Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Project 141: HEALTH

Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a routine of exercise and a diet to follow in this blog article. Hopefully, you have already discovered that in my approach to expanding "Project 141" to these areas of your life. It's not about HOW MUCH you are doing but, simply, getting into the habit of doing SOMETHING in these areas each and every day for the course of a year. 

Some may feel that I need to put "health" at the top of the list but, again, I put them in the order that I have for a reason. It really doesn't matter how physically fit you are or how good of health you are in if you are missing out on your connection in your spiritual life and if you are not working on your personal development. Oh, I know it makes a difference as far as how long you MIGHT live. But you still won't be living the life that you COULD live, friend.

I'm not a dietician and I struggle with my weight. I've had success in the past, even losing 100 pounds over a 13 month period but, like many, about half of that slowly came back on me. Hey folks, I LIKE TO EAT! And, on top of that, the kind of stuff I like to eat tends to be your "southern-type" foods...fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fried catfish, fried, fried fried. 

I also have diabetes and high blood pressure as a result of eating this way for most of my life. I am doing better than I have done in the past but I still have to really focus on improving what I'm doing with and for my health each and every day. 

The #1 "New Year's Resolution" has to do with weight loss and maybe you are one of those people that have hopped on that same bandwagon year after year after year with little to no success. Truth be told, most of the time you never really put a lot of effort and/or determination into the process, right?

I do know this for a fact: What you put into your body and how much you "work" your body (exercise) makes a BIG impact on how you think and feel. Again, that is a fact!

I suggest you make a decision to do ONE thing in the area of exercise per day and ONE thing in the area of "making a better choice" when it comes to your diet. Nothing major, nothing difficult....just one thing.

Let me prepare you with this right up front...CHANGE IS NOT EASY!

Here are a few suggestions and I'd love to hear YOUR suggestions as well...

     In the area of exercise: If you are able to park your car further away from the door at work, do it. If you can, park further away from the main entrance at any store, the post office and basically, anywhere and everywhere that you must park. It's really a simple task but, friend, let me tell you, the "old you" is going to keep telling you that you don't really want to make that extra effort. But, come gotta' get started with something!                                                                                                                            Also, if you do have some exercise equipment that you've turned into a place to drape your clothes, clean that sucker off and start using it! You don't have to "go crazy" on it but just start doing a little bit of time on SOMETHING! For example, I have a "Total Gym" that I bought several years ago and was really doing good using until I hurt my back one day and had to stay off of it for a while. But, I didn't need to stay off of it for as long as I did. It was hard for me to convince myself that I needed to actually DO something instead of just telling myself that I "needed to". When I was working out on it before, I would spend about 30 minutes on it and, to be honest, now with a different job, I really didn't want to get up 30 minutes early to do that and I sure didn't want to come home after a day of work to do my workout. So I decided to reduce the amount that I had done before and simply get up 15 minutes earlier for my workout. The main thing is that I am forcing myself into getting into the habit of doing the exercise and, on top of just getting into the habit, I know it is doing me some good physically.  There are all kinds of things that you can do just to get into the habit (that's the key, do not let this be a 1 or 2 week effort) of doing something once a day over the next year. Just get up and walk around your office during the day. Yes, take the stairs instead of the escalator even though your "old you" will tell you not to do so. Hey, you CAN do this and it WILL make a difference!

   In the area of making smarter food choices: Again, remember, I struggle with this BIG time! Like I've already said, this does not have to be something dramatic that causes you to get stressed out but it does need to be something. For example, popcorn is not that big of a deal but I was eating at least one bag - and sometimes two - every night. I stopped that a long time ago. Interestingly, I did have a bag a couple of weeks ago and, guess what? After I finished it, I really wished I hadn't eaten it. It didn't taste that good to me and I actually felt "blah" when I was done.                                                                        I like sweets! I haven't restricted myself completely from that but I am trying to do better with that (remember, I am a diabetic) than I have in the past. A few years ago I had my wife cut her cake recipes in half so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat so much cake when I asked her fix me something sweet. And now, I've even gotten to where when I ask her to do that, I will eat some on the first night and end up asking her to take it to her mom and dad. I don't want it any more.  

Things that you may consider small are really what I'm talking about here. Just like the exercise, it's all about getting in the habit and THINKING about what you are doing. Are you in the habit of going through that coffee shop drive-through in the morning and getting one of those "milkshakes-disguised-as-coffee" drinks? Maybe start off not doing that for even one day and then two and...eventually you will break the habit of that expensive (money and physical) habit. 

Here's another for you that may be hard for you at first because of how "addicted" you may be to it...cut out colas of any kind. Sure, you may need to do the gradual reduction thing like I mentioned in the previous paragraph but, at the same time, you may want to just drop it "cold turkey" and see how quickly you begin to feel better.  Again, you CAN do this and it WILL make a difference!

This expanded use of "Project 141" is designed to help all of us operate at the "best us" level that we can and doing better in this area is a vital part of that process.

I want to hear from you. What things can you help add to the list of "doing something once a day" that would help and maybe even inspire others? If you would, you can leave a comment here but I would prefer for you to go to my Facebook page and leave your comments there. 

Next, I will be discussing this approach with our relationships. I hope you will join me.

Until next time, always remember, YOU'RE HERE FOR A REASON and, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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