Monday, November 15, 2021

How Do YOU "Start Your Engine" For the Day?


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When race car drivers hear the command, "Gentlemen/Drivers....START YOUR ENGINES!" they don't have to worry about whether or not their car is ready to race. They KNOW that their team has already put in many hours in preparation for this moment and that they have done whatever it was that needed to be done in order to BE PREPARED for this car to run at it's best for this race.
It's really easy to make the connection here, right? The title already makes that "jump" for you but I'll say it again: What do YOU do to prepare for YOUR "race"? What do YOU do to make sure that your "car runs at it's best for this race"? How do YOU "start your engine" for the day? 

Can you imagine a race team approaching this with the attitude of..."Well, the car ran fine for the last race so it should be o.k."??? Or how about, "Surely somebody checked to make sure there was gas in the car, right?" NO OWNER of a race car or "team" would allow such because this would mean FINANCIAL DISASTER for that owner!

The time to prepare for the race is NOT at the start of the race. In the same way, the time to prepare for your day is NOT at the start - or AS you start - your day.
Yes, you may START your day doing certain things to "set the tone" and direction for your day BUT, I can promise you that, if you do this, you have PREVIOUSLY decided what you were going to do once you began that day. Am I right? 

You control your day (as much as possible) OR your day controls you. Too many go through their day(s) without any control or plan and wonder why things feel so "out of control" 

I won't try to tell you that I accomplish what I'm going to share with you EVERY day BUT I can tell you that this is my PLAN on how I want and need to begin each day so that I can begin my day with a positive mindset. And, yes, I've thought it out ahead of time and actually have an "activity tracker" set up to help me "stay on track" and follow my plan. (By the way, be sure to listen to the podcast on this topic...there's always additional information to be found there).
1. Get out of bed and go for a walk. (I walk 1.1 miles...that's just how my route turned out)
2. AS I WALK, I pray. (This is my time of PRAISE and THANKSGIVING to GOD for all that He has done for me and IS doing for me in my life. This is also my time to bring my desires before Him).
3. AS I WALK, I also say my "8 DAILY AFFIRMATIONS" for my life and I also say (all of this I do OUT LOUD) my "Relationship Declaration" that I put together a few years back for my relationship with my wife.
4. AS I WALK I also verbally state some scriptures that I have in my head as well as a few other "declarations" that I've made a habit to verbally state each day.
5. After my walk and once I return to the house, I work out on my "Total Gym" for about 20 minutes and then take a shower.
6. I then read - OUT LOUD - one page (there are 6 pages total) of my "scripture declarations" that I have typed out. POWERFUL!
7. I then fix my cup of coffee and sit and listen to at least one and often, two, spiritually encouraging podcasts. (I crank up the playback speed to where I can still hear and understand what is being said but, at the same time, to make the most of my time).
8. After this, I read my Bible. (For me, I read from my "physical Bible" one day and then read in a different section on line the next).
9. I also, at some point during the day, read from a book that I have picked out to read. (Once I finish the one I am currently reading, I have 3 more picked out. Two that I have not ever read and one that I will re-read).
10. I also have listed on my "to-do" activity sheet other things that I want to be sure and do my best to accomplish during each day if at all possible. 
(#'s 1-8 take a total of about 1.5 hours of my morning)

It's also important to notice what I DON'T do...I DON'T start my day reading emails, checking my social media or turning on the T.V. or listening to the "news".  
 When you listen to the podcast you will hear what 16 other people shared with me about how THEY start THEIR morning. The MAJORITY of them will be very consistent in their answers while a few start theirs off with a little less focus and intention. 

What about YOU? Do you have any sort of "plan" for your day BEFORE your day begins? If not, I would suggest you consider starting one but to NOT wait for January 1st to do so! 

Just like anything else, it will be hard to do at first BUT if you are determined to improve your life one day at a time, you WILL take the actions needed to DO THIS CONSISTENTLY! That's why it is important to have some sort of "activity tracking" program set up (mine is a simple spread sheet that I'd be happy to share with you). 

Listen to the podcast, go to my Facebook page (link below) and leave a comment with your thoughts and - oh, by the way - be sure to fill out the form at and get your copy of my FREE e-book on how to avoid being "Paralyzed by Fear".

Until next time, remember, YOU'RE HERE FOR A REASON and, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"



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