Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Special Message...

Greetings, friends!
My wife, Janan, and I want to take a moment to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas as we head to the start of another new year!
Regardless of what your situation is right now - whether good or "not-as-good-as-I'd-like-it-to-be" - I want to encourage you to focus and think about your BLESSINGS during this special time of the year.
Instead of spending time focusing on what you DON'T have or what you CAN'T give your children or what you HAVEN'T accomplished this year, I want you to focus on the OPPOSITE!
Think of all of the wonderful blessings that you DO have! (Make a list!)
Think of what you CAN and DO give your children! ("stuff" is not always as important as you think it is)
Think of what you HAVE accomplished this year! I can almost PROMISE you that you HAVE accomplished more than you realize. Take some time to discover those things in your life over the past year.
Please feel free to contact me if you have trouble discovering those blessings...I bet I can help you find some of them in your life even if you can't.
Thanks for your continued support - I never take that for granted.
Mike and Janan Spillman

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Plans for Our Future - Phase II

If you haven't done so, please be sure to read the blog article before this one about "Phase I" of our future plans. Thanks!

By the way, again, if you live within the U.S. - be sure to pay attention to the OPPORTUNITY that will be coming with my 2nd business as well as my wife's business that has opportunity available NOW.

Once again, thank you for you encouragement!

Here is my FB link to the note that tells all of the details on Phase II:

And, as always,
"Be sure to make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


For some time I've been sharing thoughts with you about "stepping out" and "fighting fear" in order to move forward with plans for your future.

Today I want to share with you a couple of different announcements about plans that my wife and I have finally pulled together for our next move in our future.

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION IF YOU LIVE WITHIN THE U.S.A. for there is also opportunity found here for you as well, IF you so choose.

For those of you outside of the U.S. - even though you are unable to participate in this, I still want to encouarge you to FACE and FIGHT your FEARS "head on" and never, ever give up on your dreams!

Thank you, in advance, for your encouragement and, as always, feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.

Here is the link to my FB note about "Phase I" of our plans:


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Facing and Alleviating Your Fears

In case you haven't done so, you can listen to the podcasts and watch the video that goes with this topic by going directly to or by going here to watch the video and here to listen to the podcast (which is also available on iTunes).

I would suggest that you try to hit all 3 sources. Why? Because I did each one of these separately which means that each one will have a little bit different information shared. So, to get all that I have to offer with this topic, go and get it from all 3 sources. I think you'll be glad you did!
Here's the thing, friend - it's time to stop MAKING EXCUSES (we often try to "pretty them up" by calling them "reasons") and get on with the business of moving FORWARD with our plans - WHATEVER THEY MAY BE - that have yet to be completed.
Wouldn't you agree?
And, why wait until January 1st like everyone else? Why not get a start TODAY and get a "jump" by doing what you know you need to do NOW...not later?
 Oh, but you see, "later" is always "easier" for most people, right? "Later" means we don't really have to do anything NOW because - as you can see - we can always do it "later".

If that is how you have been living your life, let me ask you a very simple question: HOW'S THAT WORKING OUT FOR YOU?

As always, it always boils down to a can either keep on doing what you have been doing (refer back to the question in the previous paragraph) OR, we can see that we need to do something different. Take that one step further - not only must we "see" that we need to do something different but - get ready for something simple here - we NEED TO DO something different.

"Many times the PROFOUND can be FOUND in the simple!" (yeah, that's one of my quotes).

So, listen, hopefully you've already written down the things that you are still "waiting" to do and, hopefully, you've been open and honest and have written down WHY you have still not done them. I'm guessing that it comes down to some form of FEAR. Most of the time we are AFRAID to reach out for success (or even a special trip at times) due to our fear of something. It may be that we are afraid that we don't have enough money to go on that trip or that we can't get off to go on that trip, OR it may be related to some sort of success that always seems to be out of reach.


Oh, it's real and it can keep you paralyzed and staying where you are for the rest of your life. Most of us are not comfortable staying there because we KNOW that there is something better. Oh sure, there are many people that are absolutely comfortable staying where they are - BUT THAT IS NOT YOU!

We're not comfortable staying there but, at the same time, we're not comfortable with stepping up/out and making a major change in our lives. Why? Because of fear. And, sad to say, many times the uncomfortable feeling that we have in staying where we don't want to be is MORE comfortable than what we feel when we think of moving forward.

The fear of the future can cause us to settle for the "comfort zone" of where we are -- even when we don't like where we are.

When you think about it, isn't that interesting? Dreams without ACTION pretty much amount to wishful thinking! Are you ready to stop with the EMPTY DREAMS? Are you ready - once and for all - to take ACTION?

Then here it is...FACE YOUR FEARS!

Simple. Yes, I know. But it IS simple. The hard part is deciding to STEP OUT and take ACTION!

The best way to face our fears is to move toward or even INTO our fears. The example I used in the podcast and the video on this is that of learning how to ride a bike. Think about it for a moment. Why did you even want to learn how to ride a bike in the first place?


And, you likely thought that it was going to be easy based on how easy the others made it look. Didn't you? Of course you did. But was it easy?

