Saturday, January 27, 2018

Taking the Journey: How Will You Get There?

If you haven't done so, it is VERY IMPORTANT for you to go back and "catch up" on this series. It actually goes back to this article entitled, "What Do YOU Want?" and progresses each week from there.

So, in a nutshell, here is the whole process behind this current series. For one, I have stopped doing "New Year's Resolutions" because, like so many, I never really ever followed through with them and usually felt discouraged because of that repeated process. What about you?

However, this year I KNEW I had to take a different approach than I have ever taken before if there was going to be real, positive and powerful change in my life like I wanted - REALLY wanted like never before. As a matter of fact, I came up with what I have called my "Statement of Fact" about this very thing. Here is what I wrote down and committed to about this "journey" that I MUST take:

I took the time to get out my notebook and "brainstorm" about what I REALLY wanted to take place in and for my life in this coming year. I knew that it was time to stop TALKING about what I wanted to accomplish and start taking DEFINITE STEPS OF ACTION in order to bring this into reality.

Go back to last weeks article to get more specific information and details about this "map" that I have posted here in the graphic below. This is a "template" and you need to make it uniquely yours! But, bottom line, I KNEW where I wanted to be by the end of this year and I also knew where I was currently. 

NOW the part of the puzzle I had to figure out was HOW I was going to get from where I was to where I was going to be. The "gap" between these two things is what I am calling "the journey" and the "how" I was going to do so is what I am calling "my vehicle".

Again, go back and listen and read the previous entries on this to get the specifics about what this is for me and then work on what it means for you. But whatever you do, IF you are serious about making marked improvement in your life during the course of this year - DO IT and stop just talking about it. 

Again, this graphic above is what I call my "map" with the understanding that I must MAP OUT my patch on this "journey" that I am on for this year.

Why is it important to have a "map" or a plan for such a journey? Notice the next graphic and what Dave Ramsey says about that...

So, what VEHICLE will you use to take you from where you are to where you plan to be? How will you get there?

Well, it really depends on the journey, does it not? If you're just going up the street, your feet might be able to get you there. If you're going to the grocery store in town, just about any old car or truck might get you there. Maybe even a bicycle!

But, if you are traveling cross-country, will just any old car or truck do? Are you going to hop into a vehicle that you're not even sure would make it to the next county for such a journey? I HOPE NOT!
And what if you are traveling to another country in another part of the world? You will likely have to take more than just one type of vehicle, right? 
Here's a fact: The further the journey - the greater the distance of the journey - the more cost, time and effort will be involved.  

So, in relating to this "journey" between where we are and where we plan to be, the same thing applies. The "bigger the gap" between the two makes for a "journey" that will cost you more in money, time and effort. THAT IS A FACT!

So, what will you do? Will you decide that the destination is WORTH the extra costs in the areas of money, time and effort? Or will you decide to stay where you are?

Yes, as always, there is a CHOICE to be made and it's a choice that cannot be made by anyone but you. Notice the graphic below, "Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today." - Tim Fargo 

Here's another thought...maybe it's time that you quit trying to make a life-changing journey with a "old car or truck" mindset. Think about it.Maybe it's time for a "new vehicle" as in a "new mindset".

What will you do?

Until next time, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Taking the Journey - Why Do I Need a Journey?

A little explanation before we get into today's blog article. As you can see from the above graphic, this topic is from a LIVE EVENT that I did on January 21, 2018 (the night before this article was published). There will, again, be a lot of graphics that I'm going to be sharing with you that I also used during this LIVE event. Be sure to check out the links at the end of this article so that you can also access the recording of this event as it took place on the fan page on Facebook as well as the recording on my YouTube channel. You will also find the link to listen to the podcast on this same topic.

BE A PART OF THIS SERIES OF LIVE EVENTS! For now these LIVE events are open to anyone that would like to join but, at some point, it will become a closed group for a select small number of people. This will be taking place each Sunday evening @ 6 pm CST on the fan page on Facebook.

Although this is starting a new "titled" series, this is still a continuation of what was started with the last topic of, "What Do YOU Want?" as we discussed the importance of knowing WHAT we want in order to pursue our goals and dreams.

Here's the thing: "Setting" a goal is not all that impressive. People do it every year at the start of every year, right? They call them "New Year's Resolutions" and, yet, very few people stick with them beyond a few weeks or maybe even a month or two. 

