Tuesday, September 30, 2014


We now come to the last article in this series on the word, "BELIEF". I'm not going to take the time to go back and recap all of the other letters and words that I've used during this series. All you need to do to catch up is to go back and read each article yourself.
If we are going to stay focused on what we believe what will or what can be, then we MUST be able to FORGET the past.
Sometimes we have a hard time looking past our current circumstances because we connect our those current events to the past. For example, we may feel that things will not or can not get any better in the future because we have experienced these negative circumstances in the past.
"Why should I expect anything different or any better?"
Sometimes we just simply have a hard time ridding our memory of what WAS, which keeps us from looking to what CAN be.
Let me ask you a question: When you look ahead to your goals and dreams, do you not look at something BETTER than what it is right now? Do you not look at some improvement in your life? I can answer that for you - OF COURSE YOU DO! I have never met anyone in my whole life that planned on things being WORSE in their future
Now, sometimes that is what happens, but it is not what we all hope, dream and plan for, right?
With that being true (and it is), then you understand that things can CHANGE and that they can be BETTER than they are right now. Follow me here and don't get lost. In order for that to happen, then you also must understand that YOU can be better than you are even at this point in your life.
Make sense?
The whole premise of my quote, "As long as there is breath, there is hope" revolves around this BELIEF. Every day is a day of HOPE and OPPORTUNITY, regardless of what has been a part of your past life.
Sure, things may be tough and there may be things you need to do and CAN to do to correct some things from the past. HOWEVER, you can NOT go back and relive the past. You can take steps to heal and you can take steps to improve and, friend, that is a sign of one that has LEARNED from their past.
Just remember that you LIFE is in your FUTURE and that FUTURE begins TODAY.
Keep moving on to your goals and dreams and belief and, as you do so, also be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


As I continue with my thoughts on the word, "BELIEF", I want to apply the word, "EVERYDAY" to the 2nd "e" in this word.
Now, before I get into that, let me give another quick recap of what I've shared so far, o.k.?
We began with the word, "BEYOND", and discussed how we MUST be able to look beyond our current circumstances to see what CAN be and what WILL be. This process helps us understand the importance of our BELIEF that our current circumstances (what IS), will not remain that way. We then applied the word, "EVENTS", with the encouragement of not allowing our everyday events to darken our vision and our ability to look beyond those events. The word, "LIFE", was discussed in a way to help us all understand that life is happening every day. What we experience - yes, the good AND the bad - is all a part of life and the emotions that go along with those events let us know that we are alive! And then, in the last article, we used the personal pronoun, "I", to understand that "I am responsible for my own actions!".
Now then, it is important - even VITAL - for us to be applying these thoughts to our mindset EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not just once in a while but, EVERY DAY!
Yes, it IS that important. And, since I feel so strongly about it, I used the word VITAL in the last paragraph.
Just as your "vital signs" indicate that you are either dead or alive (or near one or the other), so it is with DAILY activity with these thoughts in relation to your belief!
In the same way that you become weak if you do not eat for several days, so it is with this. Friend, if you try to go through several days without adding thoughts like have been discussed in this series (and in this blog on a regular basis), then your BELIEF will be - not "might be" - WEAK!
Applying these things to your life EVERY DAY will help solidify your belief. By doing so, your belief will become REAL and SOLID and not something that is just a bunch of words.
It's when you begin to LIVE your belief that it finally becomes "real". It becomes "who you are". Or, another way to put it is that when you begin to LIVE your belief on a daily basis, it becomes more than just talk. No one has to guess, no one has to wonder about your belief.
When they see you, they see and know what you believe for, you truly do live what you believe.
Every day, one day at a time.
And, as you do that, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Monday, September 29, 2014


- I -
The word for today is "I", the personal pronoun indicating "me" or "myself", for example. (Yeah, it's a single letter and a "word" as well!).
As a quick recap, we began with the letter "B" and the word "beyond". Belief is the ability to look and see BEYOND our current circumstances. We then used the letter "E" for the word "events". Our current circumstances are made up of daily events and, occasionally, bigger events that come our way from time to time. Closely related was the letter "L" for the word "life". These events make up our life! Life DOES happen...good or bad. And it's what we DO with this life that we experience each day that shows what our BELIEF actually means to/for us.
Yes, others can encourage you along the way (like with blogs and podcasts) but it is still ultimately up to YOU to determine your reaction to the events that make up your life. Do YOU have the ability to see BEYOND such events?
"I am responsible for my own actions".
We can't blame anyone else and we should not try to come up with any excuses. It is up to ME for I am the one that determines my path. NOT my circumstances, NOT the events that make up my life.
I will determine where I go from here. No one else.
This is short, but this is likely the most important word to consider in this process. We can talk all we want about our belief but, friend, talk is cheap.
I show what I believe by what I decide to DO.
And, just as a reminder, you DO have the power and ability to live your belief!
Until next time, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Friday, September 26, 2014