NO! It was hard and it was scary! Especially after you crashed and crashed again. Every time you crashed (and even before you crashed) you had to FACE THE FEAR based on your perception that it was worth it! You, too, wanted to have FUN riding that bike!

You actually stepped INTO that fear so that you could be successful at learning to ride that bike!

O.k. now, let that sink in for a minute. Doesn't that make sense? Doesn't that describe what you MUST do even now in order to achieve success at whatever it is that you are wanting to do?

That answer would be "YES!".

Then understand that, in order to ALLEVIATE your fears you must FACE and ATTACK THEM! You know that's true and you KNOW that it is something that you MUST do if you ever really and truly plan to move FORWARD with your plans and with your life!

Simple question: WILL YOU?

As always, it is up to you and only you.

It's your move.

And, as you contemplate that move, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"



Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This is just a little teaser to get you thinking about the discussion and challenge to come...
DREAM...I dare you! Take a moment and write those things down that fit in the category, "WHAT IF?" and then DARE TO DREAM! Keep up with this - take steps to the point that you can then write down the fact that your "WHAT IF?" has changed over to, "IT IS!"

My wife and I came up with this idea today and PUT IT DOWN ON PAPER...awesome!
Now comes putting the "print into practice"!

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Thankful Thanksgiving by Jim Rohn

(the following article is copied/reprinted from the Jim Rohn Newsletter)
Editor’s Note: In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November as a day for its citizens to give thanks for all that they have in their lives.
You may be wondering why I would call this article a Thankful Thanksgiving. Aren't all Thanksgivings thankful? Unfortunately, no. Since I had experienced more than 75 Thanksgivings, I recognize that being thankful is something that we have to work at, even on Thanksgiving.
If your home is like most, your Thanksgiving Day will be very busy, with either traveling to where you want to go or preparing your home to have others over for the day. Either way, that can be very hectic and emotionally trying, which doesn't lend itself to preparing your heart to be reflective and thankful. In fact, Thanksgiving weekend is the most traveled weekend in America. Airports are full, and don’t always provide much room for contemplation of your good fortune.
This means all the more that if we want to be the kind of people who are characterized by thankfulness, then we must make sure that we focus on it, and not just on Thanksgiving Day, but at all times during the year.
Here are a few key words as well as some thoughts that are simple and practical to apply; something you can use right away in your quest to become more thankful:
     Time. Set aside time regularly to be quiet, to reflect. We live in the fastest-paced time ever. From the moment we awake to the moment we collapse into bed, we have the opportunity to go at full speed and never slow down. If we schedule time every day in which we can be quiet and reflect, we will free our hearts and minds from the tyranny of the urgent and rushed.
     Thought. Give thought to the many blessings that you have. Living in a consumer culture, most of us are fully aware of what we do not have and how we absolutely must have "it." But how often do we reflect upon that which we already have? Take some time each day and think of one or two things you have that you may typically take for granted, and then take a moment and give thanks for those. In fact, I make it a part of my reflection time to review a list of things that I'm thankful for.
     Generosity. Be generous toward those with less and not envious of those with more. We tend to look at others who may be wealthier than ourselves and think, "I sure wish I had what he does." That kind of thinking breeds envy and jealousy rather than contentment. What can we do to break that cycle? I would suggest being generous to those who are less fortunate than yourself. Go to work at a food bank, and not just during the holidays—everybody works there then—but on a regular basis during the year. That will remind you of how good you really have it.
     Ask. Ask a friend what they are thankful for. You will be amazed at the answers you receive and you will create a meaningful bond with your friends as you focus on this powerful question.
     Acknowledge. Lastly, tell those you love how thankful you are for having them in your life. So many times we neglect to take the time to craft the words to express to those closest to us what their presence in our lives means to us. Take the opportunity of Thanksgiving Day to write them a note, or sometime during the day put your hand on their shoulder, look them in the eyes and tell them. Let them know what they mean to you, and in return you'll begin to create the possibility of deeper, richer, more fulfilling relationships with those you love.
Of course, we should do what we can to make the most of the day we call Thanksgiving, but wouldn't it be a shame if the only time we reflected on our blessings was that one Thursday in November? And the answer is, of course! So let's do our best to be aware of the many great gifts that we have each and every day of the year. As we do so we will see our hearts soar and our minds more and more at peace as we regularly remember and remain aware of our good fortune.

On Your Mark, Get Set...

Are YOU ready? Are YOU ready to get started? Are YOU ready to get started attacking whatever it is that has been holding YOU back?
Why wait until "New Years" to make some "resolution" that will likely fade in a month or so? Why not start NOW taking action?
If you've been following along with this blog as well as my podcast and video-cast then you know that I have been talking about the fact that we must first IDENTIFY those things that are holding us back and then we must DO something about it.
Hopefully by now you have done the first part - IDENTIFY those things that are holding you back. If not, take the time NOW (yes, I do mean NOW) to do just that. Be open, be honest and write those things down.
The week after Thanksgiving (which means sometime next week) I will do my blog/podcast and maybe video-cast with the FIRST STEP to ATTACKING those roadblocks and making progress once and for all toward those things that we have always wanted to do/accomplish in our lives but have yet to actually do.
On your mark...
Get set....
Until next time (when we shout, "GO!"), be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Connecting With My Podcast and Video-Cast

Hey friends, I'm thinking that many of you that follow this blog may not be aware of how to access my podcasts as well as my video casts.