Instead, we should be determined to do MORE than just "setting" goals. Again, ANYONE can do that and just about anyone and everyone does! But, as the graphic above points out, let's pay more attention to goal "getting" - or achieving. Going back to the last article, it goes beyond just DREAMING and turns into DOING

So, once you decide what you actually want to achieve in your life, once you have not only SET those goals but you have also STEPPED OUT in order to achieve those goals, you are - of necessity - on a JOURNEY. That journey is going from where you are right now to where you will be a year from now (or ANY time period).

However, in order to take such a journey, in order to make any significant change in your life in ANY area, there are some things (pointed out in the graphic below by Jack Canfield) that tend to hold people back as they SET the goal. The question is, will they move PAST these 4 things listed to GET those goals?

For some people, one of those "limiting beliefs" is that they don't believe that they actually have the potential to reach those goals that they have set. They don't think that they "have what it takes" and, guess what? If they don't shed those limiting beliefs, they will NEVER reach their potential!

I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to hear Jim Rohn speak in person before he passed from this life. Of the many quotes that he is known for, this may be one that I see quoted more often than others: "For things to change, you have to change."

Think about that - doesn't that just make sense? You would think so but, yet, too many people think that they can achieve results (that REQUIRE something to change) without making any changes! Sounds a bit crazy, doesn't it? A very simple example can be found with the many people that set a "resolution" that they are going to lose weight. The main problem with this? Too many people want the RESULT of having lost weight but are unwilling to CHANGE their eating habits. And, guess what? They never reach their "goal". I wonder, is it really a goal when no real and serious effort is put into it's achievement? The truth is, not only do they not reach their goal, they usually end up GAINING weight. Why? Because NOTHING changed!

So, for me, as I have prepared for this journey - a very SERIOUS, thought out and DETERMINED journey - I have made a "Statement of Fact" concerning the necessary change in my life that MUST take place. You can read it in the graphic found below. 

Hey, if you're willing and if you want to be a part of taking your journey along with me, I invite you to help hold me accountable to these words. And I'm serious about that invitation.

Yes, to be honest, it IS a little "scary" because I will be stepping out into new territory. I am going to allow myself to be CHALLENGED and pushed OUT of my comfort zone in a way unlike I have ever done before. But, as John Maxwell points out, "Everything worthwhile is uphill."

It all begins with a DECISION and a COMMITMENT.  Doing so can actually change your DIRECTION overnight.

I don't have the graphic up with the quote but, Jim Rohn also would talk about how it's just as easy to NOT do something as it is to actually DO it and reach success. What's YOUR excuse? Don't tell me "reasons" because, quite honestly, most excuses are disguised (by us) as "reasons".  So, let's get real and get past that thought. 

The fact is - you see it referred to as "The Law of Diminishing Intent" in the below graphic - the longer you put it off and the longer you wait to "get started" the more likely it is that you NEVER will even begin the actual process. And then nothing changes.

DON'T MISS THIS POINT! James Allen said it in such a way that SHOULD get our attention - but will it? Does it? He says that we will "remain bound". BOUND! Chained. Tied down. Frozen. Paralyzed. 

Friend, if THAT doesn't get your attention then I don't that there is anything that I can say that will. Bottom line is simply this: What WILL it take for you to "wake up" and get "laser-focused" on beginning this journey?

Notice what John Mayer said in the graphic below about time. Even a SHORT period of time. STOP TALKING and START TRAVELING!

Again, I really want to encourage to take the time to watch one of the videos - either the recording of the LIVE event on my Facebook page OR by going straight to my YouTube channel. It would be particularly helpful on this next part that I will share with you in this article. I do think that you would benefit more by watching me talk about "My Journey Map" that I have posted below. I think hearing me talk about it would help make it come more "alive" for you as you, hopefully, prepare for your own journey.

This "map" is a very "easy" layout. At first glance you might even think that there is not much to it. It actually depends on YOU and what YOU put into it!

For those that approach this with the importance that it deserves, it is a very DEEP and THOUGHT PROVOKING exercise. You can start either with where you are going in order to "get what you want" OR you can start with where you are now and work your way up.

For me, I clearly came to a knowledge of what I REALLY want and set my goals accordingly. Honestly, for me, this goes way beyond past attempts at so-called "New Year's Resolutions" that have come and gone without any fulfillment. I spent the time to formulate in my mind - and on paper - what I truly, ultimately want in and for my life (and for my wife and I as a couple). 

Yes, I had to do a little research to find out how much time and money that this might "cost" me and then I had to figure out "how" I was going to do that and what was needed in order for me to accomplish this part of the "map". This "how" is what I call my "vehicle" in this illustration. (By the way, our next LIVE EVENT next week will focus completely on this topic: "What Is Your Vehicle?").