- LIFE -
I'm sure you've seen bumper stickers or T-shirts with a variation of the phrase, "Stuff Happens!" splashed across them, right?
You've probably even heard some say - with the same thought and/or attitude - "Life Happens". In my opinion, taken in that context, it is a very NEGATIVE thought about life.
When we approach LIFE with that type of attitude - that it just "happens" - we choose to give up our ability and our power to be able to do something about our life and the events that take place as part of that life.
You will have to listen to the podcast (see the two links below) to hear me say that exact same phrase but with different emphasis and enunciation to help us look at it in a little bit different way... Life, with all of it's ups and downs, good and bad and all experiences - HAPPENS each and every day. It is what makes UP our life! THAT'S A GOOD THING, friend!
Though on opposite ends of the spectrum, feelings of joy as well as feelings of sadness both remind us, through these emotions and feelings, that we are ALIVE!!
Think about it. Let's look at that last thought in two different ways:
     1. At times, those on their death bed are numb and lifeless. Sometimes they may even be in a coma and unable to react to things that take place around them.
     2. When people get into a deep depression they often "check out" or become numb to what is around them. They can even become unable to react to things that take place around them.
I want to encourage YOU to "LIVE Life" and to embrace all of the emotions that come with this roller coaster ride. I understand that it is not always easy. I understand that it is not always pleasant. I understand that it is not always fun.
But, you know what? If all we ever experienced in life was "good", then how would we be able to gage how good life really is? Make sense?
The "down times" in our life, the sad times, and yes, the bad times, all help us become more thankful and aware of the "up" times and the good times.
Be thankful. Take advantage of all aspects of life that you have available to you today and never forget to LIVE today. It's the only day we have, friend.
And, as you do so, always remember to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Thursday, September 25, 2014


In my last article I began this series by using the word, "BEYOND" for the letter"B" in the word, "BELIEF". Go back and read that if you haven't done so yet, but I'll give you a very quick recap: We must be able to look, think and act BEYOND our current circumstances in order to reach our goals and dreams.
Today I want to use the word, "EVENTS" for the letter "E" in the word, "BELIEF".
Dictionary.com has the following as the first definition of the word, EVENT: "something that happens or is regarded as happening; an occurrence, especially one of some importance. "
Wow, when you look at that definition you see how "broad" and "general" an "event" really is! Look at that: "something that happens" and/or "an occurrence".
Some events are good, some are not so good and some are "neutral" in that they are really neither good or bad. For example, getting out of bed is not necessarily good or bad. However, the REASON you got out of bed might make it one or the other.
Did you get out of bed due to a sick child? Did you get out of bed due to a noise that you heard in your house that you needed to check out? Did you get out of bed due to some emergency?  Or did you simply get out of bed due to the fact that the alarm clock went off and it was time to get up and get ready for work?
Makes a difference, doesn't it?
As you can see, depending on the event, your day can easily swing from one end to the other on the "positive attitude" pendulum.
Sometimes we allow the "small" events to have more impact on us than they deserve. Have you ever allowed some small event to "set you off" on some negative thought process that even spilled out into verbal negativity? Sure you have...we all have.
If we allow ourselves to go unchecked on our response to such small events then how will we combat negativity when those events that are truly "life-changing" come our way?
Want to check something out for yourself? At the end of the day, sit down and write down as many "events" as you can that occurred during your day. Now, listen, I understand that this list could get VERY long, very quickly, if you write down every little thing that took place today. But try to go through your day and try to "track" your reaction to the "events" of the day.
Start with getting out of bed. That's right, write it down and write down how that went for you. Were you in a good mood? Bad mood? Did you wake up dreading the day or were you excited about the day ahead?
If you went to a job, did anything happen along the way that impacted you one way or the other? For example, if you had the radio on, what did you listen to and how did that influence you? Happy music? Positive information? Negative news and commentary? What about the journey to work, itself? Traffic? Smooth sailing?
What about when you arrived at your job? Did you share a positive attitude when you walked in or did you allow any negativity that you may have already collected influence what happened at that point?
See what I mean? Just adjust it to where it applies to YOUR day and see how it went. Be honest with yourself so that you can really take a look at how you are allowing events to mold your attitude through the course of a "normal" day.
We must develop the ability to look BEYOND our current circumstances and the EVENTS that make up the structure of those circumstances.
Think about it, dig deep and map out a plan.
And, as always, as you do so, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Today I'm starting a new "series" taking each letter of the word, "BELIEF", and applying a word to that letter that applies to the word, BELIEF.
As you can see, today, for the letter"B", I will be using the word, "BEYOND".
When I think about what it takes to believe (to have belief) or to have faith, one of the first things that comes to mind is the ability to "see beyond" how things are at the moment.
Think about that for a bit. Anything - and I mean ANYTHING - that you set out to accomplish is based on BELIEF or FAITH. How can I say that? Why do I say that? Because it's TRUE!
When you start on a new job, you believe that it will turn out good and that you will do well with that job and, perhaps (if you choose), even advance through that company with that job. Let me ask you something: Isn't that based on "belief" or "faith" that it WILL happen? You have no proof that it will happen for you yet, you choose to believe that it will turn out that way. Right?
When you stood before a minister and a room full of people and you pledged your love "until death do us part", did you not do so based on belief or faith? Sure you did! The odds were actually against you and, it may not have worked out for you as you had planned. Maybe it did. The fact is, on that particular day, you BELIEVED that it would.
There is a difference between HOPE and BELIEF. In my mind, HOPE is akin to "wishful thinking". HOPE is something that you do with your fingers crossed. BELIEF, however, is something that you understand requires YOU to do YOUR part in the process. It is believing that, if you do your part, things will work out.
Does that mean it always works out the way that you believed that it would? No, it does not. Sometimes it doesn't work out the way you believed that it would and there are even times when it turns out far better than you believed.
The key is this: When things do NOT turn out the way we had believed (or maybe even hoped), then we must continue to look BEYOND what IS and look at WHAT WILL BE if we do not give up.
We must look BEYOND our current circumstances and look - with BELIEF - at what WILL BE if we continue on doing our best at every endeavor.
Do NOT give up, don't you DARE give up!
The ability to look beyond...it is the cornerstone of belief.
And, as we work on doing our best and being our best, let's always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Monday, September 22, 2014