For those of you that access this blog through my main site ( then you should already be aware of how to access those valuable resources.
However, in case you DON'T access this blog through the site OR in case you just haven't taken the time, here's all you have to do:
     1. Access the main site listed above
     2. Click on the "video cast" link
     3. The videos will automatically show up on that page
     4. There are icons for iTunes and the RSS feed for the podcast
See? It's easy and I invite all of you to listen/watch when you get the chance.
Thanks for making Future You University part of your life!
"Be sure to make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

O.k., let me first of all make sure you know that this is NOT going to be a self-indulgent blog article, o.k.? O.K.! Good!
However, it IS about the fact that I turned 53 years old on Saturday, November 1st. Why is this significant to anyone else but me and some friends and family that are close to me? Well, it may not be significant to you in the same way that it is to those that I just mentioned but it SHOULD BE significant to you as well.
Because, regardless of when your birthday is, five years have passed by for you regardless of you age, as well! (That is, of course, unless you are a child prodigy that is only 4 years old and able to read this!).
For most of us, our goals are set according to: 1) New Years Resolutions or 2) a certain age in our life. Am I right? (Go ahead and say it, "Yes, Mike, you are right!").
I mentioned on my latest video-cast that I had several goals set for myself that I had planned to reach by the time I turned 50 (feel free to insert YOU age/number here). And, guess what? Although I have made some progress toward some of those goals, I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN THERE YET!
I can't yell at the calendar and tell it to "SLOW DOWN! I'M NOT READY YET!" It doesn't work...have you tried it? If not, go ahead and try it...really, go ahead. You'll see I'm right about this, too!
(Hey, it's my birthday, I have a right to be RIGHT. Right?)
So, now let's start talking about what YOU (and I) are going to do about it - or what YOU (and I) ARE doing about it, o.k.?
We'll go there next and I'd love to get YOUR story of either success or failure in this area. Don't worry, I won't use your name  - even a first name - unless you ask me to.
So, "Happy Birthday to Me!", excuse me while I go get some of that cake! And, until the next time, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Update: I DO Plan To...

Just a quick update: I DO still plan to do the video an audio addition to my current "series" that I am doing on PLANS and things that can HOLD US BACK.
Isn't that ironic?
I planned to do it right after I completed my last blog article (which was about 3 weeks ago). I also planned to get it done about a week ago while I had several days off.
But, as you can see, I've still yet to complete those. My plans? I still plan to get that accomplished THIS WEEK - hopefully over the next day or two.
So, here's something to think about when considering the thought brought up in the last article of "WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK?".... do we sometimes consider ourselves "busy" or "too busy" to do what it is we SAY we want to accomplish?
Stay with me? Thanks!
Until next time, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Friday, October 12, 2012

What's Holding YOU Back?

In my last blog I addressed the topic, "I Always Wanted To..." and talked about things that we SAY we want to do but, for whatever reason, seem to never get done. If you haven't done so, take a moment and go back and read the last entry. For the most part this is a PART 2 continuation of that article.
Three questions were brought up that I want to review again:
I'm hoping that you have already taken the time to write down your answers/thoughts on these questions. If not, take a few moments and try to put some honest answers to them. Go ahead. I'll wait.
So, here's the main thing: What are you waiting for or, worded differently, "WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK?"
Wow. Really think about that. I'm not sure there are really any "EASY" answers for this and yet, at the same time, you may know the honest truth immediately.
As I said in the last article, whatever you come up will likely be connected to some sort of FEAR.

Here's the much time is going to continue to pass while you (and me) wait and wait and plan and plan and talk about "one day I'm going to..." ? How much time has ALREADY passed?

You likely have heard the following quote by the late, Charlie "Tremendous" Jones :
"You're the same today as you'll be in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read."

I agree with what he says but, at the same time, there will be NO CHANGE if you do not absorb the influence/impact of either the friends or the books!

The late Jim Rohn talked several times about the fact that, regardless of what we do - the next five years are going to come and go. Regardless. He would then ask the question, "What are YOU going to do?"

How do the lines to that song go? "Time keeps on ticking, into the future..."

WAKE UP! (Yeah, I'm talking to me, too!)

I'm guessing that you are like me in that you really don't want to get to the end of your life with  regrets about all of the things that you DIDN'T do.

So, have you WRITTEN DOWN what it is that  you are afraid of? Have you WRITTEN DOWN what it is that is holding YOU back?

Hang on to that list and began to consider (if you haven't done so already) what it is that you need to do to get rid of that obstacle in your life and your future success!

Get started on that and in my next article I will attempt to help you IDENTIFY and ATTACK these obstacles. Feel free to send me what you are discovering is in YOUR way...let's get this thing done together!

Until then, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who esle is going to do it for you?)"


Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Always Wanted To....

