAD! That's right! By your own DESIRE and AMBITION you have made them look bad - because they have neither. (This is how negativity works in our world. Never build up, but simply attack, attack, attack!)

Realize a point made in this chapter - you have a brain - USE IT to make YOUR OWN DECISIONS!

Even choose carefully those you would include in your Mastermind Group. Advice? Guidance? Suggestions? YES!
Opinions from those who have no knowledge of these things - NO!

Enjoy the podcast. Dive DEEP into this book and this chapter. THIS CHAPTER is one of GREAT importance because, no matter what all we do in preparation and planning - if we fail to make the DECISION to put these things into action.....we've really accomplished nothing at all.

Is all of this easier said than done? ABSOLUTELY! But that's why we do these podcasts - to encourage you, to help you, to aid you and to LIFT YOU UP along your way! Do the same with each other and, as always...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to to do it for you?)"


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TERRIFIC TUESDAY- "Decision: The Mastery of Procrastination"

There it is. That "P" word. PROCRASTINATION!

Does that word make you shudder? I'm not sure if I've ever met ANYONE that didn't struggle with procrastination - putting things off until later. Waiting until later before making a decision or taking action.
The problem? The TIME for ACTION never comes...it just keeps on getting moved on to "later".

As we begin discussion of chapter 8 in the Napoleon Hill classic, "Think & Grow Rich" I want you to consider how much better our lives would be if we would finally conquer procrastination. This chapter will give you some SPECIFIC ideas to consider in this process but, as is true with everything else, these thoughts and ideas will do no good unless put into action.

Let's take a look at these two categories discussed in this chapter and notice the characteristics of decision making that attach themselves to each of these mindsets.

*makes decisions quickly* *makes decisions (if at all) SLOWLY*
*changes decision (if at all) SLOWLY)* *changes decision quickly & often*

Being completely honest with yourself, which column fits you?

For most of us, the right side - the POOR MINDSET - fits us more often than not! We hesitate to make decisions due to the fear of "what if I fail". We wait, we procrastinate and then, if and when we DO make a decision we are QUICK to change it at the first sign of trouble, set-back or perceived failure!

Those with the WEALTH MINDSET are CONFIDENT in their decisions. Yes, they have done their homework and they do not make the decision without thought - but they are not AFRAID to make that decision or are they afraid of any possible "failure". They withstand the temptation to "bail" on their plans at the first sign of trouble - they "stay the course" many times seeing their decision pay off when others have already "jumped ship".

WOW! Does that challenge you like it does me?

Another factor that we allow to play a big role in our decisions (or the lack thereof) is OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS! We will be discussing this in greater depth in Wednesday's podcast - but we ALL deal with this from time to time. Perhaps it is a spouse or other family member or friends. But they ALL have opinions (and seem to always feel the necessity to share them with us) on why we shouldn't move forward on a decision.

As I mention in the podcast, there are several different versions of the following thought, but this is one of the "cleaner" ones I've heard: "Opinions are like armpits....everyone has them, and THEY ALL STINK!"

Yeah, you know from experience EXACTLY what I mean, don't you? We'll discuss that more in tomorrow's podcast - be sure to join me for it and, until then...

"Make it an AWESOME DAY! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Monday, June 8, 2009

REAL LIFE PROOF (of the power behind "Think & Grow Rich")

Hey friends, I HAD to share part of this e-mail that I received today about the POWER behind this incredible book, "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

The letter was sent to me from a listener from Texas that has become a good friend of mine in the process. The son to which she refers in the letter is an adult - please notice the IMPACT made from reading just a portion of this great book.

"I just wanted you to know that I took the book to my son last weekend and made him promise me he would read it. He's been very down and out because he was laid off and had been job searching for more than two months. He called me a few minutes ago to let me know that he read the first 3 chapters yesterday and he thought the book was written just for him.

When he got up this morning, he opened the paper and there were several jobs that hadn't been listed before. He got dressed, drove to the first place, said a prayer and walked in with determination to have a job before he walked out. He said, "I refused to take 'no' for an answer."

He starts his new job on Wednesday!! When he told me that, he cried like a baby. He said he had never felt so empowered and that for the first time in many years , he knew he was going to make it. He literally cried, "I can't believe how happy I am right now."