Check Your "A Game"

"A" game.
What does that mean for you and/or to you? For most "A Game" usually means, "bring your best!".
I changed it to "CHECK Your 'A' Game" for a reason.
For today, "A" = ATTITUDE...so, "Check your Attitude".
Yeah, I know I talk about this a lot but, hey, don't we all need it? I'll go first...I DO! And, friend, whether you want to admit it or not, YOU do as well.
Quick story as to where this all came from, o.k.?
I worked pretty much all day long on putting together some graphics, etc. for a landing page that I'm going to be using for some network marketing. I'm familiar with landing pages and opt-in pages, etc. but I've never put much time into putting them together myself.
I figure that, if it is a way to learn something new, then I should spend a little time doing just that. And that, I did.
I was having some problems at the end of the night putting one final piece together and was "chatting" with some online support when, one final click, and it was all gone. No, I didn't delete anything. No, I didn't push any wrong "buttons". Just *BAM* and it was all gone. They (the support team at this site) are checking on it but, that didn't make me any happier about the whole thing.
"Frustrated" doesn't really describe how I felt but, it will do for now.
Then, after a bite to eat, I checked a couple of things out on Facebook when I came across a video that was shared by a friend of mine. It helped me "CHECK MY ATTITUDE" really quick.
I posted it on my Facebook fan page...check it out HERE and leave a comment. Seriously, check it out and listen to this young man. POWERFUL!
Keep your eyes and ears open for such reminders of the importance of mindset and attitude...we all need it from time to time.
Check your "A Game" and, as you do so...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"



Sunday, September 21, 2014

That's GOOD!