I'm typing this on Thursday, September 27, 2012 after the legendary Andy Williams passed away on Tuesday, September 25th. Why is this significant to me? Because I have said for years that I wanted to go see his show in Branson, Missouri before he died. Now, it's too late.
For me this goes back to my childhood. I can remember watching Mr. Williams on television (yes, black and white) putting on some of the best Christmas specials that I can remember. I always thought he had one of the smoothest voices ever - even at my young age. I can also remember the Osmond brothers being introduced and a part of these television specials. I loved those shows!
Then, a few years ago, Mr. Williams brought his act to Branson, Missouri which has only been a few hours from me all along. I've said to my wife (and even to my sons who are all now out of the house) that I wanted us to go see his Christmas show sometime. I said that year after year after year. And, as I've already it's too late.
Here's what I continue to ask myself about situations like the one above and others that I find let slip past me - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??
My goodness, the whole thing with going to see Andy Williams boiled down to two things: 1. sometimes I felt that it would cost too much money and 2. poor planning. And now, something that I've wanted to do for years has passed me by.
Another thing I find that is necessary to ask with such things is this: WAS IT AS IMPORTANT AS I KEPT SAYING IT WAS? IF SO, WHY DIDN'T I DO IT REGARDLESS OF ANY EXCUSES?
Sometimes the truth hurts but the truth is that if something really IS important to us we WILL find a way to make it happen. Won't you?
Ahhhh, but there's that factor of FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real.
We're still working on that, aren't we? I know I am. Hey, I'm just being honest. I appreciate you reading my blog and listening to my podcast (yes, I am doing a podcast on this topic - be sure to check it out at but I will always be honest with you on such things. What good does it do me - or you - to make it appear that I have it all worked out? I DON'T but I continually strive to keep moving forward and I hope that I encourage you to do the same along the way.
So for now, address the questions brought up in this blog. Get out a piece of paper and spend some serious time digging at the TRUTH. Make that list of things that are still waiting for you to enjoy and complete (and no, we're not talking about things like "mowing the yard") and then dig deep as to WHY it's still on that "to do" list.
I plan to do another blog entry in a few days to continue these thoughts and I'd love to get your feedback either by leaving a comment here or on the FYU fan page on Facebook (preferred).
Keep pressing forward, friend and, until then, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Thursday, September 6, 2012

When Is the Sky NOT Falling?

It's been a couple of weeks now but the most recent example of this "craziness" was exemplified with hurricane Isaac. Most people across the U.S. experienced big hikes in gas prices because of this mentality. Prices jumped 12 cents per gallon in one location we passed all in the matter of two hours. Really? Was this necessary?
I made sure watched the news that night so I could see what the "reason" was behind this "sky is falling" activity and everything I heard confirmed that, indeed, it was all hysteria over things that didn't amount to much. Hurricane Isaac never reached anything above a level 1 category yet the hysteria was as if it were a level 4 storm! The refineries had shut down in some areas along the Gulf Coast during the storm and this drove the thought that there might be gas shortages. The interesting thing was that the reports also indicated that this area only provided about 22% of the U.S. gas supply.
Think about it... only 22% and the hysteria at the pump as almost as high as it was back on September 11,2001 when the Twin Towers were hit in a terrorist attack.
News is driven by hype, hysteria, fear and drama!
Now here's the BIG question for you to consider...does this also describe what drives YOUR life?
I hope not! It's easy to get caught up in this type of drama even on a daily basis and that is why is is so important for us to surround ourselves with positive people as much as possible! Yes, I understand that this is not always possible but that is why it is even more important to do so when we can!
The more we can surround ourselves with POSITIVE influences the more it will help "protect" us from the hysteria, drama and fear that comes with this "sky is falling" attitude.
Gas prices? I still hear on an almost daily basis how different "experts" are predicting gas to be at one high price or another. You know what? I've been hearing it for a long time and it has yet to come to be - and I do mean YEARS when I say "for a long time".
It's your choice but, honestly, there are better ways to get in shape rather than constantly JUMPING to conclusions and RUNNING AROUND like a chicken with it's head cut off yelling, "THE SKY IS FALLING!".
Think about it and, as you do, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


That's a pretty gloomy picture up there, isn't it? For many people REGRET looms over them like a big storm threatening the potential of great damage. For many, the "cloud of regret" hovers over them and follows them wherever they go. Doom. Danger. Destruction. Disaster. Defeat.

We all have regrets, don't we? I feel that, because of my experience as a parent, I can say that ALL parents have regrets. Can't all of us - as parents - look back and wish we had done some things differently? Spent more time doing things with our kids. Focused more on helping them develop certain characteristics that one is not born with but can only be taught and learned.

Everyone that is married has regrets. Everyone that is not married has regrets.

Get the picture? EVERYONE has regrets.

I picked out a few quotes on REGRET that I wanted to share with you. Take a look at them and let them soak in...

I'd rather regret the things I have done than the things that I haven't. - Lucille Ball

A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.     -John Barrymore

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.     -Alexander Graham Bell

Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did.     -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I'm not sure if Lucille Ball got her quote from Mr. Brown, but they are both very similar in what they say. They both cause us to really look closely at our regrets. Do they not?

I can't help but ask the question that almost cries out from John Barrymore's quote... Have your dreams been replaced by regrets? Really examine this one closely!

I love the way that Mr. Bell brought out such a wise observation to the popular saying about one door closing and another one opening. This may be true but read again this observation and ask yourself if you are constantly standing and looking at all of the doors in your life that are closed.