Before you can adequately figure out what your "vehicle" will be for this journey you will need to actually take a look at WHERE YOU ARE right now. This part might hurt a little but it is imperative that you be 100% totally honest on this part. No one else has to see this but you must be honest as far as where you actually are. This is your "starting point" for your journey.

On this part, make it personal for YOU. The things that I listed were things that I used on my own "map" so that I could see "where I was" compared to "where I am going to be" at the end of this year. I got personal and wrote down the amount of my current debt and how much money I had in my bank account. Again, you do what you need to do to make it personal for you!

But, for me, I knew that I needed to address something more than just the financial factor. I knew I needed to address my attitude and my past excuses! Again, make it personal for you. I'd love to hear some of the things that YOU decided to put on your "map".

Hey listen, when I took a long look at where I was currently I KNEW, beyond a shadow of any doubt, that I MUST leave where I was and get moving on this journey to where I KNOW I will be a year from now.

A lot of stuff to look over, I know. But I hope that you will get out a piece of paper and draw out your own personal "map" for YOUR journey. There is just something about physically writing down on paper things such as this, so please, take the time and spend the time to jot these things down. YES, you can go back and add to what you start with - that's great! That means that you have continued to think about where you are going on your journey and, maybe what more may be possible when you get where it is that you really want to go.

Feel free to connect with me on this with any questions or some of your own thoughts and experiences in this area. I'd love to hear from you.

Once again, next week, I will be focusing my thoughts for the LIVE EVENT as well as the next podcast and blog article on "What Is Your 'Vehicle'?"

Until then, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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Monday, January 15, 2018

What Do YOU Want?

 * Be sure to listen to the podcast and also watch the video on this same topic!*

Seems like a simple enough question, right? Yet, not many people can actually ANSWER that question. Don't get me wrong, a lot of people will give an answer to that question very quickly but it will likely be an answer that is very vague and generic.

For example, to say, "I want to make more money!" is a very vague answer.  For one, how much is "more"? Another may say, "I want a better job!". Again, what is "better"? What are the things that would make a job "better" for you than what you do now?

Perhaps a better question to ask about ANY such thing is to ask "Why" as well as, "How bad do you want it?".

We'll get back to that in a moment but, bottom line, ANY change in your life, like even these that are being briefly discussed, will require you to answer that one question up front: "How bad do you want it?"

May I be blunt? Regret SUCKS! The way I look at the definition of the word, "regret" is that fact that you cannot go back and do anything about it! It's too late, hence the real regret.

Yes, change - ANY change - is hard but at least the difficulty that comes with that change indicates that you can, and are, actually striving to DO something about it. Regret? It's too late.

So, again, what do you want to do - and why? Do you even know? In the last article I posted a graphic and talked briefly about your "vision" (for what you want to do) becoming clear once you approach this from your heart. That becomes the answer to the question, "Why?" as well.

That's why I ask you to answer the question, "Why?" in all of this. What is your heart telling you about what you really want to accomplish? What does your heart tell you about your PASSION for your life? Many times we forget to talk about "passion" because of the reality of "having to pay the  bills" and often just settling for whatever we can do.

But, often, when we KNOW what our passion is and what it is that we actually DO want to do with and in our lives, the temporary "discomfort" of such a job begins to lessen. Why? Because we know that it may be the "vehicle" that we need to get us to what we really want to do and accomplish in and with our lives.

I have a "goal" or "passion" of something that I want to accomplish in my life. It's been the same thing for many years and I've yet to really get much closer to it than I have been in the past. Believe me, there is ALREADY some regret attached to that fact BUT the good news is that it is NOT too late for me to do something about it! Here's the thing: I have found what I believe to be the "ultimate tool" to accomplish that task but it will require a financial investment that I am unable to fulfill at this time. BUT GUESS WHAT? I also know that my current job WILL provide me the "vehicle" to get to where I want to be as long as I am willing and determined to do my best and become my best in this area.

A "half effort" likely won't even get me "half-way" there. I must be determined to make the necessary changes and break some old habits in order to make this push in my life. So, if it is something I REALLY want to accomplish, then I must make the necessary changes regardless of how difficult and, yes, even "painful" the journey may be.

Yes, every single day! This is what I talked about right before the start of the new year when I challenged you to think about "Happy New DAY!" as opposed to "Happy New Year". Why? Because it is EASIER to check our progress - or lack of it - at the end of a day as opposed to trying to track our course over the course of a whole year.

Yeah, what if I (you) struggle? THAT'S A GOOD THING because, like I mentioned above, it helps us to KNOW that we are actually doing something that is not our same old habit from before!