That picture is from the television show, "Hee Haw", from several years back. The guy on the left is the late Archie Campbell and the guy on the right is Roy Clark, during a skit they would do called, "That's Good, That's Bad".
In this skit, Archie would tell Roy about a string of events that happened over a period of time. For example, Archie told Roy that he fell out of an airplane.
Roy: That's bad!
Archie: No, that's good.
Roy: How is that good?
Archie: I saw a haystack down below.
Roy: That's good!
Archie: No, that's bad.
Roy: How is that bad?
Archie: I also saw a pitchfork sticking up and out of the haystack!
Roy: Oh, that IS bad.
Archie: No, that's good.
Roy: How is that good?
Archie: I missed the pitchfork!
Roy, Well, THAT'S good.
Archie: No, that's bad.
Roy: How is that bad?
Archie: I missed the haystack, too!
I loved that little skit and it still makes me laugh even now. In reality, there IS good and bad that can be found in just about every situation. Much of it depends on what we focus on, right?
Oh, I know, this can be a bit over-simplified but, I just want to make a simple point today...the first day of the week and, perhaps, the first day of your work week.
You have the opportunity to set the tone for the week TODAY! That being said, it is important to focus on maintaining a POSITIVE attitude in spite of what may be negative in your world or as a part of your world.
I want to encourage you to focus on what is GOOD in your life and in your world today. I actually want you to start off by writing down FIVE things that are good in your life.
Go on, DO IT!
I'll start you off with #1: YOU ARE ALIVE TODAY.
"As long as there is breath, there is hope." That's right, you have OPPORTUNITY today because you are alive and breathing today. As bad as some things may be in your world right now, you have the chance to improve things - even just a little - TODAY.
So now you only have to start with 4 more (but be sure to put that first one down and think about it) and then go from there. As you have breaks throughout your day, write down some more. Maybe even keep this list out on your desk and add to it as things come to mind.
See if you can't at least come up with TEN before the day is over and, if possible, just let it flow and see how many you can come up with. You may be surprised!
Let's change the title of a novel up a little bit and use it like this:
"Something GOOD this way comes!"
Write that at the top of your paper and repeat it often as you go through your day.
Think about it, write it all down and be thankful. And then, EXPRESS THAT THANKS.
That's GOOD!
Until next time, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"



Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Starting Over Financially?

Just like all of the other "areas" that we have been discussing over the past few days, the same is true about STARTING OVER financially.
There is NO SHAME in having to do so and, sometimes, this need is actually do to circumstances that are out of our control. Divorce, hospital bills and many other things.
However, if we are going to talk about it, then we also need to be willing to be open and honest about OUR ROLE in many of these scenarios. Financially, we are responsible for the "little things" that tend to sabotage us and set us back.
Here's the thing about what I'm going to share with you today: it doesn't matter if your financial situation is due to someone else's fault, unplanned events or your own mistakes.
Today we are going to focus on a SOLUTION. Because, for whatever reason, being in a bad financial situation is a very stressful position to be in. A SOLUTION is needed, regardless of how or why we got there.
You probably noticed that I've been sharing information on Dani Johnson's "War on Debt" program the past few days. Now, before you "turn me off" let me ask you this question: WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?
That's right...WHAT IS YOUR PLAN to prevent having to "start over" again and again, financially? What is it that you PLAN TO DO to keep this from happening?
You see, many like to TALK ABOUT what they are going to do and many want to "play dress up" (see yesterday's discussion) and act as if there really isn't a problem when there really is. But most - if not all - FAIL when it comes to taking action that will actually bring results.
Take a look at this next picture and make sure that you read the information about this group of people. This picture was taken back in July at the Dani Johnson event that I attended in San Antonio. So yes, these are REAL people and these are REAL results of what this group of people has been able to accomplish over the past 5 years.

Think about it, friend. How long have you been TALKING ABOUT the need to do something about your finances? How many years have you stated that THIS YEAR you actually were going to FOLLOW THROUGH with your New Year's Resolution for once?
I'm telling you...GET THIS PROGRAM and get it NOW.
You want to hear the "kicker"? Dani Johnson shows you how to eliminate your debt WITHOUT having to make more money to get it done!
Yeah, I know, right?  (Just click on the graphic to read all of the details about the program)

My wife and I do actually own this program ourselves. It is easy to understand and, if followed, easy to do! The fact is, just like with everything else we've talked about this week, the problem may come in with having to swallow some PRIDE in order to make progress.  
A PROVEN program by an honest person that actually is full of integrity. Just take a few moments, go to the page (click on the graphic above) and read the testimonials that you'll find there. I have never in my life seen ANY ONE with as many testimonials as Dani Johnson.
There is a 100% money-back guarantee, so stop making excuses and TAKE ACTION.
Talking and planning to do something never seems to work, does it?
Think about it: the stress that comes from financial struggles literally impacts EVERY AREA of your life. It really does. And, many times, we find ourselves starting over in some of these "other" areas due to the stress that comes from THIS area.
Take control of your finances once and for all and start moving forward with what really matters in your life. And, by the way, help your children see and understand the importance of taking control of your fiances instead of your finances taking control of you.
You can do it but, friend, here's the question: WILL YOU?
Until next time, whatever you do, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why We Repeat Our Mistakes