REGRET - we all have it so it is important for us to consider what we DO with the regret in our own life!


Here's the deal and, if you've read much of my stuff at all you won't be surprised at what I'm about to say: IT'S YOUR CHOICE! Just like anything else in life and especially when it comes to how things impact our lives - it is a CHOICE that we make.

Think about it...we ALL have regrets but many live their lives differently when it comes to those regrets. Some live their lives FULL of regret to the point that they can never move on because of their focus ON those regrets (see again the quote by Alexander Graham Bell). Hey listen, for some, the regret is LARGE and the impact is far reaching but, nevertheless, all regrets are seen through our rear-view mirror, are they not? And, that being the case we MUST understand that we CAN learn from the cause of the regrets but we CANNOT go back and undo them and we CANNOT allow ourselves to focus on those past causes.

Seriously, what can be gained by doing this? NOTHING except bringing more regret to your life when you realize how much time you have wasted focused on this regret.

On the other hand, as has been said, you can LEARN from the past mistakes that brought on that regret and you can do everything within your power to not repeat those same mistakes thus avoiding even stronger regret due to your repetitive nature.



But we often do, don't we? That's how we are. But, hopefully, over time, we begin to break that pattern and we start repeating those same mistakes less and less to the point that we DO finally move on in a positive way.

Remember this: YOU ARE HUMAN!

Don't use that as an excuse (as many people do - "Oh well. You know, I'm only human!") but let it help you understand how we - as humans - tend to behave and how hard it is to make significant change in our lives as well as how long this significant change may take.

As was stated differently in two of the above quotes, the worst thing any of us wants to do is come to the point that we regret the fact that we did NOTHING...that we failed to LIVE.

I hope this helps. I'd love to hear from you at any time. Feel free to drop me an email - as well as leave comments here or at the Future You University FAN PAGE on Facebook (preferred method for comments).

Until next time, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"



Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tell Me WHY Again?

O.k. I'm not REALLY going to "go Hulk" because of this stuff I'm discussing but, I thought I'd have some fun and, at the same time, emphasize how disgusted I am with how some people "do business" - especially when it comes to "on-line opportunities".

If you haven't done so, be sure to go back and read my last blog since it serves as a background to what I'm talking about today. But, let me give a shortened version for a review in case you don't have time to read the last one at the moment...

Basically I ask WHY people that promote "opportunities" can't just be honest and upfront about what the cost of being involved in the program will actually be.  WHY can't they go ahead and give you the information that you really need - for the cost advertised - so that you can actually DO what they SAY you can do with their opportunity?

The two main problems that I've seen are as follows:
     1. You are sold a "watered-down version" of the program and, if you REALLY want to use this program to it's full potential (their hype applied here) then you REALLY NEED to "upgrade" to a different program OR to their "one-on-one coaching program". (Have you noticed how they all seem to have their own coaching program now?).
     2. You pay the advertised price only to be hit with page after page (or video after video) trying to "up sell" you to other parts of the program that you really need in order to get the most out of this program. HINT: When you pay and you are not immediately taken to the check out page - GET READY FOR UP SELL ATTEMPTS!

Today I will address another "frustration" that I have experienced over time and that I saw exhibited again just this past week as well as give you some hints/pointers as to what to watch out for with many of these programs.

First of all, a HINT and SUGGESTION for those of you that may take a look at some of these opportunities. GO FOR THE BEST PRICE! Here's what I mean - the price advertised is rarely the price that you CAN pay if you just make a few extra clicks. I'm sure you've noticed a box popping up on your screen asking you to not leave but to stay on the page "for a special offer", haven't you? IF YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED in this product/opportunity then, by all means, STAY ON THE PAGE! You CAN and WILL get the offer for a lot less than was originally advertised if you want to follow through with the transaction.

Example: the current program that I am testing out was originally advertised for something like $49 and then $39 and, finally for $19 - which is what I paid for the program. (Of course, then came the constant "up sells" trying to get me to pay more which I declined).

I'm determined to figure this out WITHOUT having to "buy in" to the other "up sells" and I think that I will be able to make it work to some extent. THE POSITIVE: I am learning a lot that I didn't know before getting into this program and KNOWLEDGE is ALWAYS valuable!

Now on to my most recent event that has me bewildered at both the person/people promoting this business as well as the many others that are "gung-ho" about this opportunity. Stay with me here...

As part of my "package" that I paid for (for a lot less than originally advertised, remember?) I am able to be a part of 12 special webinars that are supposedly designed to help me get the most out of this program. The first one was rather uneventful and set up the basics which I had already done through the already-provided on-site videos. It was the second, and most recent, webinar that, once again cased me to ask the question, "WHY DO THAT?".

It did not take me long to figure out that this second webinar was nothing but a sales pitch for another program. By listening to the name of a "tool" the speaker kept talking about I figured that this "tool" was soon to be the topic of another thing "I must have". Was I correct? YES! (HINT: Pay attention to things like this. LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION to what is being said in advance of what is going to be said - make sense?)

