Friday, January 8, 2021

Project 141: SPIRITUAL

 First of all, let me point out to you that I have "connected" my new domain name for Project 141 to the blog article that I have used to post EVERY update about Project 141. All links to blog articles, podcasts and videos can be found there. Just click on the link above OR go to that web address.

In the last blog article I began to tell you how I went through the thought process of applying "Project 141" to every area of my life every day. In a nutshell, the whole idea behind "Project 141" is to do ONE THING ("1") FOR ("4") ONE YEAR ("1") = 141.

With the "financial" application that I developed, it is the idea of getting ONE person to work with you each day or maybe even it would be 1 per week or 1 per month but with the idea of COMMITTING to doing so for ONE FULL YEAR. Too often we give up too quickly.

So, as we still make our way into the first full week of a new year (1.8.2021), it is also important for us to understand that most "New Year Resolutions" are a complete waste of time because most people do not actually plan to follow through. They expect to fail and they will fail.

Although this is not part of any "New Year Resolution" that I have put together for myself, I did recently sit down and plan out some goals for my life over the next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and even 3 years. 

But it all starts with what you do day at a time.

I do ask that you COMMIT yourself to this process. DO NOT QUIT! No excuses, no "reasons" (many - if not most - "reasons" are excuses in disguise)...NOTHING!

The list you see above is the one that I came up with while "brainstorming" ideas for Project 141. I mentioned in my last blog article a shorter list that I used while planning out the next 3 years in and for my life. 

Right off, I do not know you or what you believe about God. It doesn't matter. I know who I am and I know what I believe about God. If that offends you, I cannot apologize for that...that is something that you need to work through in your own life

Here's the thing - whether you know it or not or believe it or not, YOU are a child of God! Maybe you are reading this right now because you NEEDED to read this right now. 

I do believe that you are reading this article for a reason and I invite you to also listen to the podcast on this same topic by going HERE. I just know that I feel that God wants me to "step up" and "speak out" about my belief in Him and my dedication to allow myself to be use by Him and for Him.

So, above all else, I have listed "spiritual" at the very top of the things that I want to be sure to improve and strengthen in my life. The way I look at it, it doesn't matter what other "success" you may have in any of the other areas or even ALL of the other areas, if you are not "connected" to your Maker and you are not seeking and living His purpose for YOUR life then it just really doesn't matter. 

That's also why I have "wealth/financial" at the very bottom of the list. Again, it doesn't matter how much money you have if these other areas are out of line. Sure, you'll have money but you will be a miserable person with money.

Here is what I recommend to you in the area of doing something daily in the area of spiritual growth:

      1. Spend time with God. Talk to Him (pray) and hear from Him as well (read from the Bible). I drive about 40 minutes one way to work and this is my "prayer time" each day. God WANTS to hear from you, he WANTS to hear you call out to Him and He also wants to speak to you through His Word (the Bible).

     2. Express THANKS or GRATITUDE: Hey listen, no matter how rough things may be at the moment we ALL have SOMETHING for which to be thankful. This "exercise" is important because it forces us to "dig" deep sometimes to realize that, indeed, we DO have things for which we should express thanks. This can be done as a part of your "prayer" or you can just express it as you go throughout your day. GET INTO THIS HABIT ON A DAILY BASIS!

If you are not used to praying it may feel "weird" and uncomfortable at first. Listen, there is no right way or wrong way for you to talk to God. He created you and wants to hear from you. As with just about anything else, the more often you exercise this activity (just like a muscle) the easier it will become. (Note: Please don't mimic someone that you've heard pray using some big words that don't mean anything to you. YOU talk and express YOUR thoughts from the heart).

Find a "version" of the Bible that you can understand. I actually say a prayer before I read my Bible and I ask God to open my eyes and ears to read and hear what it is He wants to say to me through the passages that I will be reading.

     3. CONNECT TO A CHURCH FAMILY! I can hear some of you now saying "They are all just a bunch of hypocrites!" or "I was a part of a church once and they treated me badly and hurt my feelings." Yes, you are right, the church if full of hypocrites because the church is full of humans just like you and me. Sure, I wish some people took their beliefs more seriously but, you know what, God is in control and He knows. Believe me, on the "I got hurt" thought about being a part of a church family, I won't even get started. I was a minister in the past and, like I said, I could spend a lot of time discussing that fact. Contact me if you are really struggling with that and I will be more than happy to share some thoughts with you on that but let me just say this for now - someone out there needs YOU.  That's right! In Hebrews 10: 24-25 the Christians are encouraged NOT to skip out on meeting together but rather to make sure they do so and to "consider" (think of ways to do this) how to "stir up" love and good works. GOOD STUFF, in other words! Take advantage of the time you have together with others and figure out a way to do all that you can to "stir up" (not stir up drama!) good things! WOW!

So, bottom line, overall, it may be reading one Bible verse a day and/or saying a one sentence prayer. Just do something each and every day in this all-important area and see what happens in your life. Open your eyes to what is good all around you and, as one old church song says, "Count Your Many Blessings" every single day.

Feel free to contact me at any time and I always invite you to leave a comment especially on my Facebook page (link below). I'd love to hear from you. 

Until next time, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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