So, as a recap, over the past couple of days we've talked about the fact that there is no shame in having to start over. No matter how many times you've had to start over, it doesn't matter. The key thing is the fact that you did NOT give up!
Yesterday I stated that the only problem that we need to take a look at is WHY we are starting over so many times. Like I said, there are situations that are beyond our control that cause us to have to start over, HOWEVER, I also stated that I could tell you the #1 REASON why we often have to start over so often.
If you haven't looked at that yet, take the time to do so. It might help you from getting offended at what I'm about to share with you, ABOUT you.
The #1 REASON that we have to "start over" so many times is because we refuse to swallow our pride and admit that, usually, it is due to our own mistakes. Now listen, that doesn't mean that we are bad people or inadequate people. It simply means that we are human and that we make mistakes.
HOWEVER, the problem comes when we fail to admit to that fact and we keep making the same mistake over and over and over again. Go back and read my comparison to some inventor not learning from their past mistakes. As silly as that example sounds (yeah, I really do mean you need to go back and read that if you haven't already) it is just as silly - and yes, foolish - for us to keep making the same mistakes as well.
And, finally (as far as the recap), I also told you that you may be surprised at how accurately I am able to pin-point some of these mistakes that we do not want to confess to, due to our pride.
So, in no particular order, here are some of those mistakes that we must correct if we ever plan to actually make progress in our journey toward our goals and dreams:
   1. WE DON'T LISTEN! Another way to say that is that we fail to follow instructions. No matter what it is that you are trying to accomplish, someone else has "been there, done that" and often has information available for you to follow, based on their experience. I'm not sure what it is about most of us that causes us to stick our chests out in pride and say, "I don't need any help! I can do this myself and likely, better than anyone else!"
Hit home yet? You may have a particular person that got you into a particular home-based business and they offer you guidance and direction that you refuse to follow. WHY? Chances are that this person even asked you - up front, in the beginning - if you were one that could, and would, follow instructions and that was also open to such direction. And, you happily and quickly said, "YES!"
Really? As much as it hurts, take a good long look and see where you have decided to "blaze your own trail" instead of seeking out available guidance and direction.
   2. WE TALK MORE THAN DO! You like to talk about how dedicated you are to this effort and,  if you have a "mentor" or "coach",  you probably like telling them that as well. Yet, if you are willing to get really honest with yourself, you actually TALK more than you actually DO. Maybe you're not as excited about this as you thought that you were and, honestly, you really need to see if that is true. Why? Because if this is something that you are NOT really interested in, then you need to identify that problem quickly instead of acting like you ARE interested. If you're NOT interested enough to really do what it takes to have some success then you will NOT do what is necessary for said success. Make sense?
But, maybe you just aren't as motivated a person as you want to think that you are! Ouch! Yeah, that one hurts, but it may be true. How much time do you actually spend with this effort. I didn't ask how much time do you THINK you spend...I asked how much time do you ACTUALLY spend.
What's the difference? You tell me. You WILL be able to tell me if you track your time or keep record of your time. You may be surprised to find out that you spend a lot less time with this than you think that you do.
   3. WE LIKE TO PLAY "DRESS UP".  This is very closely related to #2. You like to "talk" a lot about what you are doing (or THINK that you are doing) but, you actually don't really DO that much in reality. It's "fun" when people ask you what you do and you say, "I'm an entrepreneur!" when, in reality, you are a "wannabe". Ouch, again!
You have the business cards, you have a space set up for your office, you have a "schedule" set, in which you tell those around you to NOT bother you during certain times while you are in "your office" and, yet, in reality, you actually do very little if anything at all. You spend most of your time moving things around on your desk, reading e-mails, and PLANNING what you are going to do.
It's fun to play "dress up" but "playing" is not the same as "achieving".
Oh, I'm sure there are some more that we could talk about here. Why not share YOUR thoughts and "confessions" with me below OR, better yet, on the Future You University "fan page" on Facebook? I'd really love to see and read your feedback there.

So, starting over is not a sign that you are defeated. However, making the same mistakes over and over again and not learning from those mistakes and not doing things differently IS a sign that you are a bit hard-headed and stubborn. And, if that's the way you want to be, it's up to you. But friend, let's get honest here and come to an agreement that, if this is your mindset, you will spend the rest of your life "starting over" or even finally, actually QUITTING.

You say, "NEVER!". Then change what you are doing by learning from what you have done and see what happens. Remember, "Change Nothing - Nothing Changes!".