So, what did I do? Well, while the presenter was talking away about this "program" I did an online search and found this program listed as a program offered by a relative of the presenter. That's right, the exact same program with lots and lots of links showing up after my search. HERE'S THE KICKER: The presenter was promoting this "program" as something that HE had come up with (true, he may have and helped his relative get it going) and that it was BRAND NEW and NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN and something that he just felt he HAD to share with his students. Why? Because that's just the kind of guy he is! (I kid you not, he didn't use those exact words, but that is pretty much what was said).

Anyone that was listening in on that call could have done exactly what I did. Perhaps some did - I sure hope so! However, apparently many DID NOT and literally JUMPED AT THE CHANCE to get this extra program. Oh, it was also being promoted by the fact that the first 40 or 50 (I can't remember exactly)that signed up that night would get an extra webinar with the presenter in the future). Get this...all for the low, low price of only $997!

Yeah, you read that right - $997. Hey folks, that just $3 short of $1,000!!! (And, honestly, it may have been the first 100 to sign up that night - I had pretty much "checked out" at that point).

And, guess what? He sold out right then and there. As a matter of fact, the last 20 minutes of this webinar was a continuous push for anyone/everyone to get in on it NOW while there were spots still open. Now then, friend, DO THE MATH and see how much $$ this guy made on this call. Why? "Because that's the kind of guy I am".

Now do you share my frustration (and yes, even outrage)?

FINAL HINT: Do NOT become so enamoured/gung-ho about an opportunity that you don't THINK and keep your eyes open! All anyone on that call had to do was just THINK and do some quick research to find out that, quite honestly, this was a LIE that they bought in to at a very steep price! THINK - THINK - THINK!

So, I can hear you now: "Mike, why are you STILL doing business with this guy?" Well, I'm really not doing business with him anymore. I got in for only $19 and I am learning a LOT of things by my own follow through. Honestly, I'm determined to make some $$ in SPITE of this guys deceit and deception - yes, I said that very clearly.

Again, once I make some decent or consistent money with this, I will let you know EXACTLY what I did for FREE. Believe me, what I've learned is NOTHING proprietary and nothing that ANYONE couldn't do. Fair enough?

Bottom line: This, once again, has strengthened my resolve to FIND A WAY to make some money online in order to help fund some of my other goals.

ATTENTION: Be watching VERY SOON for a new video podcast/recorded podcast as well as a CHALLENGE TO/FOR YOU MY FRIEND to join me in during these last 4 months of 2012. Simply put, I'm TIRED of this kind of crap (excuse my language)that I just discussed and am more determined than ever to PUSH FORWARD TOWARD SUCCESS - aren't you?

Until then, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Friday, August 3, 2012

Why Do That?

Now, I'm not quite as worked up about this as the cat in the picture above (silly people, cats can't talk!) but, at the same time, this is something I've wondered about for a very long time.

Maybe you are the same way and want to know, "WHY?" on this topic.

Now, let me just say up front that this is not one of my usual blog posts in which I share thoughts that will encourage you to keep a positive attitude. But, then again, in a round-about-way maybe it is.

Here's what I want to know. WHY do those that promote ideas of how to make money always seem to be "less than honest" in their dealings with us? Let me explain...

I continue to look for opportunities to make some extra money to help fund my plans to launch my own seminars. Yes, I'm still working on that BUT the key thing is -  I HAVE NOT (AND WILL NOT) GIVEN UP! And, here's what I always seem to notice...

The price associated with this "opportunity" is never the "real" cost! How many of you understand what I mean and have maybe even encountered the same thing?

"This is what you need to finally make that extra money you have been looking for and have never found! I'll show you EXACTLY what you need to do and all for only $___(you fill it in)".

And, yet, I have noticed one of two things taking place AFTER you have decided to give this "opportunity" a try and put your money out there with hopes that this will FINALLY be the chance you have been trying to find for so long.

1. You get the information sent to you and immediately find out by reading the attached information that, in reality, if you REALLY want to be successful then you need to sign up for an expensive "coaching" program - expensive meaning several thousands of dollars.

2. As soon as you put in your payment information you are directed to one video (or other information page) after another trying to get you to "upgrade" your purchase for  more money. Why? Because, again, if you REALLY want to do this the right way then you need to buy this extra stuff!


Why can't people quit all of this "upsell" stuff (and I'm choosing my words carefully here so that I remain civil) and just say up front how much $$ someone needs to spend?

I think I know the answer to my "why" with some of these's because THIS is actually how they earn the majority of their money and NOT with their so called "wonder program" that they are selling.

Now, not all of them. I have found one that I am trying out that, did indeed, do the "before we complete your order, you need to upgrade" video thing over and over again. However, I stuck to my original plan and did not spend the extra money. I have seen evidence that this program does have the potential and I am willing to do some of the extra work myself to make it work. I'll keep you posted on this and IF it does turn out to do what it promises I will let you know and will let you know EXACTLY what I did to make it work (and at what price).

So, how many of you have experienced the same thing?

Here's the deal (and I hope you have the same commitment): whenever I get my seminars going and when I do finally get my book published and start making my podcasts and other audio programs available for sell, I will NEVER be less than upfront and honest with you or anyone about the cost or what it will/won't do for you!


Again, if this program I'm looking out turns out to do what it's promised to do, I'll let you know and I'll let you know EXACTLY what it cost me to do it.