Do you want to know how to avoid that struggle? QUIT.  That's right...give up and quit. But, guess what you will have to deal with then that is worse than the struggle of change? REGRET.

It's your choice.

 Oh, and one more thing. "Don't water your weeds". Don't feed the negativity in your life and don't "give life" to those things and/or people in your life that will continue to try to choke out your dreams and your goals. And, yes, that may mean that you need to separate yourself from some PEOPLE in your life that currently occupies some of your daily time. If it's a spouse or someone else in your own household then you - YOU - must figure out some way to avoid such a situation. Perhaps you need to stop sharing your thoughts and goals with such people. If possible (easier said than done) you may have to actually "cut" some of these people completely out of your life. 

That's right, you may have to go a step further than just not "watering" your weeds, you may actually have to actively WEED YOUR GARDEN. 

Feel free to contact me: to discuss this further if you'd like.

So, really...what do YOU want and how bad do you want it? Get focused - get LASER focused - on this part of the journey. You will find it hard, if not impossible, to move forward at all until you do.

Join me Sunday nights at 6:00 p.m. CST at for my weekly LIVE streaming event and, until next time, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How I Know When I'm On The Right Track

What gets YOUR attention? What is it that "wakes you up" and causes you to think or say, "Hey, maybe there's a message that I need to be paying attention to?"

Hopefully you are not someone that would just look blankly at me if I were able to ask this question to you face to face. 

Very quickly I want to share with you something that happened to me over the past week or so and also share (again) something that happened to me several years ago that was very similar. 

When I was getting ready for my recent LIVE event I came across a quote by Napoleon Hill (posted in the last article) that read, "Don't wait. The time will never be just right". Cool, I knew it would fit in with the night's discussion so I put it together in a graphic format and went about my day. 

I don't remember how many days went by from when I first found that quote for this event but, in a very short period of time I came across that EXACT same quote again and through a different source on the Internet. "Wow, that's interesting" I thought to myself. 

So, again, I did the LIVE event three days ago (from the day of this article) and did the blog article yesterday that featured this - and other - graphics that I used from the event. The, yesterday - guess what? - the exact same quote by Napoleon Hill showed up once again. 

Friend, when a message keeps appearing to me like that then, one, I know I need to pay attention because it is obviously something that I need to apply to my life. And, two, it also "tells me" that I am on the right track with this particular thought!

Here's another example from several years ago that I have shared on more than one occasion via my different avenues of communicating with you. I was out on a ride on my motorcycle (my favorite time to just think with no interruptions) when I came across a sign in front of a church building that read, "Believe in Yourself". (By the way, I got this part reversed in the video recording as well as the podcast but I did catch this on the podcast and corrected it). 

A few more miles down the road and, you know it, the EXACT same message appeared on another sign and, no, this was not some kind of special "Believe in Yourself" day. Yes, after seeing that exact same sign with the exact same words I did think, "Hmmmm...interesting." The thought changed from "interesting" to "Wow! That's something I obviously need to hear/see/receive today!" when I saw the exact same thing on third sign! And then, to complete the message, about three miles from my house as I was driving through my home town, I glanced at one of those "scrolling marquee" signs just in to time see the words, "And Others"

My "message" was complete! "Believe in Yourself...and Others". 

What's my point? Simply this. I KNOW I am on the right track with a thought or I am being PLACED on the right track when I see such a thought repeated to me in a short span of time.

What about you? 

Sometimes we can get so busy and caught up with "stuff" that we just don't pay attention.

So, today, I simply want to encourage you to just "pay attention". No, don't search this stuff out but DO be aware of these "messages" that may come your way.

Have you had such experiences? I'd love to hear about them! Specifically, if you would, please to to my "fan page" on FBook and leave the comment there.

Until next time, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"Life is a HABIT...Does YOURS Need to be Broken?" - Mike Spillman

I recently visited with an elderly lady about her need for final expense (burial) insurance. She had filled out a card and requested to get more information about this. She acknowledged to me that she knew she needed to do something to keep her family from having to come up with the money to pay from her funeral and she acknowledged that the price I presented to her was right "on target".

That was about 3 weeks or so ago and, to this day, she still has not done anything about it and, guess what? She never will. How do I know this? Because LIFE IS A HABIT and her habit has been to NOT take action on something that she has known for quite some time that she needed to get done.