And, as you do so, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


Debt and financial problems are OTHER areas that many of us find ourselves having to "start over" again and again. Just like discussed in the article above, many times - MOST of the time - it is due to our OWN mistakes that we keep on repeating! Isn't it time to learn how to correct that? Check out this program by Dani Johnson and see what this could do for YOUR financial situation. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

LEARN From Your Past

Yesterday, we talked about not feeling ashamed or embarrassed about the need to "start over". We discussed the fact that any great invention was not invented successfully the first time that it was tried. The fact is that it took the person attempting to create that invention, the patience to START OVER again and again!
So, again, regardless of what you may read or hear somewhere else (remember that graphic that got me a little angry?), there is NO SHAME in having to START OVER! The shame would be if you actually QUIT and just gave up completely.
But that's not you!
So, as you think about starting over there IS one thing that we must really take into consideration in this process.
Think back to the example of the great inventors having to start over several times. What would you think if they kept doing the EXACT SAME THING that did NOT work over and over again? Would you not ask that person why they keep doing the same thing that did not work over and over again?
Friend, it should be no different for you or me. If you keep starting over but keep doing the same things over and over again then, guess what? YOU WILL KEEP MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES and you will CONTINUE to have to START OVER but with no hope of ever making any progress!
That, my friend, is a FACT!
Can we get brutally honest here? I hope you say "yes" because that is exactly what we are going to do!
From my own experience and from what I have seen, here is the #1 REASON why so many keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Are you ready?
That's right...PRIDE!
What do I mean? The #1 reason why most people keep making the same mistakes is because their own PRIDE will not allow them to ADMIT THAT THEY MADE THE MISTAKES! It's easier to blame everyone and everything else for their mistakes.
That being so (and, friend, it is so a majority of the time), they do not learn anything and are destined to a perpetual cycle of making the same mistakes again and again, not learning a thing to correct these mistakes.
So, did your ego survive that? GOOD! (I'm assuming you said, "yes"!).
As much as that hurts and as much as some do not want to hear this truth, it IS the truth! You will find that if you will actually be willing to accept the fact that YOU are responsible for the mistakes then, friend, you have the ability to LEARN something and NOT make the same mistake again!
Now, here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to let all of this sink in and allow you to really open up and accept the responsibility that, yes, YOU could actually be the one responsible for what went wrong before. Yes, YOU!
I'm going to ask that you take the time to really, honestly, consider this possibility (I'm trying to be nice here) that this could be true and then take a GOOD LOOK at the past and see if you can actually pin-point some of the problem areas.
Then, tomorrow, we will come back and address some of these issues. Deal?
But, you MUST be open and willing to admit to mistakes if the mistakes are yours. Deal?
I hope so, because that is what I'm going to do tomorrow.
I think you will be surprised - and likely relieved - to find out that you are not the only person that has struggled with these issues.
So again, the ONLY SHAME is when you do not learn from your past mistakes and struggles. The time is NOW to stop that disastrous spiral, wouldn't you agree?
Good...let's get after it and begin moving forward toward our goals and dreams.
Until then, whatever you do, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Starting Over...AGAIN

So, maybe you're having to "start over...again".  SO WHAT?
The main thing is that you DID NOT QUIT and that you are getting back up and making another effort, right? RIGHT!
As I was preparing for this blog by looking over some graphics to use, I came across one that read, "Tired of starting over? Then STOP QUITTING!"
Honestly, I think that was one of the dumbest things I've ever read! If you are starting over you certainly HAVE NOT QUIT!
Think about it. If you had quit, why would you be "starting over"?
If you QUIT, you simply lay down by the side of the road and stay there. You don't get back up and you sure don't do what it takes to make another attempt at going after and reaching your goals and dreams.
What invention do you think was ever created the first time that it was ever attempted? (I can answer that question for you - NONE!).
Sure, there have been some inventions that were created by mistake but, when you actually think about it, that was not THE invention that was being sought! Successful inventions take attempt after attempt after attempt!
How many attempts did the Wright brothers try before getting their plane off of the ground for that very short flight? How many attempts did Alexander Graham Bell make before he successfully got an answer on the other end of that telephone? Some - like the 1,000 "failed attempts" by Thomas Edison - have been well documented but, be assured, this is true of ANY real invention!
So, you are NOT quitting when you are STARTING OVER...regardless of how many times you have had to do so.
Be sure to listen to today's podcast for more and please share the blog AND the podcast with as many as possible. Also, be sure to take a moment to read my "extra note" below the links.
As always, thank you for taking the time to read today's blog and, as always, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"
Hey guys, I just wanted to share this note with you that ties in with today's topic. PERHAPS you have had to try to "start over" with your finances time and time again. PERHAPS you are tired of having too much month left over at the end of your money.
WHAT IF I could share with you a way to PAY OFF YOUR DEBT without having to even increase your income?
That's right! This is NOT a "money-making" scheme to try to get you to sign up for. Nope! This is a "tried and true" plan that WORKS in helping show you how to systematically REMOVE and EXTINQUISH your debt once and for all.
When I was at the Dani Johnson event in San Antonio, Texas this past July I got to see FIRST HAND the group of people that had paid off TONS and TONS of debt all while increasing (that's right, INCREASING) their income at the same time.
Like I said, this is from Dani Johnson - you've heard me talk about her time and time again. She has a PROVEN SUCCESS TRACK RECORD in several areas and this is DEFINITELY one of them.
Just so you know, I am an affiliate of this program (and, by the way, my wife and I DO own this program ourselves!) and do receive a commission off of each sale.
Thing is, I can't and won't EVER promote somthing that I do not believe in 100% myself.
So, check it out, read the information for yourself and think about positioning yourself to where you NEVER have to "start over" financially again.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