Shouldn't this be how we are all of the time? Even if it's not in selling or trying to buy some product - shouldn't we ALWAYS be upfront and honest with those around us? Shouldn't we ALWAYS present who we are and what we represent - upfront and honestly?


Am I? Are you? Are we?

I guess THAT is the challenge that DOES fit into my typical blog/podcast message. Let me know if you accept the challenge, would you? I especially appreciate it if you would do it on the Facebook fan page.

Thanks for letting me share these thoughts with you...I feel better now. ;)

Until next time, whatever you do, wherever you go, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Taking That NEXT Step!

Sometimes that "next step" can be the hardest to take. True or False? I guess it really depends on what that next step is, right?

Just getting straight to the point here - whatever that "next step" is for you, if you never take it you will never get where you are going.

Pretty simple. But, again, don't forget that many times the profound can be found in the simple.

That "next step" may actually be considered your FIRST step toward whatever it is you plan to achieve but, then again, is it actually your first step? (Whoa,'re going to short-circuit my brain!)

Think about it - what IS the first step in ANY process that you are considering?

Is it when you have the original thought and then decide to think a little MORE about that original thought? If you didn't immediately dismiss that original thought but decided, instead, to give that thought a little more time in your head - was this your first step along the path for this idea?

If THAT was not the "next step" then what happened after that? Did you decide to talk to someone else about it or do some research on-line or at the library to find out more about this thought? Wouldn't THAT be a "next step"?

At what point does the "next step" become a step that we are afraid to take?

Granted, it's EASY to THINK about doing something. Yet, some people that I have met during my life have actually been afraid to allow themselves to even THINK about the possibility of following a dream, thought or idea.

Thinking and doing are two different courses of action, wouldn't you agree? For most (at least from my experience) it would seem that taking the step from THINKING and TALKING about doing something and actually beginning to DO IT is the "next BIG step" that causes so many of us to freeze in our tracks.

Remember what I said earlier? "...whatever that "next step" is for you, if you never take it you will never get where you are going."

Believe me, I understand that hesitation and the reality that FEAR freezes us and causes us to cease following our dreams any further.

So, what about YOU? What's YOUR "next step"?

I'd love to hear from you and get your feedback from those of you that have pushed through/past that fear and have moved on as well as those of you that are struggling with taking that step.

We're all in this together, remember?

Be sure to check out and become a member of our Future You University fan page on Facebook at:

I'd really love to get your feedback and thoughts there if you would. Until next time, whatever you do, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Always a Winner!

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I'm not sure where it all began but I have always viewed myself as a WINNER! Now, that doesn't mean that I didn't have the normal ups and downs as a teenager or that I've always had a "winner mentality" even as an adult! So, right off, don't get me wrong about that.

But, when even struggling through those tough times and even some "dark" times I've always come through the other side realizing that life was, indeed, worth living and that I had something of value to offer.

I don't remember my parents ever instilling "positive mental attitude" in me while I was growing up but, still, I do know that I tended to have a more positive outlook than many of those around me. I can't remember what grade I was in but it was somewhere around 5th - 7th grade that, apparently, some adult that knew me felt that I had that extra "something" in me and put my name in for me to get a catalog to start my own business selling shoes via a catalog. I didn't do it and didn't even fully realize that this meant someone actually considered me at this age for this, but I DID realize this years later and it made an impact on me.

Wow! Someone - I'm guessing an adult - saw something in me that told them that I might have what it takes to start my own "business" at an early age. Many times others see "it" in us long before we realize we have "it". Thanks to whoever it was. I'll never know, but THEY knew and they planted a seed.

I am a winner. Regardless!

I am a winner regardless of what others say or think about me.

I am a winner regardless of what life brings my way.

I am a winner regardless of what my actions - when I'm not exhibiting that "winner mentality - my bring my way.

I am a winner regardless of how many people read or don't read my blog and do or don't listen to my podcast when I do them.

I am a winner as long as I have planted some positive seed in some person's life along the way.

I am a winner even if I never know who that person is or what became of that seed that was planted.

I am a winner because I am made in the image of God Almighty. And that, my friend, puts me on a powerful and positive track from day one.

That's right, I'm a winner. Always have been and always will be.

And you?

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Friday, June 8, 2012

So, Winner or Loser?

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So, the other day I had a teenager called me a "loser". It was a little bit in a joking way but, at the same time, he was trying to be a bit insulting. My reply?   "No sir, I've always been a winner and I will always be a winner. Let me know when you'd like to experience the same!"

After that little conversation I got to thinking, "What is it that has someone come up with the idea that they are either a winner or a loser?" Sure, I know that "self-talk" and "self-belief" has a lot to do with it but, what I began to question was what about those people (young people, for example) that never learn those practices? What determines for them - in their minds - whether they are winners or losers?

Many of you may not know but my wife and I have been working with foster kids for the past 8 months (as I write this) and it is easy to see where many of these young people can get the "I'm a loser" mentality. But, is it all environment?

I am not sure that you could ever say that it is ALL environment but, with certainty, I can say that environment plays a HUGE and MAJOR part in the development of one's own self-worth.