Another word for "habit" might even be "rut". It's hard to break a habit and it's hard to get out of a rut!
As is the case regarding ANY significant change, the beginning IS ALWAYS the hardest part of the process. It goes against what we are comfortable with and it goes against our "daily routine" of this habit. But, just like the activity that takes place when one of those "strongest man" contestants start to pull a train car with nothing but a rope, the hardest part is the beginning! Yet, after much effort and determination, MOMENTUM finally starts to "kick in" and the wheels of that train begin to finally move. Slowly at first but they begin to roll with more ease as this momentum continues to work in the contestants favor.

As funny as this little cartoon is, the point of it is actually kind of sad, is it not? Isn't it time to finally get past this "hamster wheel" mentality that so many (you?) do year after year with these, so-called, New Year's Resolutions? Stop talking and start doing!

Wow, what good news, right? If you go back and read my blog and listen to the podcast that I did right before the start of this new year ("Happy New Day? Happy New Year!) you find this very thing talked about. If you have followed me for very long then you have also heard me discuss the fact (yes, I said "fact") that TOMORROW does NOT exist! That 24 hour period into the future does not exist - it has not even arrived into the realm of reality. And, in the same way, that 24 hour period inthe past that we call "YESTERDAY" no longer exists as well. It's gone and can never be relived or recovered. So, TODAY is the day to start making your move. Bottom line, it's all you have, friend.

GET UP AND MOVE ON! Stop dwelling on your past disappointments...what good does that do you but to disappoint you even more? Today is the day to decide to "get up and move on"!

Are you in sales? If so, you need to "google" this guy and check out his stuff. I found this quote of his the other day and I love what it says even though it is hard to accept sometimes. But, it is TRUTH! Whether you are talking about weight loss or job and/or career success, there are many that want the RESULT but that are not willing to "pay the price". That price? CHANGE. And, again, any significant change is not easy. Never has been, never will be. HOWEVER, again, with momentum, that change becomes less and less of a burden and you continue to move forward.

So, are you all talk? Do you spend all of your time "dreaming" about what you will achieve and, are you one of those people that keeps telling everyone else what you are GOING TO DO? Dreaming is important! One must have a "dream" that will challenge them to move forward. However, as Jack Canfield says, the difference between just dreaming and actually putting action behind that dream (PURSUING your passion) is "taking the first step".

Forget about the past! Remember, it's gone. Yes, absolutely LEARN from the past but do not allow yourself to continue to LIVE in the past. So, regardless of what you have been "planting" in the past (you may likely be "harvesting" that now) you can still "plant a new crop" starting TODAY. This is not just a "cheesy" saying or is a FACT of life, friend.

What is in your heart? What is it that you REALLY want to do and/or accomplish? What is it that "stirs" your soul and creates "purpose" in and for your life? When you allow yourself to "tune in" to whatever that is for you, your "vision" (path, direction) will become clear. Do you believe that?  For years I kept hearing about the need to create a "mission statement" for your life. I even would almost "stress out" over the fact that I couldn't come up with one. I literally would try to put something into words but I kept falling short and, as a result, I also would get discouraged. However, "out of the dark" (so to speak) as I was "immersed" in positive information it just "came to me" and came in a very clear and powerful message. The next graphic is what I came up with (or, perhaps, what came to me):

I need to work harder on getting back to this focus but, the point is, once my "heart" took over, THIS literally just "came out" or "appeared" to me. No, it wasn't magic and it definitely came from my inner thoughts and feelings (my heart). It can only be "real" and "true" when it comes out of your heart. 

Today is the day, my friend. Haven't you waited long enough? Haven't you procrastinated long enough? Are you tired of breaking the promises that you have made to yourself over the years? ONE DAY AT A TIME breaks things down into much smaller "steps" that need to be taken. You don't look at the idea of losing 50 lbs. over the next twelve months and become overwhelmed. What you DO is break that down to what is needed monthly and then daily and start making that journey.  (By the way, that comes out to .13 lbs per day).

Why so many graphics in today's article? These are the graphics that I shared in my recent LIVE stream broadcast that you can still find on the FaceBook page. These thoughts were also shared on the podcast that goes along with this blog (click the link below for either RSS feed or iTunes) so I wanted to be sure and share them with you here.

Well? Now what? 

That's up to you. "LIFE IS A HABIT"...what do you need to do with yours?

Until next time, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Sunday Night Live Streams with Mike!

Starting THIS SUNDAY NIGHT (Jan. 7) I invite you to JOIN ME at for my very first WEEKLY LIVE STREAM!

I plan to do this EVERY Sunday night and hope to build a "community" that will come together to encourage each other in the process!


Please go to that Facebook page and post your topic ideas and/or questions that you'd like me to address during the live stream.
You can also send those to me via e-mail at:

Plan to be a part of this special event and tell/invite others to join as well!