My wife and I just finished an intense - but LOTS of fun - brainstorming session about some things that we began talking about last night. We just stopped what we were doing and began to talk and, before you know it, we both were throwing out ideas and thoughts about these things. My wife - at my suggestion - began jotting these things down in her notebook since, for the most part, these thoughts were about some things that SHE wanted to pursue for herself.
Now, because of that, I began to also talk about how these very same things could/would translate for myself in things that I've talked about over the years and, for whatever reason, forgot about and even "lost my vision" about. Make sense?
How freeing and refreshing to just "let 'er rip" (as the graphic I put together states) and allow your mind (your brain) to think openly without restrictions. (For those that are not familiar with American slang, "let 'er rip" simply means to unleash something, set it free and just let it go wherever it wants to go!).
But, the problem is that, many times, we must not only "unchain" our brain, but we must also UN-TRAIN our brain in order to think freely like this.
By the way, before I go any further, while searching for a graphic for "Unchain Your Brain", I came across some other images that indicated that others have used this phrase in the past and that, apparently, there is some band that even had a song or album by this name. I don't really know for sure. THIS I DO KNOW - I'm not attempting to steal any one's idea or "property" by using this phrase. I actually thought of the phrase after our brainstorming session and put the phrase into a search engine on my computer to see what I could find to use as an image. O.K.? Make sense? Good!
Too many times our thinking is restricted by what we have been taught and/or told in the past. "STOP DAYDREAMING!" How many of you have ever been told that before? Likely all of you and me included! Or, "GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS!" which is the same idea, just worded a little differently.
Then, on top of all of that, many times LIFE just pours down on us in such a way that we just simply lose sight of goals and dreams that we may have once had in the past. The spark of light that once was a dream becomes nothing more than a dim ray that is slowly sinking behind the horizon.
See those chains in the image above? That's you and that's me IF we don't do something to prevent that from happening! Friend, that may have already happened in your life and, if that is so, then you MUST shake things up a bit in order to "UNCHAIN YOUR BRAIN"!
You see, when we allow our brains to be "locked up" and "chained down" we can no longer think freely. Oh, we may attempt to do so from time to time, but the strain of doing so while our brains are in this state of being, is just a bit too strenuous and we soon stop even trying.
THINK WITHOUT BOUNDARIES and see what happens. Allow yourself to freely "brainstorm" without those boundaries and without those thoughts of "you can't really do that" bouncing around in your head. The idea of brainstorming is to allow your brain to just "go wild" without those boundaries!
Write your thoughts down or record them via audio...whatever you do, record them in SOME way so that you can have those thoughts as evidence of your ability to think in such a way. Also, they can serve as an "igniter" for the future when you want to do so once again.
Approach it all in a way that says, "YES, I CAN" as opposed to "No, I can't" and see what happens. You likely will find that many things that you thought were impossible before, begin to appear as VERY possible for and in your life!
Get EXCITED about the possibilities! Get EXCITED about your ability to THINK and to ACT upon those thoughts! Get EXCITED about the fact that you are ALIVE and, that being so, you are also CAPABLE of acting upon those thoughts!
That's right, friend...unchain your brain and LET 'ER RIP!
And, as you do so, you will find that it is much easier to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