Let's get personal. What about YOU and your view of your self-worth. Do you view yourself as a WINNER or a LOSER? Think about open and honest and take a moment, go to the website for my fan page above and leave your thoughts. Or, if that is too public, you can send me an e-mail at - I won't reveal any pertinent information about anything sent to me via that e-mail address but I may share just the general thoughts shared there. If you'd rather me not share anything that you share with me - I will keep your wish, o.k.?

So...WINNER or LOSER... which is it and how have you come to that conclusion? I'm waiting to hear from YOU!

Until then, whatever you do, wherever you go, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Winner or Loser?

So, do you consider yourself a WINNER or a LOSER? And, who or what do you base that consideration on? I'll probably be discussing this over the next few days and/or weeks on the Facebook fan page ( as well as watching and I'd love to even have your feedback now with this initial introduction.

Give it some thought...this is BIG for each and every one of us as well as our children and grandchildren. Until next time, please leave your comments on the facebook fan page listed earlier and, as always, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Taking a Little Break - Should You?

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Now, first let me say that there is NOT a podcast that goes along with this article. I just wanted to be sure that anyone visiting for the first time would be able to access the podcast and get introduced to my work.

Now, for the "topic" at hand. If you HAVE been following me then you know that I've been taking a little "break" for the past couple of weeks. It wasn't really planned that way - it just happened! Things happened with my schedule to where I didn't get a Friday podcast done and then my wife and I were home for our "time off" from our job and - quite honestly - I decided to do nothing but ENJOY my time off! That's right, I/we was/were on my bike as much as possible during that time off and it was AWESOME!

So, why have I not gotten back to my blog and podcast after that? Simply put - I've not really had anything to say.

Now, those of you that  REALLY know me are likely saying, "WHAT?? Since when do YOU not have anything to say?" 

I know, right?

Some may even think that it's a foolish decision that will cause me to lose followers. It's kind of like running through the dial on the radio in your car and, if nothing is playing due to "dead air" then you move on to another station. The station with "dead air" may have been in business but, at that moment, they lost a listener and the advertisers may have lost a client.

Hey - truth be known - I've lost a lot of followers when I took a break when I was out of work and I really didn't feel that I had the right mindset to share the positive information that I like to share. But, I'd rather have that happen than to "talk" with nothing to say.

I do know that one day I will need - HAVE - to rebuild my base. But, for now, I'm taking some time off and enjoying what I'm doing.

Oh, I'll never STOP doing this - I love it and I believe that God has blessed me with the personality and ability to think and share positive and encouraging information. Hey, I DO still plan to launch my own seminars and to verbally share this information all over the United States and beyond.

But, for now...I'm taking a break. And, friend, sometimes you need to do that as well. Only you can decide that for yourself. But, as for me? I'm happy with my decision and I'm enjoying my time off.

But, as someone once said in a movie..."I'll be back!" (insert foreign accent here).

Whatever you do, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Making Yourself Better

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"Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better." - Jim Rohn

We've talked a LOT about the fact that we live in a world that craves "easy". A lot of people - it seems especially so with our youth - see other people being successful in many different ways and they want to have the same thing without doing anything to "earn it".
Young boys (and girls) of all ages want to become a professional athlete but aren't willing (and don't even understand how much) to put in the hours and hours and years of hard work in order for that to even be a possibility. For years now I have watched young couples get married and go immediately into a lot of debt so that they can live in as nice - if not nicer - house than their parents and have at least as nice - if not nicer - furnishings IN that house. All the while not realizing that it took their parents years in order to provide those things for themselves and their family. Thousands of people flock to Hollywood or Nashville hoping to be the next great thing. They've read stories of some that were discovered working as a waiter or a waitress or while singing on a street corner and they think that it really IS that simple and easy. They don't realize how FEW that "few" really is when compared to the thousands that seek the same fame. It's not easy so they quit and give up.
"Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better." What a great quote to have posted on the front of every high school yearbook or, better yet, diploma.
Easy is easy. Wow, that was obvious, wasn't it? But, because "easy" is so easy, ANYONE can do it and many ARE doing it. "Easy" is the job that is labeled "entry level position" and usually has the lowest hourly wage attached to it. Interestingly enough, even though ANYONE can do it, there are many that will NOT do it because it is "beneath them". They want the "management" without the hassle of WORKING their way up to that position. They want the bigger paycheck but without actually EARNING that paycheck.
Does that describe YOU? I hope not but, let's be real here, it's not just the young people in our world that follow this "easy" philosophy - many times they learned it from us in the first place!
This is the lure of the "get-rich-quick" schemes that are so prevalent today.
Now back to the diving board scenario that I have used all week long. Many will watch a skilled diver do some amazing things as they leap from that high dive and enter the water with very little splash. Yet, again, not many are willing to put in the hours of work that it took that person to develop that skill. Here's a hint - when things LOOK easy that usually means that someone has put in the time and effort to develop the skill to make it appear so!
Whatever it is that you are searching for...whatever it is that attracts to become BETTER in order to succeed rather than wish for it to be EASY. Remember, anyone can do easy. Is that what you really want? I didn't think so.
Join me again tomorrow as I finish out this week's articles featuring quotes by the late Jim Rohn. But, until then, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day!"