Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Introducing "Project 141"


 UPDATED 10.20.2021

WOW! Most of my adult life, like many others, I have been "chasing" the elusive work from home opportunity that would actually prove to be something worthwhile and that lived up to all of the "hype" that usually surrounded that particular opportunity.

And, like most, I have always been disappointed, frustrated and with less money in my bank account than when I started.

Anyone else out there? (I see all of your hands going up!)

I have "been there, done that" and have "sworn off" ever trying to be involved in any thing like that ever again but, like many, I still believe that there is SOMETHING out there that could actually work.

So, for the past several months (at least 6) I have been trying to figure out a way to provide people, like myself, a way to SLOWLY build something that could be very profitable over time and I think I finally have done so.

"Introducing Project 141"

I'm not going to take the time or space to go over all of the details that I have revealed up to this point in this blog BUT I am going to list the links on what you need to do to follow along from the beginning discussions of this program up to my most recent video at the time. PLEASE don't "jump ahead" on this because my thought process for this program is revealed through a series of blog articles and videos in a PURPOSEFUL ORDER.

If you've not done so, you need to go back and read over these blog articles in the order listed:

1. "What a Year It Has Been!"

2.  "For These Plan to Work - This is What Is  Needed"

3.  "The 8th Wonder of the World"

4. "Will You Continue to WAIT...and WHINE? 

5. "If Not Now...WHEN?"

THEN, watch the following videos (this is KEY in you "seeing" the idea/vision for this project): UPDATE (10.20.2021)...I currently have most of these videos "hidden" due to the fact that the "vehicle" and the "product" discussed in them is something that I no longer support and/or promote. STAY TUNED! I am currently working on something that I believe will be far and beyond what this previous program could ever do for you financially and as a way to bless many others along the way!

 1. "Plan for a BETTER 2021"

 2.  "The Power of 1: DUPLICATION"

3. "A Look at the Projected Numbers" 

4. "Project 141: The VEHICLE" 

5. "Some Specifics" 

6. "What's the Product?" 

7. "Time for Launch - If Not Now...When?"

And, finally, if you'd like to listen to the podcasts I did (to this point) you can go to the link below. Honestly, if you've watched the videos above, it is basically a description of those for anyone that has not seen them. 

"Plan for a BETTER 2021"

 "A Look at the Numbers: Will YOU Take Action?"

"If Not Now...WHEN?"

Take the time to go through that information if you haven't do so already. THEN be following along on my FYU Facebook page so that you can be informed of my next video release that will be coming in a couple of days. THIS ONE WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

Besides that, I need you to do one more thing for me. Please go to that Facebook page, "like it" if you haven't done so, and LEAVE ME A MESSAGE there telling me that you are following along with this. 

If this does not interest you at all, maybe you know of someone that MIGHT be. If so, please share this article with them so that they can check it out for themselves.

==========UPDATED 2.17.2021 ----- PROJECT 141 EXPANDED ==============

I have expanded the "reach" or application of Project 141 beyond the financial aspect. Check out the following information on how YOU can change your life THIS YEAR in ALL areas of your life...


1. Every Area Every Day

2. Project 141: SPIRITUAL


4. Project 141: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (Part 2)

5. Project 141: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (Part 3) 

6. Project 141: HEALTH 

7. Project 141: RELATIONSHIPS  

8. Project 141: RELATIONSHIPS (Part 2 - "The Worksheet")

9. Project 141: RELATIONSHIPS (Part 3 - Family, Friends, CoWorkers, Boss) 

10. Project 141: COMMUNITY 

11. Project 141: WEALTH 

12. Project 141 Summation: VISION


1. Every Area Every Day

2. Project 141: SPIRITUAL 




6. Project 141: HEALTH 

7. Project 141: RELATIONSHIPS (Part 1 and 2) 

8. Project 141: RELATIONSHIPS (Part 3) 

9. Project 141: COMMUNITY 

10. Project 141: WEALTH/FINANCIAL 

11. Project 141: VISION 

I'm really excited about this because I think I have finally been able to put together something that removes all of the "roadblocks" that I (like so many of you) have encountered with so many other programs that I've tried over the years.

Let me know what you think and, until next time friend, whatever you do, be sure to ...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"




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