Magical Monday - What's Up With His Voice??

Good "Magical Monday" to all of you! I meant to expand on this thought a bit more in today's podcast but ran out of time doing my tour of the "new and improved" website at: http://www.FutureYouUniversity.com
If you haven't had the chance to take a look yet - GO AHEAD AND DO SO NOW! I like it!

Now for the "What's Up With His Voice" part of the title - if you've listened to the podcast already, you know. If you haven't - you'll know as soon as you hear me start out with..."Awwwwwwright!"

I woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat, an extremely low voice and the inability to talk much (now, for me that's HUGE!). However, I did speak Sunday morning and Sunday evening and, by the time I got to my podcast it was in pretty sad shape!

This morning, it's even worse so I'm hoping that, by tonight, when I record my podcast for Tuesday it will be improved. If not, I'll do it anyway, but it will lack the energy and enthusiasm that I like to "bring to the table" so to speak.

But, you know what? It's MAGICAL MONDAY and we press on - REGARDLESS! Isn't that right? No matter what obstacles may come my way - I WILL press on and move on in a forward direction. I am DETERMINED! I am FOCUSED! I am MOTIVATED! I AM MOVING FORWARD! And you can too!


What's so "magical" about Monday? It's the beginning of a new work week and TODAY will help set the tone for the rest of your week. THINK ABOUT THAT! Today will set the tone for the rest of your week. What do YOU want your week to be like? SET THE TONE today with a POSITIVE and POWERFUL mindset and attitude!

It's "magical" because YOU have the POWER in your hands! Believe it or not - it's still true!

So, CLAIM it and OWN it and SET THE TONE for the rest of your "MAGICAL WEEK"!

And, as always...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Friday, June 5, 2009

UPDATED Announcement on Web Site!


Belive it or not - the NEW LOOK SITE is up and running!!!

Check it out and let me know what you think ----



Hi guys!

As I have mentioned on my podcast the past few days, the website (FutureYouUniversity) will be done for a few days as we make the transition to an updated, and yes - BETTER - version.

All should be up and running on Monday - so be watching for it!

ENJOY THE FUN FRIDAY PODCAST....have a GREAT weekend....and, as always....

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Wide Open Wednesday" -- Organized Planning

First of all, I refer to today as "WIDE-OPEN WEDNESDAY" (usually called, "Wonderful Wednesday" which, it still is). Why? Because the day - regardless of what day you listen to the podcast or which day you read this blog - is WIDE OPEN for you! It's YOUR choice! Yes, you DO have choices that will greatly influence the direction of your day as well as YOUR ATTITUDE in the course of this day.

What will YOU do?

Today's podcast focuses on the chapter entitled, "Organized Planning" in Napoleon Hill's classic book, "Think & Grow Rich".

You have heard and/or read the following many times - "To fail to plan is to plan to fail!"

How true that is!

In this chapter, Mr. Hill really emphasizes the need to make adequate plans as we pursue our"riches" (whatever they may be). If you suffer a "temporary defeat" - DON'T QUIT, DON'T GIVE UP! This "temporary defeat" simply means that your plan was flawed and that you need to revisit your plans and see what needs to be corrected.

However, what do we usually do? WE QUIT as the first sign of difficulty or perceived failure! How many times have YOU done that? How many times have you given up on an idea because you thought you put the adequate planning and effort into it and it failed anyway? Even the best laid out plans may fail!

That's why it is also so important to develop your "Mastermind Group" as is discussed briefly in this chapter (he devotes a complete chapter to this later on the book). Others may be able to help you look at your plan(s) differently from a different perspective and offer solid advice.

"Your achievement can be no greater than your plans are sound." What a great - and true - quote this is from this chapter!

Once again, what are you willing to do in order to achieve your goals? ("What Are Your Dreams Worth?" is the title of an early podcast that I did in March). As we look to successful people, we too often assume that they achieved what they have easily or we just simply focus on their triumphs. Do we understand and realize how many "temporary defeats" they have gone through to get where they are? Some of these people have gone through MAJOR setbacks, but got back up and went at it again, REFUSING TO GIVE UP AND/OR GIVE IN!

Will you? Will I? Will we?

