Friday, December 4, 2020

Will You Continue to WAIT...and WHINE?

Over the years, as I have worked in sales, I have had people tell me how BADLY they needed whatever it was that I was there to talk to them about. Yet, more often than not, they wanted to WAIT and THINK ABOUT IT

I specifically remember one lady that was 71 years old and had me come by to talk to her about life age 71. She told me that it was time for her to finally do something and that she owed it to her family to do something and to stop putting it off. I found her a policy that would fit her budget and would do most of the things that she wanted to accomplish but, guessed it. She said she wanted to "wait and think about it". I simply asked her WHY she had not ever gotten life insurance up to this point. She said exactly what I knew she would say, "Oh, I've planned to do it several times in the past but..." I looked her straight in the eyes and said, "And you KNOW that if you don't do this NOW - TODAY - you will, once again, put it aside and not do anything...AGAIN."

And I was right.

I understand that it is easy to tell ourselves that we are only being "cautious" and "careful" before jumping into something with a decision. I get it. I really do. 

But it's also easy to let "waiting" become a habit, friend!

 You may or may not have been following along recently with my articles and videos about "Project 141". This is a program that I have been working on to help provide a way for YOU to finally be able to be involved in a "work from home" situation that doesn't require you to empty your bank account to get involved and/or keep it going.

Yes. Really.

If you are looking for something that requires less than the $30 that this will cost you to get started then, friend, you will still be looking 10 years from now.

"Oh, but I know of one to where it doesn't cost me ANYTHING to get started!" That's a false promise. Yes, technically speaking, you may can "join up" for $0 but you won't be able to do anything to actually make any money in that position.

Believe me. I know that from experience. 

I encourage you (even if you've never done anything like this before) to click on this link  to be taken to my blog article that is updated with each and every blog article, podcast and video about this program up to this point.

I will be revealing the actual "vehicle" (program) that I will be using as a way to achieve success over the course of 1 year. (By the way, that's unusual in and of itself. Everyone wants to promise you GREAT RICHES in a very short period of time. Not me. Let's get real and let's do it right the first time!) 

What then? After you catch up, go to my Facebook page and leave me a message letting me know that you are following along.

And/or shoot me an email at: and do the same. 

And, above all, STOP WAITING and get in the habit of TAKING ACTION! 

Be watching for the next update and, until then, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"



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