From Dani Johnson - a name I know and TRUST!
(There seemed to be some problems with the last couple of banners I posted, so be sure to check this out and see what this could do to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!) 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

End of the 3rd

I'm assuming that the scoreboard in the graphic above is from a basketball game and, I also assume that it is a game between teams made up of very young children OR two very, very bad teams!
Why? Because the score shows that each team has scored only 2 points and it is very near the end of the 3rd quarter.
This blog is being published on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 and, whether you realize it or not, it's near the end of the 3rd quarter of the calendar year 2014!
That's right, the 4th quarter of the calendar year 2014 begins October 1st.
WHERE DID THE TIME GO? The same place it always goes...it goes "away" a day at a time, an hour at a time, a minute at a time and a second at a time. Day in and day out, one day after another passes each of us by.
I'm not sure what you had planned for 2014 when it began back in January. I'm not sure if you called your plans part of your "New Year's Resolution" or not (many do) but, if you did, like many, you likely have fallen short of what you set out to accomplish.
That's when you wake up and realize that 2014 is quickly drawing to a close. Oh, I understand that we still have the majority of September left and then we have October, November AND December (the 4th quarter of the year) but, friend, just like what has already passed us by, this time period will ALSO pass by very quickly.
If - and you may not be thinking this way - you're thinking and approaching this with an "I still have plenty of time" mentality then, friend, you are doomed to fall short of what you have set out to accomplish.
I'm not saying that you should panic. I AM saying that you and I need to be very AWARE of where we are "on the clock" for 2014.
Yesterday, about an hour before I recorded the podcast for today, I watched a video interview of a guy that began a new business venture in January. I have no idea if this was part of his plan for the New Year or not but I do know it was the result of an online course that he took in January. Fast forward to our current time - the first part of the 9th month of 2014 - and, even if I told you what his figures are with his income, you wouldn't believe me. So, instead of telling you the actual amount, I will share with you his amount minus one of his businesses that has exploded that he already had in place before January. Make sense? The "explosion" is due to what he learned during this course but, since it was an "already existing" business and since it's a "high dollar" part of his business, we'll just leave that out. As a matter of fact, the person doing the interviewing is the one that asked that we just leave that part out to see where he is with his monthly income at this point of the year.
Now, let me say that I fully believe this to be true. There was no "proof" given but I do trust the person doing the interview to the point that I believe this to be true. So, are you ready? The guy that took this online course and redirected his focus and application on what he had been TRYING to accomplish for the previous 4 years or so (in which he was making about $400/month) is now doing about $300,000.
I don't know about you but, $300,000 a year is INCREDIBLE! But here's the kicker. He's not making that over the course of a year. He's doing that in a month.
Yeah, I know...me too! I couldn't believe that this was even possible. I mean I've heard of people doing such things and I know that it IS possible to achieve such but, here I was looking at the guy and listening to how this was being done.
Now, don't get all hyped up about "what is it that he is doing" and "how do I sign up" and all of that stuff. It IS an amazing story and I'll keep you informed on my own progress with this program as I move through it and get things going.
Here's my point:
   WHAT IF he had begun this program back in January and, like so many others with their "New Year's Resolutions" or plans for a better year, had attempted to work at it for only a month or two and then quit?
   WHAT IF he had decided against taking this action and didn't do anything?
   WHAT IF he had been afraid to step out and take this action because he was afraid of failure?
I can answer all three of those questions for you with the following: If any of the three scenarios listed above had taken place, this gentleman would still be getting what he had been getting for the past four years.
That is our challenge for today, friend.
WHAT IF you and I keep plodding along the way we have done over the past 8 months and we don't change a few things?
WHAT IF we look at our lack of progress over the last 8 months and we just "give up" on the rest of 2014?
WHAT IF you HAVE had success during this year and you realize that you are this close to the end of the year and you decide to just sit back, take a break and admire what you have accomplished?
I think you know the answers to all three of these scenarios as well, don't you?
I want to CHALLENGE you and ENCOURAGE you to "rise up" to the sound of "that song" (you know, the one that is played to get the fans and the team "fired up" for victory?) and go after it!
It's time! It's actually PAST time but, nonetheless, NOW IS THE TIME to end this year STRONG and with SUCCESS!
What do YOU say?
Let's GET UP and let's GET AFTER IT and let's GET GOING!
And, as you do so, whatever you do, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

The banner is for a program offered by Dani Johnson...a name I know and trust! And, yes, just so you know, I DO receive a commission off of any of these programs bought.