This - in my opinion - is where many of us fail. Less than adequate plans and then giving up when those plans do not work the way we wanted them to.

I know that I am learning from this book - and specifically this chapter - in my quest toward my goals. In Thursday's podcast we will continue our discussion on this chapter.

As always, I welcome any and all comments about this blog, my podcasts or anything you'd like to share - just shoot me an e-mail at: mike@futureyouuniversity.com

And, as always...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The one main thing I wanted to bring to you on the concluding podcast on this chapter was the fact that - THE IMAGINATION DOES NOT DIE!

It's like a muscle that has not been exercised --- it may be weak and flabby - but the muscle is STILL THERE!

Your imagination may be "weak and flabby" due to your lack of use - BUT IT IS STILL THERE and it CAN be brought back to it's FULL STRENGTH - IF we will choose to use it again!

When did you/me/we stop using our imagination?

WHY did we stop using our imagination?

It's time to DREAM again - IMAGINE again and allow that imagination to push us past our comfort zone once again!

Out of the imagination GREAT IDEAS come!

Do you believe that? I DO!

Delve deep into this chapter and be CHALLENGED to "exercise and put to use" your IMAGINATION once again!

And, as always ---

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Monday, June 1, 2009

Magical Monday - Your IMAGINATION and Your Future

If you listen to today's podcast you will find that I am VERY EXCITED about the discussion of chapter 6 in the Napoleon Hill classic, "Think & Grow Rich".

Why? Because the title of this chapter (the 5th step toward "riches") is IMAGINATION!

This is an exciting chapter! Why? Because with our imagination our future is wide open! As a matter of fact, Mr. Hill calls the imagination "the workshop of the mind".

Many of the things that we use everyday (and often take for granted) were born in someones imagination. And, most of the time, when these thoughts were expressed, others laughed them off as "impossible" and the one sharing the thought simply "a dreamer".

Aren't you glad they didn't give up? Aren't you glad that Thomas Edison didn't give up before he finally figured out the light bulb? Aren't you glad Alexander Graham Bell didn't give up before he was successful with communication via the telephone? What about air conditioning for your house? What about television? What about the computer you are using at this very moment? What about your cell phone and all of the incredible things that it is now able to do? The television? The automobile? Air travel?

On and on we could go - what all can you name and list? Aren't you glad that those responsible had the IMAGINATION that allowed them to even consider such things? Aren't you glad that they then put that IMAGINATION to WORK to make it a REALITY?

What about us? What about you and me? What can you imagine in connection to your future? Don't be afraid - do it! Picture it! Dream it! Imagine it! Can you see it? Is it possible?

Now, before you answer that last question, let's examine what usually happens in answering that particular question. While we use our IMAGINATION to look past perceived "reality" we usually come crashing back down in a hurry when we answer the question "is it possible". Why? Because, once again, we began to look through the eyes of "perceived reality". Notice I keep using the word, "PERCEIVED" in connection to this.

What was the "reality" of the world that surrounded all of the "dreamers" that are responsible for the things listed above? The reality was that they were often told that it was "impossible"! You see, "reality" is not necessarily "real" at all - it is what we "perceive" to be real. Think about it again and be THANKFUL that those in the past saw past the "perceived reality"!

So, when you consider this question in your own life - "Is it possible?" - don't allow yourself to be persuaded by your own self-defeating thoughts and the "perceived reality" that prevails in our thoughts most of the time.

NOTICE: All of these things that we have been studying work together and in an orderly fashion. That's why it is so important to go back and re-read (if necessary) the chapter on "Autosuggestion". Repeating to ourselves over and over again our dreams, our goals (yes, even our "imagination" thoughts) will sink deep into our subconscious mind to the point of those things becoming FACT -- and the thought of it being impossible nothing but a MYTH!

So, YES - IMAGINE your future! Don't allow the negative thoughts and "perceived reality" stop you short in these thoughts and plans. Realize that there is WORK that must follow to try to figure out how to put together the steps to bring this IMAGINATION into YOUR reality!

Can it be done? ABSOLUTELY! It's been proven over and over again. Isn't it time to prove it in YOUR life?

We'll continue this discussion in tomorrow's podcast - be sure to join me and, as always....

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"